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90 calorie fudge pop 90 Calorie Fudgesicles
06/24/2015 Add Notes
broiled-tomatoes-178 Broiled Tomatoes
11/03/2011 Add Notes
colored cauliflower Colorful Cauliflower
06/24/2015 Add Notes
greek grilled cheese Greek Style Grilled Cheese Hoagies with Scallions
11/05/2014 Add Notes
Kouftikes de Prasa Sandwiches Kouftikes de Prasa Sandwiches
11/06/2014 Add Notes
Mango Melon Pops Mango Melon Pops
06/24/2015 Add Notes
Spicy Sauted Leeks and Spinach Spicy Sauted Leeks and Spinach
11/05/2014 Add Notes
Turkish Salad Turkish Salad
08/25/2011 Add Notes

About Ahuva Staum

Growing up watching my Bubby cook gave me a love and fervor for cooking. I love taking concepts I find from treif cooking magazines and tv shows for all different types of cuisines and making them kosher and accessible. Currently trying to get my Jerusalem based catering company; "You Wish It, I Dish it"; up and running.

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  • I just read your recipe for the Parve vanilla frosting. What type of Soy milk must be used, regular or vanilla?
    - by Baruch

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