Kosher Pastured Duck Confit *Giveaway*


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Duck confit, a traditional French recipe, is an indulgent and sinfully-good dish. The process of confit is centuries-old and consists of curing and then cooking the duck in its rendered fat. The technique of rubbing the seasoning on the duck and letting it chill for 24 hours allows for the meat to cure and to take in the spices. The duck confit and rendered fat can be kept in a sealed jar for up to six months. Our Apricot Glazed Duck Confit recipe is not too difficult, but the final product is delicious and tender.


“Avadim Hayinu”: How Not to Become a Slave...


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Every year as Passover approaches the panic and stress starts to build. You have to figure out when to start cleaning, what to buy, how many people to host, and how to stay sane while doing all this. For most people who work, getting ready for this holiday may seem impossible! I have come up with a method to stay calm and get everything done on time before Passover.

Last year our Seder had 45 guests, 20 of which were under the age of 12, 5 of which didn’t eat Kitniyot, and 3 of which were complete vegetarians.  My parents landed in Israel just a few days before the holiday, which left most of the preparations to me! In the end, the menu was all-inclusive and catered to all.


Try Sangria For the 4 Cups


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When I was growing up we spent every Pesach with my paternal grandparents. What my grandmother may have lacked in “haute cuisine” was more than made up by the love that went into every dish that came out of her tiny kitchen. Whether we were just one table of immediate family, or two banquet-size tables full of extended relations (and the occasional stranger who had no place else to be), there was always plenty of everything to go around. No matter how much work went into Pesach prep, when it was time for the Seder, there was nothing but smiles and hugs and wine all around.

As a kid, there was much I didn’t know about Pesach. I didn’t know about the amount of work that went into all the cooking my grandmother did. I didn’t know about all the shlepping my poor grandfather had to do, running up and down from their single storage locker to change over the kitchen for the holiday. And I surely didn’t know that there were legitimate choices other than sweet, Concord grape wine for the 4 cups.


Vegan Mains Perfect For Passover


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Every year I get a few comments on my article, A Very Vegetarian Passover, which is a guide for vegetarians and vegans and those that host them.  The recipes are great, but tend to be a bit on the side dish variety.  Most vegans are used to sticking with the sides and most hosts don’t have time to bother to make more, but in response to a few requests for more main dish type vegan Passover recipes, I have developed a few.


15 Matzo-Free Lunch or Dinner Passover Recipes


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It’s not even Purim yet (ok, fine tonight!) and today is a fast day, but I’m sure we’re all starting to think about Pesach (Passover).  Enjoy the baking of hamantashen and the carelessness with which you let the flour crumbs fall, because the cleaning season (or at least the “Oh, yes, definitely starting to clean for Pesach today season) is about to begin.  Many people clean early and don’t eat matzo from Purim until Passover, so to help you plan your next three weeks here are 15 matzo-free meals that work for both lunch and dinner to get you in the mindset for pesach.



Free Passover Seder Recipe Ebook


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Cookbook Spotlight: The New Passover Menu ...


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The New Passover Menu is the newest cookbook written by Paula Shoyer. In this innovative new cookbook, Paula does an excellent, and I must say delicious,  job of  creating new recipes that work in the confines of the Passover dietary rules. Paula has found a way to include recipes for every type of cook. She combines the nostalgic Passover favorites with new inventive creations, such as Banana Charoset, Peruvian Roast Chicken with Salsa Verde, Moroccan Spiced Short Ribs, and Sweet Potato Tzimmis.  Paula also includes many dessert recipe, which are her specialty, including several that are gluten-free. To help with your planning, she includes eight seder menus as well as suggestions for other meals. The menus are great to use as is or you can be creative and mix and match.

Here are three sneak-peak recipes that can be found in cookbook:


Watch Parsley Crusted Salmon Over Spanish Eggplant


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My cousin’s wedding in Tel Aviv featured the BEST simcha food I have ever enjoyed. It was simple, no fuss, pure deliciousness. The main course featured a choice between 1) melt-in-your-mouth short ribs, over pillowy sweet potato mash, topped with a caramelized onion quarter 2) pargiot stuffed with cinnamon infused ground beef, over a bed of dried fruit and pine nut couscous, finished with tahini and cilantro oil and 3) parsley crusted salmon filets, with tomato chickpea sauce. Most everyone sampled all three options. The evening was a display of simple ingredients cooked simply to perfection. I have since come home and recreated 2 of the 3 dishes the first of which I am sharing with you here today.


