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April 5th 2011

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Jamie Geller is one of the most sought-after Jewish food personalities worldwide.  A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of NYU, Jamie developed an outstanding media career as an award-winning TV producer and marketing executive at CNN, HBO and The Food Network.

Ever since her first cookbook, Quick & Kosher: Recipes from the Bride Who Knew Nothing (Feldheim, 2007) became a Jewish cookbook classic she has been at the helm of a rapidly growing media empire. The savvy bestselling author founded Kosher Media Network (KMN), an integrated media and marketing company along with Chairman Henry Kauftheil and spearheaded by Grey Advertising veteran Milt Weinstock. KMN is organized into four business segments: Publishing, Broadcasting, Digital, and Live..

In the spring of 2010, KMN, unveiled its Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller consumer brand, with the simultaneous launch of – the first and #1 social networking community for the kosher foodie – and the award-winning magazine, Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller. A breakthrough in Jewish magazine circulation, available through subscriptions, and sold at national retail chains including Barnes & Noble, ShopRite, Wegmen’s, Fairway Market and Giant Stores.

Raised to international prominence, Jamie toured extensively, and became a favored media personality (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, The New York Times, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and more), projecting a positive and refreshing image of Jewish food and life worldwide.

Jamie’s third best-selling cookbook, Joy of Kosher (William Morrow/HarperCollins) is available wherever books are sold.


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176 Responses to Meet Jamie

  1. avatar says: safti

    Hi Jamie
    I gave your cookbook Quick and Kosher for the Bride who knew nothing when my son and her got married..I should have bought a copy for myself…Reading through you blog and other websites..I see that you recipes are great…the pictures and simple ingredients make my mouth water..I can’t wait to try your Mexican Pizza..the only change I am making is I will use pita bread instead of the pizza crust to cut down on the carbs. Keep up the good work.

  2. avatar says: SarahEats

    Dear Jamie – please make your website scratch and sniff / taste. Thanks for filing my work days with stunning eats!

    • lol as soon as that technology is avail we will implement it!

    • Hi Jamie,
      I love your cookbook, and just started using your website and so far it’s been awesome! I love cooking, and someone gave me Joy of Kosher as a bat mitzva gift and I love it!!! I am thirteen years old but I really want to become a member. Is there a way I can join, even if I am not yet 18? Please tell me!! Also, my family just moved, do you have any ideas for a housewarming party? And I live in California, and it would be so cool if you could come! Are you coming to America (or California would be even better) anytime soon? I live near San Francisco so there is lots of places to tour nearby! Please let me know!

  3. avatar says: suzanne

    I would like to be entered in the prize giveaway for the place setting and the bracelet. I signed up for the e-mails and recipes.

  4. avatar says: Miri Nevo

    Do you have gluten free recipes?

  5. avatar says: JANETH


  6. avatar says: orly

    Hi Jamie ,

    I really enjoy your website and blog, thank you for your amazing recipes.

    I love to cook and learn new recipes.

    I would like to e-mail do you think can you e-mail me.

    Thank you


  7. I love trying out new recipes! The only thing I seem to dislike is pumpkin pie!!

    Thanks for all the recipes =]


  8. avatar says: fismartha

    Hi Jamie!
    Congratulations on your decision to make aliyah!!! I love getting your magazine and reading your newsletters here in Tel Aviv. I made aliyah last July. I wonder how your new home will affect your recipes. All for the better, I am sure.

    • hi Martha!!! thank you for all your support in Tel Aviv — I will try very hard to use ingredients that are available to people in both Israel AND the US. At least that’s my goal :-) We’ll be joining you soon!

  9. avatar says: msbecker

    We will welcome you Home Jamie! Made Aliyah last August. Look forward to your appearances around Israel.Love your cookbooks. Wish the second one was set up the way the first one was. A little frustrating looking for a chicken recipe and having to keep flipping to the index to find them. Still love the recipes. Hatzlacha on your Aliyah. Hope it goes smoothly.

  10. avatar says: msbecker

    I will look forward to your next book. I will also look forward to advice on substitutions here in Israel as many of the recipes call for ingredients not found in Israel. Cuts of meat also different and I haven’t quite made heads or tails out of that either. In the meantime, enjoy the Aliyah process. Nothing is quite like walking off that plane onto the tarmac at Ben Gurion. What an amazing feeling!! To see your friends and family waiting and running into their waiting arms is something you will never forget. Enjoy every minute of it!!

