Flourless Chocolate Cake with Meringue Topping


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I don’t come from a family of bakers, but I do come from a family of eaters.  My dad always used to bring home store bought Passover desserts before the holiday and he always included a cake.  He said it was because my grandfather’s birthday was the second day of Pesach, but I think he just liked to eat cake .  Every year most of that cake (except for my Dad’s portion) was thrown in the garbage.  Passover cakes were just not appealing to me or my brother and sister — and that was even before I cared about calories.

I would much rather satisfy my sweet tooth with homemade frozen chocolate covered strawberries and bananas, meringue cookies and chocolate covered matzo granola — those were the ultimate Passover desserts for me.  That all changed two years ago when I found this recipe in a Martha Stewart magazine for a Flourless Chocolate Cake with a Toasted Meringue Topping.


Passover Cheesecake Recipe and Linkup


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I never feel guilty when I eat cheesecake.  I just convince myself it’s full of protein.  I got that from my mom.  The convincing part, not the cheesecake recipe – you know that.

She once lost weight on a steady diet of almond M&Ms – unfortunately that lucky little occurrence wasn’t passed onto me.


Mix ‘N Match Passover Desserts


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Three Pesach staples.  Endless possibilities.  Mix and match these desserts to make your favorite combination.  All infused with the fresh flavor of citrus.  Have you noticed all the Meyer Lemons in the store right now?

passover meyer lemons


Free Passover Recipe E-Book


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Passover Seder Recipes


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When it’s time for Shulchan Orech, the meal of the Passover seder, these stove top mains (and roasted sides) make a perfect main course

During Passovers of long ago, the Jews would bring the Pesach sacrifice at the Beit Hamikdash, and then roast and eat the meat for the Seder meal. Today, many of us refrain from roasting meat at the Seder so no one should think that we are trying to replace the Pesach sacrifice. These three Quick & Kosher entrees cook completely immersed in liquid. To complete the main course, we leave the roasting for the veggies.


Passover Recipes From Down Under


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An Aussie Passover.  There is not much difference between American and an Australian Passover recipes, but I am The Aussie Gourmet and these are my favorite Passover recipes.

Passover is a busy holiday for me.  Enjoy some of the most requested Passover dishes from my home to yours.


Edible 10 Plagues


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I was talking to a friend about a some fun new Passover seder ideas and we started to talk about an idea for edible makot or plagues.  What better way to liven things up and have some fun with the kids then to make the ten plagues into edible sweets.  I haven’t quite figured them all out, so I am going to share my list and hope you will chime in, in the comments with your ideas.

Blood – Red Jello


Recipes For A Moroccan Seder


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Passover is my gastronomic week.


Passover Menus For Every Taste


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From traditional to original we have Passover menu ideas for you.

bubby's chicken soup

2 Creative Traditional Passover Seder Menus


Passover Seder Plate Infographic


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Passover Seder Salad Recipes


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Cooking for Passover is a challenge. Even before the cooking, actually. First there’s the cleaning and getting ready for the holiday. Then the shopping. Then the cooking.

We all know the rules. We can’t use this or that ingredient. None of our favorite breads or pasta or beans and such. Spices and other ingredients difficult to find Kosher-for-Passover. So, when added to the usual kashruth restrictions, minding all of these extra considerations for 8 days can feel daunting.


Unexpected Passover Potato Recipes


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Potatoes are an inevitable part of Pesach. You’ll be happy they are when you whip up these fresh and flavorful dishes. These recipes use minimal ingredients so that everyone, no matter what their Pesach customs are, can enjoy them. You can use either the non-Gebrokts potato dough and the Gebrokts version, with either the pesto or the orange sauce.

Gnocchi – Non-Gebrokts
Gnocchi, pronounced “nyo-key”, are thick soft Italian dumplings, most commonly made with potatoes. Gnocchi is usually served as an appetizer, but works as a side or main dish as well. Classic accompaniments of gnocchi include pesto, tomato-based sauces, and melted butter with cheese.


Passover Table Style


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Fit for Royalty

There is no greater sense of satisfaction than that felt at the start of the Pesach Seder. Inside, the house and all its contents are positively gleaming. And outside the first hints of Spring are emerging. Celebrate the Jewish people’s deliverance from slavery to royalty with a palette of white, shimmering gold, and accents of black and green.


The Passover Cream Cheese Butterfly Effect


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You’ve all heard about the butterfly effect — the idea that one small event or change can have a large effect somewhere else.  In classic theory, a butterfly flapping its wings can create a hurricane or tsunami halfway around the world.  You don’t go into Passover expecting to lose weight.  It’s a holiday and we are surrounded by delicious foods and wine all week long.  Your best hope is damage control.  And to be honest, after all the work cooking, cleaning and koshering a little indulgence is well deserved and need not induce any (more) Jewish guilt.

However, it’s the little decisions we make along the way that will tip the scales, one way or another.  During Passover, I love matzo and cream cheese, especially the fluffy white stuff from Temp Tee.  It’s comfort food.  It’s not going on a cookbook cover, but it doesn’t have to go on my thighs either.


Rolled Recipes for Passover


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At every holiday meal, there are the “wow” dishes that steal the show and showcase your efforts and talents as the cook. This beautiful dishes offer that perfect pizzazz, using the same minimal ingredients many of us are accustomed to cooking with on Pesach.

mashed ptoato beef roll ups

Mashed Potato Beef Roll Ups