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About TheKosherHome


Welcome to�The Kosher Home�{on a budget}�

I am Shelley.

I am an avid blog reader and pinterest “pinner” (ahem, obsessed!) and I wanted a platform to share the best-of-the-web. I will be focusing on budget-friendly recipes, crafts and home decorating!

I am obsessed with high end parties (hello Amy Atlas!) and I’ve created some great parties on a low-budget. You can do it! I promise! I have been featured a few times:�Very Hungry Caterpillar�and�Bling’ed Out 1st Birthday!

I am a graphic designer, party planner, personal chef, food stylist and photographer (woah! That’s a mouthful!) But I love to combine my skills and talents to the everyday life.

I am an entertainer. I am an organizer. I am messy.

I am originally from Sydney, Australia and now live in NY. I am homesick. Most days.

I am a wife (to Ariel) and mother (to our daughter T.J.).

I am horrible at remembering to check our voicemails. I am attached to my devices.

I am on�Facebook.

I am on�Twitter.

I am on�Pinterest.


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