Nadine Stalick
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Member Since: 12-28-2011
Favorite Food: Anything with Meat
Food I Dislike: Milk
Favorite Gadget: Hand Mixer
Favorite Cookbook: Purple, spirit and spice
Best Kosher Restaurant: Met Su Yan
Favorite City: Jerusalem/New York
Cooking Level: Excellent
Cooking Style: N/A

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Autumn-Sweet-Potato-Soup Autumn Sweet Potato Soup
12/28/2011 Add Notes
Orange Hot Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate
12/28/2011 Add Notes

About N. Stalick


I am a working mum.

I have 5 Children Kah. 17-Josh, 15.5-Chloe, 13.5 Sasha, 10-Tyler and 7-Jayden.

I work with children in a school. I love my job.

I love to cook, bake and experiment with foods. My children are not fussy eaters due to making food exciting, delicious and tasty.

My husband likes tasty foods too.


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