Adina Abramson
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Member Since: 09-19-2012
Favorite Food: Goat cheese and a baguette (even though I can't eat it anymore)
Food I Dislike: Mushrooms
Favorite Gadget: Mortal and pestle
Favorite Cookbook: "Quick & Kosher)
Best Kosher Restaurant: Red Heifer in Jerusalem
Favorite City: Rome
Cooking Level: Low intermediate
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Meixcan Fried Rice Mexican Fried Rice
09/19/2012 Add Notes
Spicy Thai Beef Salad Spicy Thai Beef Salad
09/19/2012 Add Notes
sushi salad Sushi Salad
09/19/2012 Add Notes

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I live in Baltimore with my awesome husband!�

I'm gluten-free and can't eat dairy (except for yoguart and and goat products!)�


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