Ann Koffsky
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Favorite Food: pasta
Food I Dislike: pickels.
Favorite Gadget: my x-acto knife
Favorite Cookbook: The classic: spice & spirit
Best Kosher Restaurant:
Favorite City: Jerusalem
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Cooking Style: home cook

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About Ann Koffsky

The accomplished illustrator of more than 30 books for kids, Ann also teachers art to children at HANC from ages K-7 and will be teaching art this fall at Stern College. Art and its creation are a big part of Ann's mission in life! But she is firmly anti patchke-ing. Ann's crafting philosophy is simple: 1-Supplies should be cheap and readily available 2-Kids should be able to accomplish the craft with minimal --ideally NO help from an adult 3- Potential results should be eye catching and something kids can be proud of. Get more crafts from Ann and sign up to receive her free crafts and free coloring pages on her blog,

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