  11. I watched jamie geller last night BUT..I cannot find the recipe for potato kugels. HELP

  12. avatar says: Ben

    Hey Jamie,
    Every Friday afternoon in my house is quite hectic. Chores and responsibilities are divided among my siblings and I, and we do what we can to keep the stress to a minimum. A few weeks ago I took responsibility for cooking the chicken breasts- my mother really didn’t feel like cooking a fancy meal and I figured since I had gotten lucky before on YouTube (Fried Shnitzel with cornflake coating, I’m sure your familiar with it) I might as well try again. After searching with no luck I Finally came across your chicken pastrami roll recipe and it was a huge hit (not to mention fairly easy). Several days later I see an article in the Jerusalem Post about you moving to Israel! 1st of all I had no idea who you were (I’m a 22 year old guy who just finished the army, not exactly your typical follower I’m assuming) but I recognized you from YouTube and I remember thinking this was an odd coincidence being that I had only days before used your recipe. My family moved to Israel 9 years ago from the States as well. I just wanted to say 1st of all, Welcome and Congratulations! Its a great country and your going to like it here. 2nd of all thank you very much, I really enjoy cooking and thanks to you, even a 22 year old guy like myself with little experience (I’m sure most of your fans do) can cook an entire Shabbat meal for the whole family.
    Best of Luck with the move,

    • Ben, what an absolutely amazing comment! Thank you thank you thank you SO very much for taking the time to post. I am sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your welcome and well wishes! Where did you guys move from? My husband taught me how to cook — all my kids including my almost 5yr old son help me in the kitchen — it’s so amazing that you help so much on Erev Shabbos and with cooking. I am just teary thinking how lucky your mother is to have you! Regards to you and your entire family and yasher koach on completing your army service. Warmest Regards!

    • how can i get in touch with Ben ? i would like to make a shidduch for him i want him to come to us for shabbat please give him my email and ask him to contact me. i’m also from the US and i would like to meet him and his family thank you –food brings people together!

  13. avatar says: janeth

    Hi!!!!jamie i am janeth againt i am so happy for you. a have been seing your videos are very nice I would like to talk with you i am sending you my phone number if you can call me one day (504)9976/64/47 say hi to every one bye….

  14. says: Lilly

    Hello Jamie,
    I have seen your videos and I think your recipies are great, you are so full of energies and you make cooking really fun!
    I just learnt of your Aliyah, mazal tov!! Israel is the best place to be, for your kids specially.
    Good luck in every thing and keep up your amazing work.

  15. Hi Jamie, I live with my family in your former town of New Hempstead, NY. Only found your website recently and got the book Quick and Kosher. I so enjoy watching the video clips of your cooking segments and the aliya videos definitely made me teary eyed. I actually was born in Israel and moved here many years ago when I was six years old. I have a lot of family in Israel. Aliya is not in the picture right now for several reasons but I want to wish you good luck with everything in your life. Shavua Tov!

  16. avatar says: Dennis

    As I am a man I may not be the norm for reading a cooking book for a bride. However I am the father and husband in a family who is converting to Judaism and while I have always had the culinary expertise in our household and my bride “knew nothing” beyond meals that ended in helper. Since we discovered your website and cookbooks it has not only allowed my lady love to begin cooking and not only that she is actually really GOOD AT IT TOO , it has allowed us to come closer as a family and we want to thank you for that and look forward to making more of your recipes. Thank you so much!

    • Dennis, first and foremost I would like to warmly welcome you and your family. I thank you so very much for this comment. It’s quite incredible how many different people can be touched by what we are doing and how you can touch us by sharing snippets of your life. From the entire team- we wish you and your family tremendous strength and success. And a message to your lady love: you are a total success story. Your story in the kitchen is mine and I am so happy you are “GOOD AT IT TOO!!!”

  17. avatar says: e

    hi! i see you recently moved to israel and was wondering how you deal with the different ingredients and convert them to come out the same way…i live in israel too and for example, the cheeses are all so different. i cant make a good fettucine alfredo. any suggestions?

  18. Hi Jamie,
    I am Joy Devor’s daughter, how ya doinggg????

  19. hi jamy, i saw your nefesh benefesh video and got very inspired by it. i’d like to know if your stll as inspred aand how are the kids adjusting? that’s my main concern with finding a job.

