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A Summer BBQ Checklist


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RSVP For #GoForTheGolds Twitter Party and WIN


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How To Grill The Perfect Steak [Video]


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Grow and Behold Pastured Meat

This was the most funnest (I don’t care if that’s not really a word) shoot ever!  Why?  For the following 4 reasons:


A Unique Méditerranéen Pizza


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It’s hard to remember when I first heard about Chef Zissie but I think it was on my friends Melinda’s Kitchen-Tested Blog back in December of 2012. But as is my style, when I see a good thing I just don’t forget it.


Our Favorite Cheese Blintzes Recipes Plus...


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Continuing with our dairy recipe roundup theme, here are our favorite blintz recipes for Shavuot.  Last week we extolled the virtues of cheesecake as a Shavuot staple and this week we share the need for blintzes, the next best dairy food for Shavuot.


6 Unexpected Asparagus Recipes


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Is it really finally Spring?


Cookbook Spotlight: Spiritual Kneading *Giveaway*


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Spiritual Kneading Through The Jewish Months is Dahlia Abraham-Klein’s newest cookbook. In it, she features an evocative collection of challah recipes, Jewish spiritual insights, and Torah study as it relates to each Jewish month. The separation of Challah, in addition to baking challah, is a a woman’s mitzvah (commandment) and Rosh Chodesh, the first of each Jewish month, is traditionally a women’s holiday. In Spiritual Kneading, Dahlia focuses on women’s spiritual growth via the tradition of challah baking while meditating upon the Jewish theme of the month.

The book covers all twelve months of the Jewish year, with specific Torah text for each month. The book also features  a specific challah that relates to the Torah theme for that month, such as a Spiral Challah with Apple and Silan for Tishrei, a  Rainbow Shaped Challah for Cheshvan, a Cheese Loaf  for Kislev and a Star of David Challah for Tevet. Dahlia believes that kneading is an action meditation and so she also includes a meditation guided through the kneading of the challah dough.


5 Ways To Swap The Mayo with Babaganoush


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Mayo is a very popular condiment. Aside from the classic tuna and egg salads made with mayo, many people include it in every sandwich. The fact that it is also parve means even we kosher keepers can include it at every meal and there some people that do.


Banana and Peach Matzo Brie Bake Video


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I love talking to foodies. Cause I know you know what it’s like to fall asleep and dream about breakfast. I always have these grand plans to wake up early and make any number of sweet and savory breakfast-like-a-king spreads.


Chocolate Orange Coeur a la Crème Cheesecake...


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Chocolate Coeur a la Crème is one of those simple and delectable recipes I saw Emeril make on his show way back when, and it just stuck with me. That often happens to me (with food). You know, I see it once (I don’t even have to taste it) and I can’t get it out of my mind until I make it mine. Finally the day has come and I am thrilled to share this delicious, perfectly balanced, light, yet indulgent dessert in all its glory with you!


My Passover Faves *Giveaway*


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Every year at this time I usually put together a list of my favorite Passover recipes for you.  You can find some of my favorite collections from previous years here and here.  This time around I thought to feature some of my favorite recipes from some of my favorite foodie friends – so you can be inspired by the food and folks that inspire me.


Eggplant Roll Ups Recipe Video


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Yes, the rumor is true. I did eat 6 of these all by my lonesome when testing the recipe. Now in the interest of full disclosure I ate 3 for breakfast (was a late breakfast, more like brunch) and 3 for lunch (was a late lunch, more like linner). And yes you may have heard that I also fried up some extra eggplant to snack on in between. And while some people may be embarrassed to admit this I think it just proves how much of a winner this recipe really is. So hang on to your hats folks and watch me fry and roll and bake your new favorite Passover and year-round brunch, lunch, linner or dinner dish.


Kosher Pastured Raised Top of the Rib *Giveaway*


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Using only seven ingredients, our signature concept, our Red Wine Top of the Rib recipe is easy to make and is fall-apart delicious! The trick to tenderized, fall-apart meat is to slice it against the grain after the initial cooking process and then to put it back in the oven for a final roast. We highly recommend that you use red wine that you can enjoy after the recipe is complete; try a full flavored wine such as a Merlot or a Shiraz. The red wine adds so much flavor to the recipe and may help to tenderize the meat as well.


RSVP #Philly4Passover Cheesey Twitter Party


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How To Make The Best Carb Free Hash


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You are probably most familiar with hash browns, the ever favorite, breakfast/brunch potato side popular in diners and restaurants everywhere.  Hash browns refer to any type of pan fried potatoes, usually mixed with onions and seasoning, but there is no strict rule though. As you may have noticed, sometimes hash browns are shredded, sometimes they are diced big or small, but as long as the potatoes are browned in a pan they call them hash browns.  Some places, although less common in kosher places, offer corned beef hash, which is corned beef sautéed with potatoes.  Mike’s Bistro makes a nice version of that dish.  Although traditionally potatoes are used in most hash recipes, there are so many wonderful vegetables that can work in place of the potatoes. Also, it is a great way to use up leftovers.