Tali Simon
JOK Points: 29
Member Since: 12-06-2011
Favorite Food: Iced coffee (the Israeli kind!)
Food I Dislike: Citrus fruits
Favorite Gadget: Garlic zoom
Favorite Cookbook: Norene's Healthy Kitchen
Best Kosher Restaurant: Beit Ticho and Apple & Pe...
Favorite City: Mitzpeh Kramim
Cooking Level: Good enough to be a blogger!
Cooking Style: Healthy, with the occasional "just because" cookie

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About Tali Simon


Tali Simon left U.S. News & World Report to move to Israel in 2010. She is now a happily settled writer, editor, and food blogger living near the Dead Sea. She loves to cook, and her skinny husband loves to eat. It works well. Catch up on Tali's latest kosher vegetarian recipes at More Quiche, Please.


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