Hindy Garfinkel
JOK Points: 159
Member Since: 01-04-2011
Favorite Food: Pasta with Pesto and Homemade Chex Mix
Food I Dislike: Liver
Favorite Gadget: Food Processor
Favorite Cookbook: There are too many to pick a favorite
Best Kosher Restaurant: Buddha Bodai
Favorite City: Minneapolis
Cooking Level: I'd like to think of myself as advanced.
Cooking Style: All over the place

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About Hindy Garfinkel


Hi, I’m Hindy! I blog over at Confident Cook, Hesitant Baker. I love to experiment in the kitchen and talk about it. I’m a 30-something mom to two beautiful girls, one of them with special needs. I work full time for a non profit, and live on the East Coast. Having grown up in the Midwest, it was a welcome Foodie jump. I have eclectic food tastes. I try and stick to a vegetarian diet, while the family eats the animals. I like to push the palate boundaries of the standard kosher fare. Welcome to my journey!


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  • It's a 14 oz. can.
  • Hi Hindy, I want to make your slow cooker vegetable curry recipe. How many grams/ounces are in the can of diced tomatoes that you use? Thanks, Alona alonalee@gmail.com
    - by alonalee

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