    • Helloooooo there. yes I am still inspired – every day I am thankful that I am lucky enough to live in Israel. I feel handpicked by Hashem. The kids are adjusting well thank G-d. It certainly helps to come with younger kids if at all possible. In terms of finding a job you can do alot of networking in advance of aliyah — Nefesh B’Nefesh has some job services as well. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

  20. Hi Jamie,
    So happy to hear you made aliyah. The first time I saw your cookbook was at my daughter’s home in New Rochelle, N.Y. I live in Israel and still find some recipes difficult due to the variations in ingredients. My husband is diabetic and it is not always easy to prepare meals that are healthy and attractive. On top of everything, we are vegetarians. Help. Any new recipes for Pesach would be most helpful.


  21. avatar says: Pessy

    I just wanted to say thank you! I’ve gotten some great recipes (now favourites!) from Quick and Kosher. I had to tell you that one of my REAL favourites is your one bowl chocolate cake. I just made it for Purim for mishloach manos in mini cupcakes (did it last year too) and it gets rave reviews again and again!
    Thank you!

  22. avatar says: Ayala

    hey jamie,

    love you avacado california salad. Im a huge sweet toother, got any recipies for chocolate brownies. not anything typical, i need it to be like jamie geller style. thanks!

  23. avatar says: TedBaran


    Saw you on WCBS 2 news and am going to make your matza ball recipe for pesach. Your recipe makes 28 matza balls. Do you cook all of them in one pot at one time? I have found that even when using a large pot, if the MBs are too crowded it will prevent them from expanding.

    Have a great pesach.

    • Thanks for watching and great question. I often double the matzah balls in size and make about 14 in a very large pot but 2 pots are better as you do want the matzah balls to have room to expand – this way they will have a beautiful round shape and nice fluffy texture.

  24. avatar says: Miriam C

    I wanted to know how to contact you in regard to your Aliyah with a family through NBN. Me and my family also love your videos we’ve seen them a gizillion times!!

    Thank you!
    you can contact me by e-mail

  25. Hi Jamie,
    I am a new member but have been following your recipes for a while love them.
    I would like to put recipes into my recipe box but haven’t been successful as of yet. Can you please help me out.

    שבת שלום

    Thanks Miriam

  26. As being from the tribe of Ephraim and a Mormon Christian I have been engrossed in all things Israel for as long as I can remember. If I could afford it I would love to live in Israel even if only six months a year.
    I could hardly sleep for the whole six day war and was constantly glued to the news.
    It is prophesy. We Mormons believe we are part of the equation.
    Thank you for everything you have done for the world.
    Fred Jepson Saratoga Springs, Utah USA

  27. Hi Jamie, Ever since your interview on Akeres Habayis hotline I’v been following you and your recipes. My favorite is Creamy baked Ziti. I found it on your site and It’s been a family favorite ever since! I also enjoyed watching your joy of aliyah and joy of Israel videos. Thanks for everything!

    • WOW Chana — how incredible — I know people listen to Akeres Habayis but when I recorded I felt so alone just me talking into a device — how amazing to know and hear from someone who discovered me there. Thank you for saying so and for following — and we agree LOVE the Creamy Baked Ziti — just had it for dinner!

  28. I am I writing to inquire about Jamie Geller’s interest and availability for we speaking engagement at the Sisterhood of the East Meadow Jewish Center. We are located in mid-Nassau County (New York). Please advises me S to her interest and availability, as well as speaking fee.s.
    Thank you.
    Laurie Diamond

  29. I am writing to inquire about Jamie’s interest and availability to speak at the East Meadow Jewish Center this fall. We are located in mid-Nassau County (Long Island, NY). Please advise me as to speaking fees.
    Thank you.
    Laurie Diamond

  30. Hello
    I am looking for the chef that demonstrate baklava
    At the jewish federation Israel independent festival at the international market
    If you know her she is blond from New York but live in chevychase in DC
    I cannot remember her name
    Thanks for your help

  31. avatar says: Carlos

    Hi Jamie,
    I watched part one of making a six braid. I use a serrated knife to cut my dough
    You say to use an underrated knife. Do you think I should change?

    Interesting how you save a step by taking the risesd dough and cut it, then squeeze the bubbles out instead of punching down the whole bowl. Very clever.

