Nechama Cohen
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Favorite Food: Artichoke
Food I Dislike: Leeches
Favorite Gadget: lemon zester
Favorite Cookbook: EnLITEned Kosher Cooking
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Favorite City: Jerusalem
Cooking Level: high
Cooking Style: EnLITEned

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About Jewishdiabetes


Since 1985 the Jewish Diabetes Association (JDA), a non-profit, non-sectarian organization, has been providing information and support for thousands of people with diabetes and health related issues. Today, the association - now recognized as the largest Jewish diabetes organization in the world - continues to stress diabetes prevention, education, and control.

Responding to the growing need for healthy-living information and solutions, Nechama wrote Enlitened Kosher Cooking. This insightful cookbook offers more than 250 good-carb, healthy-fat, sugar-free recipes that are perfect for weekday use and special occasions alike.

"Even if you're not on a diet or struggling with a particular health issue, you will still enjoy these elegant, healthy traditional and non-traditional dishes,

Nechama Cohen believes a positive attitude and education are the keys to good health a theory she not only promotes, but lives each and every day.


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