Alison Gutwaks
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Member Since: 12-09-2011
Favorite Food: Waffles!
Food I Dislike: Hot Tuna
Favorite Gadget: Microplane Zester
Favorite Cookbook: I have so many!
Best Kosher Restaurant: Depends on the day ...
Favorite City: One day I hope to tell you!
Cooking Level: Chef
Cooking Style: Rustic but elegant

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About Alison Gutwaks

Alison Gütwaks is a graduate of the prestigious Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan. After many years of experience in the culinary world working as a chocolatier and sous chef, Alison, originally from Columbus, OH, ambitiously made her way to New York City where she received her BA from Touro College and graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts from ICE. As part of attaining her degree in the Culinary Arts, she trained as a sous chef in Solo Restaurant. Alison is former Chef and Event Planner for Celebrations Kosher Catering in East Hanover, NJ,and helped spearhead the opening of the catering company by contributing her innovative and fresh ideas. She recently moved back to Columbus and is currently working as the recipe developer for OSEM, an Israeli based company. One of the things that made her different than most of the other students in culinary school was that she was an Observant Jew and kept the laws of Kashrut. In April of 2012, She was interviewed in a front page cover story in the Greater New York section of the Wall Street Journal showcasing her blog AliBabka and explaining how she was able to graduate from ICE and strictly uphold Rabbinic Law. Keeping kosher in the culinary world has pushed Alison to be extremely creative by substituting ingredients and coming up with new takes on classic dishes. She believes that anyone can cook with a little direction, the right tools, and a whole lot of patience.

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