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About Gil Marks

Gil Marks, a writer, rabbi, historian, and chef, is a leading authority on culinary subjects. Among his published books are the highly-acclaimed Encyclopedia of Jewish Food, James Beard Award-winning Olive Trees and Honey: A Treasury of Vegetarian Recipes from Jewish Communities Around the World, and James Beard Award finalist The World of Jewish Cooking. Marks also serves as a guest lecturer and gives presentations throughout the world. His website is and his blog is here.

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  • So, I purchased a Potato Kugel Mix (after Passover sale) by Manischewitz and am looking up to how it should be served. Side dish? sour cream? whaaa? I am not Jewish (although I think it must be in heritage since my mom was great with guilt-based discipline just like my Jewish friends' moms haha) and I like that brand for Matzo Ball soup mix (especially with the after Passover sale) and generally their Matzos as well (hummus loves it/best peanut butter and jelly). Bottom Line: how to serve the Kugel? Traditional Jewish meal suggestions? PS I am not a meat eater if that means anything.
    - by jane

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