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BH, I primarily work from my home office but that doesn't mean I have free time. I just like to utilize every minute. Recently, I started a cooking blog for myself (and, my future family) to access meal ideas, quickly. The project quickly reminded me why I became kosher (and FRUM). Being strictly kosher, and enjoying it, is amazing but it was also a life changing experience for me. If you want to read the story details, I posted my story on my personal cooking blog ( My View on "Jewish Cooking" Since I grew up in a mainstream environment and far from eating kosher, I still know many people who do not keep kosher for various reasons. These reasons include (1) they are not Jewish (2) there are unsure of the rules and it seems difficult (3) they are very secular and have never heard of the concept. Where am I going with this? Many of these people automatically assume that

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