    I braid the same way but have an easier teaching sequence. Try teaching this way:

    This is a ninth generation family secret, but I am happy to share it with you.
    Second from the right end, all the way over to the left. Then first one on the right to the middle. Repeat from the other side.

    Bi ezrat haShem (blee neder) I hope to make Aliya by the end of the year with my cat ASTRO.

    I am divorced and a young 69. I will be looking for a job. Though I am a pilot, I will do most anything. Maybe we will have a chance to meet, that would be nice.

    My sister, Deborah Sullum, is a famous ceramicist in Jerusalem and teaches ceramics at the American School. Shevua Tov, Carlos

  32. avatar says: Carlos

    Hi Jamie,
    I have a GREAT almond and pesto fresh salmon filet recipe that is quintessentially outstanding. I have found that people who generally hate fish love my recipe. This too is a 9nth generation secret, but I am willing to share it with you and your followers knowing that you will give me credit.
    Let me know if you are interested.
    Best to you.

    B’tay Avon,


  33. Alright, I get it now. My comment is: MORE SEPHARDIC TRADITIONAL RECIPES!!!

  34. Hi Jamie,

    I am a big fan! I was wondering if you would be traveling to FL. this year , we would
    LOVE to have you as a guest speaker at our Jewish Day School.

    Mindy Fleckner

  35. HI. I am trying to organize a tzedakah event in my home where woman pay a fee in order to be thrilled with cooking/food prep or baking class and all of the money raised goes to charity. I live in Woodmere NY and was wondering if you would be able to participate. Your fee would of course be covered- as well as the opportunity to sell your new book which I believe is being released very soon. The women I will BH be hosting are very interested in all of the latest cooking information.
    Thank you so much!!

  36. Jamie,
    Its awesome that you respond to peoples comments. You are the best! I am writing because Living Wheat/free and gluten/free is so hard and would love to see your best cookbook covering this diet plan. Do you have such a cookbook on the market?
    Please let me know,
    Bayla Lowy
    Rochester, NY (formerly Toronto, ON)

  37. avatar says: Deborah

    Hi Jamie
    I just received your new cookbook from Amazon
    I had some time to Look it over it’s a great book
    I love your recipes they are so easy and fun I have all of your cookbooks and I Love Them All.

    Keep up the Good work and if you are ever in town again I would love to meet you I saw clips of the event it looked like fun too bad I missed it my husband and I would of enjoyed it maybe next time

    • Deborah – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I so so so appreciate your support and feedback – am thrilled you are enjoying the book (I worked SO hard on it — it’s my heart and soul and food on page). We missed you at the book party. Hope to see you at one of my upcoming events!

  38. Leaving aside for the moment the fact that your recipes are amazing, I felt compelled to say that you are simply breathtaking! The newspaper quote on your site that compares you to Rachael Ray does you a disservice. You cook as well as she does, and though she may be cute, you are absolutely stunning!

  39. avatar says: sanhand

    Hi Jamie,,
    Love the potato kugel cups. Do you think they can be frozen & reheated?
    Thanks so much,
    Sandi handler

    • Hey Sandi – so I am a big “freezer – cook” but not when it comes to potato kugel… I know people that do but I don’t love what the freezer does to the cups – makes them kind of watery and mushy and bland tasting. So I guess you could say I recommend against freezing potato kugel and potato kugel cups :-)

  40. avatar says: Gilya

    Hi Jamie,
    You recently featured a drink recipe calling for Elderflower liquor. What brand do you use that is kosher and where can one find it. I checked with St Germain – the only elderflower liquor of which I am aware and neither Star K nor the CRC certify this brand


  41. Ok, here’s the deal. I have both made and eaten briskets galore. I am a fabulous cook, so most have been really delicious. But, I have never had any quite as scrumptious as the garlic honey brisket from your newest book. Don’t know what your inspiration was for that delectable hunk of meat! We were actually swooning! Thanks for this very special recipe.
    Cincinnati ohio

    • ANITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (from Cincinnati Ohio!!!!) you are amazing! Thank you so much for buying the book and making the brisket and taking the time to comment here! (If you can post your comment/review on the amazon book page I will be forever grateful!!! Anyhoo I am thrilled to make you swoon — you made me swoon with this comment and coming from such an accomplished cook and brisket maker and eater! BIG HUGS!

