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About Avi Levy


Rabbi and Chef Avi Levy has been creating in the kitchen since he can remember. As a child he learned to cook everything from eggs and fish to BBQ, likely because his mother hated to be in the kitchen and it seemed the only way to get a meal he liked to eat.

Avi worked his way through college as a kosher butcher as well as a chef in numerous restaurants and catering venues. He has always looked for ways to add some extra zest and spice to his dishes.

He is married to a true Ashyet Chayal and together they are raising three wonderful children. Both Avi and his wife are Sephardic and trace their roots to Turkey.

His signature dishes often combine a Spanish and tropical influences with American and Israeli traditions. He’s at home in the kitchen, at the grill or in front of a fryer. he's also chef, Rabbi and Bottle Washer at AvisKosherKitchen.com.

As a film maker (Avi’s first profession) he has received numerous awards including Emmy’s and Tellys. His documentary work has been seen on PBS and NBC. He’s even worked with Julia Child.

As a Rabbi, Avi received smicha from Rabbi Abraham Wosner and teaches regularly in South FLorida.

Find Avi Here's where you can find Avi:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/aviskosherkitchen

Web: www.AvisKosherKitchen.com

email:†[email protected]


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