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The Ultimate Kosher Gift Basket for Rosh Hashanah ...


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There is something so exciting about receiving a kosher gift basket filled with unexpected (and delicious) gourmet goodies.   I am reminded of that magic Mary Poppins purse and wonder how they fit so many yummy foods in one basket and made it look so pretty!  As our thoughts turn to celebrating the Jewish holidays with family and friends and sharing our love with those who live too far away or aren’t able to join us around the table, I am reminded again why a specially made Rosh Hashanah kosher gift basket is the perfect gift to give or get right now.

Many kosher gift baskets come filled with store bought cookies and crackers and a bottle of generic Kiddush grape juice.  Now don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy opening these thoughtful gifts, but they typically get left in my pantry and forgotten or brought to work to share.  I knew there had to be a company out there that made gift baskets that I would want to keep all for myself!  That’s when I discovered Manhattan Fruitier, a 25 year old gift basket company offering kosher gift baskets filled with a combination of fresh fruit and gourmet goodies with a sense of style that will make Martha Stewart jealous.


Simanim Inspired Recipes For Rosh Hashanah


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I don’t like being put into a box, given a label or pegged as this or that.  Do you?  In food and life I appreciate the freedom to be creative and try new things and not let a single style define me.  Aside from words like fast, effortless and easy – which is how I characterize my cooking – I don’t fit into a movement or a mold in anyway, at least in my eyes.  When it comes to Rosh Hashanah though, I am more than happy to state my signature style – it has always been “simanim inspired”.  For a detailed explanation of simanim click here.  For my inspired recipes just scroll down.

Unstuffed Cabbage Soup


New Year’s Resolutions – Health and...


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In the year 5774, just about every holiday table features someone on a special diet. Whether it’s gluten free, lactose free, paleo, clean, vegan, vegetarian, and of course the new year’s resolution diet.  Unfortunately, it’s often the word die that gets the emphasis when you cook following the diet’s guidelines. It doesn’t have to be that way, especially with all the family, food and festivities on Rosh Hashanah.

This salad that eats like a meal is coming to the rescue.  It’s easy to make, healthy, satisfying, filled with nutrients, and diet friendly, whichever diet that might be.


A South African Rosh Hashanah Menu



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Smoked Steak Sushi Cake

What do you do if your family believes that a meal is not complete without meat? Smoked Steak Sushi Salad was created for my son Ryan who loves sushi, but won’t eat fish. As most of the starters in our home are meat, I like to serve this with a plate of chopped liver puffs. The length of the ingredient list doesn’t make the recipe lengthier and harder, sometimes just a little tastier!


Healthy Holiday Menus Under 600 Calories


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We all know the High holidays are filled with reflection, prayer and lots and lots of eating.  This September will essentially be a month of big meals.  There is no hard data on the average Rosh Hashanaha meal, but considering the challah, the honey, the meats, starchy sides and desserts it has got to rival those of Thanksgiving, which according to Caloric Control Council tops 4500 calories and 229 grams of fat.  That is more than double the average persons daily recommended calorie limit.  I know it is the holidays and we should be joyous and not think about fat and calories, but we are not just celebrating for one day, we have 9 of them!!!

So, go ahead and enjoy yourself on the first night and then consider lightening it up a bit for the other 8 holiday days.  If you are careful with serving sizes and plan to eat lots of veggies you can keep the calories down without missing any of the fun.  An average slice of challah will run you between 60 and 100 calories.  Excluding the challah, here are three menus to help you keep it light as we welcome in a new year.


Sephardic Simanim With Turkish Recipes


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Every year we reach this time, the month of Elul. A time when we start to think about our lives, what they mean, how we relate to each other and how we relate to G-d. It’s also a time when we realize . . . “Holy Cow! Rosh HaShana is right around the corner.” All the cooking and all the inviting and all the cooking and all the guests and all the cleaning and did I mention all the cooking?

And interestingly, all this cooking has a direct relationship to the whole meaning of Rosh HaShana. Rosh HaShana is a lot more than a “New Year”, it’s a time of repentance and atonement. Even though we refer to Yom Kippur as the “Day of Atonement” we have to make our efforts at atonement beforehand. And food actually can help us do that.


A Rosh Hashanah Menu From Kim Kushner


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After talking to Kim and looking through her new cookbook, The Modern Menu, I knew you would love these recipes for your High Holiday meal planning.   Kim suggests menus in her book, but recommends readers to pick and choose and make it their own.  Read our interview with Kim here and enter our giveaway and then enjoy a sampling of her recipes in this Modern Rosh Hashanah Menu.  Mediteranean Sea Bass is a snap to prepare and the perfect starter for your High Holiday meal.


Rosh Hashanah Brisket Recipe with Apples


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Apples and Honey are perhaps the most symbolic foods of Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish New Year.  A traditional Rosh Hashanah Seder (yup I said seder) is a “program” run through at the start of a Rosh Hashanah meal, where we partake of a series of symbolic foods (the simanim) each followed by a specific blessing.

Simanim – literally means signs or indicators – that are meant to point the way to improved circumstances.


DIY – Painted Lace Honey Jar


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I know it may seem that the lace on this jar is real, but I have to tell you that it’s actually painted on. When I painted it this morning and showed it around to my friends, they couldn’t believe that the lace was actually paint and had to go and touch it to make sure.


The Best Olive Oil For Rosh Hashanah *Giveaway*


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You all know how much Jamie loves to share Simanim inspired recipes and menus this time of year. It’s a fun challenge to integrate as many Simanim (symbolic) foods as we can over the course of the high holidays and start the New Year right.

So I want to take us beyond tradition.  If someone can suggest that celery and raisins on your Rosh Hashanah table will help you get a “raise in salary” then I’m willing to go so far to suggest that adding more olive to your meals will increase the love in your life (if you unscramble the letters you get “I love”).  For that matter, olives and olive oil are good for your heart, too. So why not use the best tasting olive oil you can find, especially now during this auspicious time of year.


Top Ten Honey Recipes and Hosting Tips


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Cause I am feeling sweet I’m sharing my top 10 honey recipes along with my top 10 tips for hosting this holiday.  But not before a word from our sponsor… honey, the sweetest of all the simanim this Rosh Hashanah.

What are simanim?


Rosh Hashanah Gifts – Honey Finds


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Rosh Hashanah is now less than a month away, have you started planning your menus yet?  If your lucky, maybe you are eating some of your meals out.  Whether as a hostess gift for someone else or a fun new addition to your High Holiday table, these honey themed finds will sweeten your year.


Simple Starters That Impress


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First Impressions – Excite your company from the get-go with these simple starters

You won’t catch me moving into the kitchen for a full month before a Yuntif, catching my zzz’s between kitchen timer alarms. But that doesn’t stop me from kicking off each meal with an impressive dish. You can do it too! Go for one simple starter that makes a bold statement in taste and appearance.


New Kosher Wines for the Jewish New Year


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This year we will be hosting 21 people for Rosh Hashanah.  When you’re having enough Yom Tov guests to field two baseball teams and still have a few people in the stands to watch, you may want to start drinking early.  Luckily, I am well-stocked this year with some wonderful kosher wines that taste great in the glass and are available at a range of prices for most every budget.

Here are a few of our favorite kosher wines for Rosh Hashanah:


The Finale – 4 Pareve Desserts


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These perfectly-portioned desserts cap off any meal in grand style—and they’re easy and quick to prepare!