Mordechai Rackover
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Favorite Food: Good Steak or Amazing Cheese
Food I Dislike: Tuna
Favorite Gadget: Knife
Favorite Cookbook: Ruhlman's Twenty
Best Kosher Restaurant:
Favorite City: Jerusalem
Cooking Level: Depends on the counter
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About Rabbi Mordechai Rackover


Mordechai (Michael) Rackover is a husband, a father and an orthodox rabbi serving as a chaplain at a major U.S. university. He also loves to cook. In his posts he tries to express some of his love, while sharing the occasional moment of creativity that he might be blessed with. He also writes about food, food culture, as well as the spiritual and physical impact of some of our habits and mania. As a man and a rabbi he hopes to show that a man’s place is in the kitchen and that as a role model and caregiver, to his children, his spouse, his students, and himself, he takes that place with responsibility and love. He blogs at


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