Allaya Fleischer
JOK Points: 6
Member Since: 01-19-2012
Favorite Food: chocolate
Food I Dislike: gefelte fish
Favorite Gadget: rice cooker
Favorite Cookbook: Crust and Crumb
Best Kosher Restaurant: Noi Due
Favorite City: Paris
Cooking Level: Experienced
Cooking Style: impromptu

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About Allaya Fleischer


Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Allaya is a kosher chef and food writer specializing in Pan-Asian, and Asian fusion cuisines, who draws from her experiences living and traveling internationally, as well as the diverse friendships she's made throughout the years.  She is also an avid baker of artisan-style bread from around the world. Read Allaya's blog - I speak food  Allaya is a frequent contributer to Bitayavon Magazine, as well as other printed and electronic publications.


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