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Favorite Food: I don't think I really have a favorite
Food I Dislike: Lima Beans
Favorite Gadget: Pampered Chef Avacado Masher
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Favorite City: San Francisco / San Diego
Cooking Level: Intermediate
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_MG_1907 Brussels Sprout or Cabbage Salad with Pomegranate Seeds
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Malabi Malabi
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About DinaPreuss


I am Jewish, but wasn't raised even knowing that factabout myself or my family until my late twenties.

I feel robbed of my heritage and now want to know and learneverything I can. I'm learning to cook and keep Kosher. I alsobegan keeping the Festivals and Shabbata few years ago, and have been deeply touched through the lessons they offer.

I'm also an up and coming author currently writing a novel and two blogs: Blue Jeans and Chocolate, and Writer Set Free.


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