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Favorite Food: anything italian or french
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Favorite Gadget: Misto (EVOO mist-er)
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Favorite City: Paris, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv
Cooking Level: novice
Cooking Style: gourmet

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Chocolate Mousse withExtra Virgin Olive Oil Passover Chocolate Mousse with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
04/02/2015 Add Notes
matzo ball soup Passover Matzo Balls
04/02/2015 Add Notes

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I'm just starting my journey to converting and I've I love to cook. �I've been following a liberal kashrut diet, ie. not meat and dairy together, no pork, no shellfish. I love to cook and this seems to be the only website that actually shows easy recipes that I've grown up eating just with a jewish/kosher/kashrut twist.�


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