Deena Fischer
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Member Since: 01-25-2012
Favorite Food: avocado
Food I Dislike: parsley
Favorite Gadget: immersion blender
Favorite Cookbook: How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman
Best Kosher Restaurant:
Favorite City: New Orleans
Cooking Level: home cook
Cooking Style: vegetarian and spicy

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About Deena Fischer


Deena Fischer is a professional organizer based in New York. In a previous life, Deena spent her time fundraising for Jewish non-profits and day schools. While she is not yet a mom herself, she has spent countless hours listening to people share the challenges of running a busy household. She helps people live more efficient and stress-free lives by creating custom organizing solutions that are easy to maintain. For information on how to contact Deena, please visit


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