Malka Blumenfeld
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Member Since: 09-27-2012
Favorite Food: Wiener Schnitzel
Food I Dislike: Kashe, Semolina,
Favorite Gadget: Handblender
Favorite Cookbook: WOL cookbook, produced by the women of the Mikwah League of Oak Park, MI
Best Kosher Restaurant: Ten Li Chow in Tel Aviv, ...
Favorite City: Jerusalem, Zichron Yaakov in Israel
Cooking Level: intermediate
Cooking Style: Old fashioned, traditional and trying new recipes from Joy of Kosher

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I am married to a wonderful man for 37 years bli Ain�Harah. I am a mother of 5 and a� grandmother Keneinehore of 11 grandchildren here and in Israel, with 2 Keneinehore ie"h be shaa tova we mutzlachas on the way. I like to read, sing and dance and go to a lot of Shijurim on different Judaic topics and subjects. I like to experience and learn about new things. I enjoy nature walks to marvel and appreciate Hashem's beautiful world. I am awed and amazed when I discover something new to see when I wander through nature.


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