  42. Hi I am travelling to Paris and would love any recommendations for a kosher caterer for Shabbbat,….any suggestions? Thanks, Susan

  43. I love following all the posts of Joy of Kosher on Facebook. I am inspired by Jamie Geller. I grew up in a Kosher home. Kept a Kosher home all my married life. I now have a questions regarding sugar free Pesach desserts. Last Pesach I tried beating eggs with Splenda rather than sugar for a brownie recipe. They did not come out good. Actually, they were the perfect dessert for the garbage disposal. Jamie, if you could/would give me some ideas as to what I can make in the way of desserts that are sugar free or, what I can substitute for the sugar I would be most appreciative. My son-in-law is a Type 1 diabetic and I feel compelled to have desserts for both Seders that he can eat too. Thank you so much. have a happy Purim.

    • Hi Judy,

      I am going to chime in here, as a Dietitian I thought I might be able to help, but I am sure Jamie will have some ideas too. Diabetics, especially those with type 1, don’t have to eliminate sugar, they just have to moderate and manage it. I actually don’t recommend going with lots of sugar free desserts and rather sticking with small portions of desserts naturally lower in added sugar. Dark chocolate covered strawberries for example would be a nice option, as would a Baked Apple filled with nuts and cinnamon (you can leave out the raisins and added sugar). These lower calorie desserts are really beneficial to everyone after a big Seder meal.

      • Judy – thank you so much for all your kind words and for commenting and sharing a little about yourself. Our community means so very much to me. Thanks for being part of it. I am thrilled Tamar chimed in because I am certainly not an expert in sugar free or even low sugar baking and happy to have the health advice dispensed by the experts. I liked her suggestions(I am going to use them cause they are just good ideas!) and hope they helped you.

  44. avatar says: Shana

    Hi Jamie

    I was at the cooking event that you gave in London (5/5/14) in aid of Chaverim and just wanted to say that I really enjoyed it and as well I also have gotton many receipes from your websites and really enjoy giving them a try. I especially enjoy the fact that you have vidio clips on some of your receipes which make it easier to follow.
    I wish you much hatzlocho in all your good work!!

    • Hi Shana!!!!! did we meet? forgive me bc I don’t remember everyone’s name. It was such a lovely event and such a nice community. thank you so so so very much for commenting here – it means so much for me to receive the wonderful positive feedback. I love London and hope I get to come back soon. BIG BIG BIG HUGS to you and your kehilla!

  45. Hello dear Jamie ;)

    I want to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Israel!! Whom do you recommend as a trip specialtly provider?? I haven’t a clue where to begin… stay, eat etc. Thank you for ALL that you do!!! ;) My tummy growling ;D


  46. avatar says: Katrina

    Dear Jamie, I have been watching your Aliyah videos and they are so moving and inspiring! I have 9 relatives who have made aliyah and someday I hope to as well. I love your kosher recipes, and I just wanted to thank you for standing up for the Jewish nation by moving over there at such an important time in your life! Also, I was super impressed with your Hebrew accent – not American at all! Keep up the good work and know that you are such an encouragement to people all over the world! L’hitra’ot. :)

    • Katrina!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! For watching, for taking the time to write, for your support and words of encouragement! They all mean so much. Great to hear from you and I hope you can join us here soon. Waiting for you :-) !!!!

  47. avatar says: sanjan

    I’m just starting in to Kosher food; it sounds great as far as I’ve learned. What I would like to see in recipes/cooking sites is the equivalent of an ingredient. Such, what the heck is sriacha??

  48. Batsheva had the best shabbos of the year. You guys are amazing. Thx sooooo much

    • oh Miriam!!!!!!!!!!!! We LOVED having her and her lovely friends. It was such a special Shabbos for us as well. You should have tons of yiddishe nachas from your beautiful Batsheva and entire family. Thanks SO much for encouraging her to call us. BIG BIG BIG HUGS!

  49. Jamie, I had lunch with Belinda and Adela yesterday, asked about you and your mom, and Belinda told me that you are my little Jamie from preschool. My daughter and I use your recipes often. I am so proud of you and your success!
    Pearl Meltzer

    • OMG MRS. MELTZER!!!!!!!!!!!! I can NOT believe you both use my recipes?!?!?! My mom still talks about you to this day – how special and amazing you are and what a wonderful teacher. It means so much to me that you commented here. Regards to the entire family. XOXO!

