Rose Mary Swart
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Member Since: 06-26-2012
Favorite Food: Lasagne
Food I Dislike: Liver
Favorite Gadget: It isn't a gadget but my fave is the Cuisinart
Favorite Cookbook: Many
Best Kosher Restaurant: Red Heifer in Jerusalem
Favorite City: After Israel, the Greek Islands
Cooking Level: Pretty good
Cooking Style: Freestyle

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About Rose Mary


I am a wife, mother of 2 sons have 3 grandsons.My sons are married to amazing women. They are all well and I am grateful for that.

I had a long career doing project management in government. I am retired from that now I am working on painting which has been a passion for me for most of my life. I have an art degree and can finally spend some real time on it.

I am so excited to see that Jamie and her family are making aliyah on 8/13 for many reaons but one big reason is that my husband and I are making aliyah on that same flight! I hope to meet Jamie and her family on that flight.

I love to cook and love Joyof Kosher.


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