Mekhal Kramer
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Member Since: 03-14-2012
Favorite Food: Pizza
Food I Dislike: Squash
Favorite Gadget: Immersian Blender
Favorite Cookbook: Kosher By Design
Best Kosher Restaurant: Deli Kasbah in NYC
Favorite City: London
Cooking Level: Skilled
Cooking Style: Eclectic

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About Mekhal Kramer


Micky is a busy mom, home cook, foodie and blog writer.  She strives to provide easy, delicious and health conscious recipes to readers on her blog, Test My Recipes.  In addition to posting recipes, she also writes food themed articles.  Micky's comes from a long line of fantastic and creative cooks and  loves to share her take on her family's recipes along with her own creations. She firmly believes that food can bring people together and be the basis for lasting memories


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