Anna Keto
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Member Since: 02-20-2014
Favorite Food: Kosher
Food I Dislike: Allergy,To Mushrooms! I Get Very ILL;End Up in The Hospital.
Favorite Gadget: Blender
Favorite Cookbook: Right Now,I Don't Have One
Best Kosher Restaurant: New,To The 'New Orleans,L...
Favorite City: Brooklyn,New York/I Am,From;Bensonhurst Area& I Am Jewish ;From,My Mothers Side .
Cooking Level:
Cooking Style: Italian/Kosher;Jewish .

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I Am ,Jewish & Italian.From;Brooklyn,New York Area.And, I Am Married to,A Greek From;Coney Island Area!! And,I Have 4 Daughters & 1 Son! I Am,Attending Stratford Career Insitute;At Home Course !! Fashion Merchandising & Design ;2nd,Class is, Sewing And Dressmaking!!Also,A Cancer Survior Since; 4-12-2003. And, I am A, Grand-Mother Of 2 Grand-Children.�


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