Sue Heller
JOK Points: 4
Member Since: 06-14-2014
Favorite Food: potato, chicken, avacado
Food I Dislike: sausage, American cheese, lima beans
Favorite Gadget: Cuisnart mini-processor
Favorite Cookbook: any Cook's Illustrated, Any Ina Garten
Best Kosher Restaurant: Canter's - LA
Favorite City: London, Aspen, Pt Tounsend, WA
Cooking Level: high intermediate - not super fancy
Cooking Style: home-style, regional-international, color & taste

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Bahn Mi Taco Bahn Mi Taco
07/07/2014 Add Notes
65- Caramel Peach Pie Bites- A La Mode with crunch Caramel Peach Pie Bites
07/13/2014 Add Notes
Black Olive Falafel from Taim Falafel
07/07/2014 Add Notes
Homemade Dried Falafel Mix Homemade Dried Falafel Mix
07/07/2014 Add Notes
Morrocan Pizza Individual Moroccan Pizzas
07/07/2014 Add Notes
Orange and Apricot Chicken Tagine Orange-Apricot Chicken Tagine
07/04/2014 View Notes
Walnut Crunch Couscous Walnut Crunch Couscous
07/04/2014 Add Notes

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