  50. avatar says: Didi Hutt

    Hi Jamie
    I met you when your first book just came out and I brought you to Great Neck Synagogue to do a class. It was great! I am now president of the North Shore Hebrew Academy PTA in Great Neck, New York. I would love to have you do a class for our mothers. Can you please contact me and advise whether you still do this and what your fee is as well as possible available dates for the next school year? I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you so much,
    Didi Hutt
    [email protected]

  51. avatar says: Peter

    Hello Jamie,
    Other than the Bartenura brand, do you know of another high quality balsamic vinegar available? Maybe even Organic as well?

    Thank you,

  52. Jaime, just sending you a note to say I hope you and your family are safe and sound. So many of us are thinking of you and many more there in Israel. God keep you safe. mausje

  53. Hi Jaime
    I watch your cooking show on JLTV in Corpus Christi Texas and I don’t know anyone in Israel but you and family so I am praying you are all safe and sound.

    • WOW Belinda thank you thank you thank you so very much. I am just astounded by the outpouring of support, prayers and well wishes from everyone. I can’t thank you enough. I also really appreciate you telling me where you are from. It’s so incredibly awesome to know people all over the world are watching the show and more importantly thinking of us. Thank G-d we are safe and just praying like crazy for the safety of our soldiers and everyone in Israel.

  54. avatar says: Dan

    Hi Jamie,
    Just saw your Aliyah video from here in San Francisco and was moved by your family’s bravery. I have no family in Israel – but am praying for you all, and our soldiers.

    I am thinking about making Aliyah – and now seems like the right time. I do not know where to even start … I know zero Hebrew. Can you point me in the right direction?

    • Hi Dan! First and foremost I must thank you for all your prayers on behalf of my immediate family and our extended family – all Israelis and especially our soldiers. See you do have family in Israel, it’s our home and we are all one :-)
      I commend you and am moved by your bravery for considering Aliyah at this time – which I agree does seem like the right time. The first place to start is with Nefesh B’Nefesh:
      please poke around their site and call them and let me know how I can help. When you come to Israel there is an intensive Hebrew language program called Ulpan which most new olim do and that will bring you up to speed with the basics of Hebrew and the rest of the language comes with living here – although SO many people in major cities and specific smaller suburban communities speak English – so that’s one worry you can cross off your list :-) . I love that you mentioned you are from San Fransisco – it’s so cool to have a frame of reference and see how far the word of our aliyah has traveled. Please let me know how else I can help you. Wishing you tremendous success and hope to see you home with us soon.

  55. avatar says: avi

    I just saw the video on the creamy pink pasta, I always make the kids pasta on Sundays, I will certainly use those tips on the video to make them a better enhanced pasta dish. I have a lot of friends from Philadelphia who I have known now and still keep in touch with 15 years later, it a real special place, I love the website keep up the great work.

    • Hey Avi – thanks so much for taking the time to write and I am so happy you are having fun on our site. I hope your kids enJOY their Sunday dinner. Philly really is a great city – I loved growing up there. Thanks for giving it a shout out here :-)

      • avatar says: avi

        Hi Jaime, its Thursday night here in NY me and the kids are really excited for shabbat only a couple of hours away… Wishing you and your whole family a safe and happy shabbos in yerushalayim we are all praying for all of klal Israel safety and to merit the final geulah amen! Regards avi

  56. avatar says: Klara

    Hi Jamie, I have been on the hunt for a cookbook for my baby/toddler that is easy to follow but creative. I have loved all your other cookbooks and they are really the only ones that are actually referenced in my house, so I was wondering if you’d ever consider creating a cook book for us new moms and dads? I have relied on the ones by Annabel Karmel (most of her recipes have been wonderful) but she mixes meat and dairy and I’d really prefer a cookbook that I don’t have to make adjustments to the recipes. Possibly a cookbook on kids lunchboxes and snacks would be great too! thanks for listening!

    • Hi Klara. Thanks so much!!!! I do like Annabel Karmel but I totally hear you about the kosher thing. I have no plans now for another cookbook BUT I will definitely keep your idea in mind. Thanks so much for commenting.

  57. Hi Jamie, after watching your Aliyah video to Israel, I am interested in donating to help other fellow Jews who can’t afford to! I’m Messianic Jew myself! What organization do you recommend, please?? Shalom to you and your precious family!! Shalom Israel!! ;)

    Phillip Simpson, London-Boston

    • Shalom Phillip! I am not sure about donations but you can look at Nefesh B’Nefesh – this is the organization through which we made aliyah and/or the Jewish Agency. Thanks so much!

