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Chocolate Goodness From M&M Designs


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As we count down to Purim my Facebook and Twitter streams are all about Mishloach Manot themes. Some people go all out and some go the easy way. Whichever way you go, M&M Designs can customize their delicious goodies to your specific theme or send a stunning basket to whoever you wish to treat.


Gefen Pasta Sauce


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When Gefen went searching to make their pasta sauces they wanted only the best –  the best ingredients and the best recipe.  Gefen’s sauces are authentic Italian recipes originally made by a father and son from Italy.  They carried on the tradition with their old world recipe using all fresh premium ingredients from their kitchen to yours.

Now that the father is no longer alive the son is keeping his father’s quest for quality pasta sauces alive through Gefen and passing on the tradition with the many variations of Gefen Pasta sauces.


Gefen Crushed Garlic


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Already Peeled!

Just Pop out required cloves of garlic, add to the recipe, ready to go!

No fuss, no muss!