Adina Abramson
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Member Since: 09-19-2012
Favorite Food: Lasagne
Food I Dislike: Mushy vegetable
Favorite Gadget: Microplane Zester
Favorite Cookbook: "Choosing Raw" by Gena Hamshaw
Best Kosher Restaurant: Blossom Cafe
Favorite City: Rome
Cooking Level: High
Cooking Style: Throw it all together and hope it ends well!

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Meixcan Fried Rice Mexican Fried Rice
09/19/2012 Add Notes
Spicy Thai Beef Salad Spicy Thai Beef Salad
09/19/2012 Add Notes
sushi salad Sushi Salad
09/19/2012 Add Notes

About MrsAbs


In the past few years, I have grown from loving takeout meals and microwave dinners to making 90% of my own food from scratch. My kitchen skills have grown out of necessity - from a cost and health perspective. I'm a vegan, avoid sugar and try to eat a low-oil diet - along with keeping kosher. I'm also allergic to gluten and dairy. I'm lucky enough to own a vitamix, a myraid of amazing cookbooks, a slow cooker/pressure cooker combo, and a fantastic Wusthof knife - all of which make my time the kitchen more enjoyable!�

Becoming a vegan has opened my palate incredibly - I now eat foods I would never have considered before, and produce is my best monthly food expense by far!�


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