Kosher Pasture Raised Slow Cooked Chicken ...


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Have you ever tried cooking your chicken low and slow? It is a common method of cooking the best brisket, but not as well known for chicken.  There are a few ways to do this, our recipe takes advantage of garlic and lemon and some chicken broth to really bring out all the flavor.  Our chicken cooked for a few minutes at 400 degrees, but then the oven temp is reduced to 250 and the chicken cooks for another 1 hour and 45 minutes until it reaches the perfect golden color you see in the picture.   The meat is moist and delicious and the skin comes out perfectly crispy.


RSVP #WinnDixieKosher Passover Twitter Party


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You’re invited to join our #WinnDixieKosher Twitter chat!

Hosted by @JoyofKosher and sponsored by @WinnDixie.


A Trio of Passover Picnic Menus


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The interim days of Passover, chol ha’moed, are a great time to take trips and enjoy time with family and friends.  This year Shabbat falls in the midst of the interim days, still leaving three days to take chol ha’moed trips.  It may be hard to find kosher for Passover food while traveling, so consider packing a picnic basket inspired by the recipes below.



15 Passover Recipes With Honey


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Honey is my secret ingredient during Passover. It can be used in a variety of recipes – from entrees, to sides, to dessert – it is just so versatile. It provides balance to any dish complementing and enhancing a variety of foods and flavors, On Passover, we have to contend with a number of limitations and restrictions to our familiar recipes, but honey is easy to find and even easier to cook with. I love to cook with honey because it has a velvety texture and mouth feel that is completely unique. Honey is also a natural humectant which helps to lock in moisture and adds a rich golden color to both sweet and savory dishes.

Honey is all natural and the label should only list one ingredient – honey. Honey that is 100% pure is kosher all year long. On Passover, it is recommended to find honey with a reliable kosher for Passover certification to guarantee that it is actually 100% pure honey with no other ingredients or sweeteners. I also recommend that you buy honey in bulk, so you can enjoy so many fabulous and versatile recipes year-round. A miracle of nature, honey doesn’t spoil and can be stored indefinitely, so stock up!


Passover Cocktails


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If you haven’t noticed I have been really getting into cocktails lately, to the point that I am not ashamed to admit I have one practically every night.  You see the key to everything is moderation and if you stick to just 1 a night you can take the edge off and possibly decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke.  Plus I like my drinks with citrus, typically a whole lime or half a lemon goes into my drink and with it a little shot of vitamin C.  Now that I have rationalized my drinking for you I want to share an amazing infographic I found for Passover cocktails.

These cocktails were developed in honor of the four glasses of wine we drink during the Passover seder, Naomi Levy, assistant bar manager at Eastern Standard, created four original (and tasty!) cocktails inspired by different parts of the seder.  This fabulous guide shows you how to make regular simple syrup as well as special for Passover Manischewitz Concord Grape Syrup.  Now I know what to do with the bottle after I make charoset.  Just take note of the brands, they list which ones are kosher for Passover, amazing that we can get Gin, Tequila, and really good Vodka, but most of the brands listed in the actual recipes are not acceptable for Passover.


Watch Me On The Today Show


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Making Light and Fluffy Matzo Balls and Garlic and Honey Brisket for Passover with Kathie Lee and Hoda on the TODAY Show. If you missed it, watch the clip here:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Quick Passover Breakfasts


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After all the preparation for the Seders you know you are set for dinner with leftovers, at least until they run out or you get tired of eating them.  But what about breakfast?  How do you manage to feed the family in the morning when you are in a rush, tired of eating matzo brie (although can one get tired of that delicious little pancake?), and your family doesn’t like commercial cereals that resemble their favorite everyday cereal but has a mouth feel of Styrofoam (my opinion)?

Here are some alternatives for breakfast that can start your day, and stomachs, on a happy note!