  58. avatar says: Mir

    Hi Jamie, thanks for al, your great recipes. Do you have suggestions for a shalom zachor? I need simple and not too difficult.


  59. Hi Jamie, As a fellow foodie living in Jerusalem how do we get to meet you and experience your tips and classes live……Would you be willing to give a demonstration in Jerusalem? Please let me know how we can be in touch with you. TIA

    • Hi Andy. Thanks so much for your interest. Starting next year I may be dong some demos in Israel. We will of course announce it on the site and via our free weekly Wednesday newsletter.

  60. Hello,
    I have just received my Joy of Kosher cookbook. I want to try my first recipe but I can not find what “prune butter” is or how to make it. Thank you for your help. I love my cookbook!


    • OH MARY!!!! I am so super thrilled!!! OK so this is prune butter avail on amazon: and it also should be avail at most grocery stores… possibly check the kosher section… although it’s not a strictly kosher item per say… are you trying the Lachmagine? please come back and let me know how you enJOY…

  61. i enjoy watching jamie on tv, and will be getting the magazine soon.

  62. avatar says: Hana

    I heard that you are going to be in L.A. in Jan. If so, are you going to be doing any public appearances?
    I write a blog at about all things kosher in Southern California. If you need any recommendations for where to dine/shop/visit while in L.A. I would be happy to help!

  63. avatar says: Anita

    I love your cooking. I have my ears on top of the t v I am almos. Deaf. Why can’t you have. Writing for. Us. . You now have sponsors. Love you

    • oh ANITA!!!!! I am sorry I am hard to hear and thank you so much for watching and trying to listen. If someone would like to sponsor subtitles I would be happy to ask JLTV to add them. XOXO

  64. I wrote. You a whole coment

  65. avatar says: Karny

    Jamie youre recipes and you’re really good I tasted its awesome keep up

  66. avatar says: Claire l

    After 32years I find myself in need of some new recipes. My dear husband is a bit tired of the same of tastes day in and day out. Thanks for the help, Grammie of 8

    • OMG Claire L!!!! Thanks so much for this comment. The other day, I was just saying that I remember someone advising me (about a decade ago)that my quick cooking style would only be suited to newbies in the kitchen – I was so crushed at the time – thanks so much for taking the time to write me – it’s comments like yours that keep me going!!! Hope your dear husband and 8 grandkiddies are all enJOYing the new recipes!!!

  67. Hi Jamie! I leave in São Paulo (Brazil) and I would like to get your cookbook! Where I can buy it?
    Thank you!

  68. avatar says: Esti Pole

    hi Jamie! youve inspired me tons!keep it up[!

  69. avatar says: bfr

    Dear Jamie, Since I discovered your website I have given most of my cookbooks away. Not needed anymore. It seems that everyday I save one of your recipes. My only problem is that unless I remember the “exact” name, I can’t find it again without going through the whole list. Is there some way to work on a better index for saved recipes? Right now, I find myself printing everything and would really like to just keep my recipes electronically. Thanks.

    • Hi bfr, Thanks so much for writing and actively using our site, we are unable to make the recipe box as user friendly as some of the best programs and maps out there. We recommend either using pinterest to keep track of all your favorites or a recipe app. We have heard good things about Recipe Book.

    • Hey Bfr!!! I am so happy you are enJOYing our recipes so much and saving them so regularly and sorry you haven’t found it easier to keep an electronic file. I like using Pinterest as my virtual recipe box, I really hope that helps you.

  70. Hi, Jamie, I loved your demonstration and food in Livingston Sunday night. I met you–I am Elaine P’s friend whom you had met last week. My question is can I take a larger eggplant and use your recipe to make eggplant clavier or spread and then chop it even more than it was Sunday night? That eggplant was delicious but I like it even in a smoother consistency chag kasher v’sameach andb ‘shah tova! Phyllis .

    • Hey Phyllis!!!!!! Was such a pleasure to meet you. Of course you can – you can chop it super fine for a more delicate consistency. You can even blend it all together to create a smooth and creamy spread. Happy Passover!!!

  71. avatar says: Channah

    I love your challah recipe! I was wondering how it would turn out if I made the dough on Thursday, but baked the challah on Friday? Also if that will work, do I need to refrigerate or cover the dough overnight? thanks!

