Rivki Silver
JOK Points: 5
Member Since: 11-14-2011
Favorite Food: everything
Food I Dislike: caviar
Favorite Gadget: schnitzel pounder
Favorite Cookbook: how can I choose one?
Best Kosher Restaurant: Umami
Favorite City: Memphis or St. Louis
Cooking Level: intermediate?
Cooking Style: easy, healthy

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VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 Carrot Dill Matzah Balls
04/02/2012 Add Notes

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Living in Baltimore, mom to two energetic boys who keep me very busy.� I also perform and compose music, and play a variety of instruments, when I have time.� I also like to blog and read (books, remember those?).� And I like to cook and bake.� It's fun to include my toddler with my baking, when I'm organized enough to do so.�


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