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Favorite Food: stuffed cabbage nad chicken
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Favorite Gadget: food processor
Favorite Cookbook: not sure
Best Kosher Restaurant: many
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Cooking Level: on a scale of one to ten,,,,9
Cooking Style: Kosher cooking only!! and in large quantities

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I am 60 years old and come from a home in which both my parents where Holocaust Survivors.� My mother from Romania and my father from Greece.� Needless to say I grew up on European food.� Sometimes, my grandmother, who lived with us, would try to make something Sephardic for my father.� I have been cooking my whole life and enjoy it very much.� I have four children and six grandchildren.� Shabbat and all the holiday meals are at my house.� I have one daughter that is following in my footsteps and writing and taping recipes that I have.� I love your show and love to learn new things to make for shabbat.� Thank you very much.

Rita Belleli Nadler


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