    • hi Channah! I am so happy! Yes you can make the challah dough the night before. Refrigerate it covered with saran or a kitchen towel overnight. Just be sure it comes to room temp (in a warm and cozy spot in your kitchen) before shaping, proofing and baking.

  72. avatar says: suzi

    i love your recipes! and i love your whole site!

  73. avatar says: Ellen

    Hi Jaime,

    I love your site, the recipes and the way you have made kashrus gourmet! My question is re. your “Joy of Aliyah” series, which my family LOVED: b”eH, my family is making Aliyah to RBS this July. How did your lift arrive at your door in two weeks?! Every shipping company is giving us quotes of 6 weeks or longer….

    Thank you! (And, if your girls are still at AY, maybe we’ll run into each other next year)

    • Hi Ellen!!!! 1st – I am so so so excited for you and your family. We can’t wait to have you as neighbors. Please let me know if there is anyway we can help with your klita. As for the LIFT: we opted to live stateside for a longer period of time without our things to ensure the shortest possible period of time in Israel without our things. SO while the lift arrived in 2 weeks in Israel we were in the states for well over a month without our furniture, beds etc… hope that clarifies things.

  74. avatar says: Leah85

    Hi Jamie,
    My name is Leah. I am from a traditional Jewish family. I am trying to learn the Jewish laws that I haven’t been though in my family from birth. I seek help from whoever I can. From the Chabbad center of my town to online sources.
    I was wondering if it is possible for you to make a video and teach people like me how to clean the veggies in a kosher way like how to check for warms.

    If not please let me know if you have any suggestion for me on how to educate myself about kosher kitchen related laws.

    Thank you, keep up the good work.

    • Hi Leah (you know I grew up the same way as you!) thanks so much for contacting me and for your suggestion. I am so so sorry I can’t do the video right now but will try to address it in the future. In the meantime the OU (Orthodox Union) puts out a Guide to Checking Fruits and Vegetables and I refer to it often. I believe it’s sold in most Jewish bookstores or off of their website. I hope it helps I know it helps me a TON! Let me know if you have trouble finding it or even if you get it and find it helpful. Thanks for all your interest and support!

  75. avatar says: B-weiss

    Thank you so much Jamie for all your great ideas, I really enjoy reading your recipes & sharing them with my family.

    On a different topic, I was wondering if I made homemade whipped cream & substituted non diary creamer with heavy cream, would it work?

  76. avatar says: yael

    thanks for the “”"”"Klein’s ice cream BLINTZES Recipe “”"”
    its easy GREAT and TASTY – U should all have a great YOM TOV !!!

  77. i use you recipes for everything they are always delicious!!

  78. avatar says: Ashley

    Hey Jamie,

    Just heard your interview on Charlie Harary, I am sure you heard this quote before but just in case you haven’t I thought I would post it here since what you were talking about at the end of the interview really reminded me of it.

    “Happiness is not a goal…it’s a by-product of a life well lived.”

    I have also recently made aliyah and I just love listening to your interviews and watching the videos of you and your family in Israel. It is so wonderful watching someone genuinely love what they do especially when you really inspire so many others!

    • Hi Ashley!!! Mazel Tov on your aliyah and welcome home!!! Where have you settled? I am SO happy you caught the interview and even more thrilled to have received this quote from you!!! It sounded familiar as I read it but I would NEVER have recalled it on my own. Thank you so so much for sharing it with all of us today!

  79. Hi Jamie ,
    I’ve been following your career and you are amazing I am so
    proud of you and to think I knew you when and you hung my photo in your office
    I would love to hear about your family. I’m sure you are an amazing mom.
    Catch me up when you can.

    My love to you all.

  80. Hi Jamie,
    I posted this already but it somehow ended up in some random place, so in case you didn’t see it, I will do it again! I love your cookbook, and just started using your website and so far it’s been awesome! I love cooking, and someone gave me Joy of Kosher as a bat mitzva gift and I love it!!! I am thirteen years old but I really want to become a member. Is there a way I can join, even if I am not yet 18? Please tell me!! Also, my family just moved, do you have any ideas for a housewarming party? And I live in California, and it would be so cool if you could come! Are you coming to America (or California would be even better) anytime soon? I live near San Francisco so there is lots of places to tour nearby! Please let me know!

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