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About The Cheese Guy

Brent Delman is The Cheese Guy. His trademark is high end, small batch, primarily handmade, artisanal cheeses – particularly organic, kosher and low-fat. To find out more about Brent and where to buy his cheeses go to

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  • B"H Hi! I am so excited, I found out last night that I won your cheese basket. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I personally make a few easy cheeses at home like cow, and or goat milk ricotta, feta, and love to play with different flavors for these. For really "good" kosher cheese I have yet to find a good source...and, Baruch Hashem, you come along. I live in Los Angeles, are your products available anywhere here or on line? I am sure that I will be a grateful new customer : ) and...thanks again! Mushi
    - by mushi
  • Salad is best when it has big chunks of cheese. I still remember college dates when all we could afford was a salad we SHARED....and it always had big chunks of cheese....yum yum
    - by mammade
  • I love cheese, any and all kinds. If something is bland, shake a little parmigiana on top.
    - by sbersson
  • I grew up with velveeta and american cheese, with an occasional swiss slice or two. You can't imagine the surprise as I discovered Gouda and Havarti! I really do love cheese! I try all kinds (kosher of course) and have yet to meet a cheese I don't love!
    - by DebbieB

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