Confessions of a Jewish Bride


Favorite Shabbat Meal Ideas


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The Best Gold’s BBQ Sauce and Giveaway


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About 6 years ago, the summer before the release of my first book, I drove to the Gold’s factory and warehouse out on Long Island for the first of many visits.  I was going to meet Steven Gold, a kind man fiercely dedicated to his craft, to discuss a series of cooking videos I was commissioned to do for the OU featuring his products.

About 9 years ago I was the Bride Who Knew Nothing, a newlywed without a clue in the kitchen. Yeah, yeah I know you read that book and know that story but keep reading, this is a new one. Even way back then, when it came to entertaining there was one rule that I lived by and still live by to this day: the 3 Ps.


A Mom Inspired Blend


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Nothing super juicy about this confession. Except well, the juice. Just an honest answer to a common question. People come up to me and say, with a little wink, “…So what do you actually make most of the time?”

The answer really depends on the day and my mood and my mom.


The Best Thing I Ever Ate – Sushi Salad and...


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I rarely boast, but I must say there are some things I do well.  Like really well. I am possibly one of the best procrastinators you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.  I know if it came to a vote, I would be elected Queen of Procrastination in a landslide.  I could teach lessons in it, in fact I should, and I know I am rambling — but it’s all part of the plan… You think I’m rambling, but I’m actually procrastinating.

I have just received from my publisher the 455-page copy edited manuscript of my new Joy of Kosher cookbook, coming out this fall.  My editor Cassie sent it with a note that went something like “YOOHOO” –or was it WOOHOO? – “review this and get back to me – this is so exciting.”


Celebrating Freedom With Favorite Israeli Recipes


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Food has the power to transport you to another time and place…

One bite of something can lead me to my grandparents’ warm little kitchen, with my feet dangling from the chair, waiting patiently for magic on a plate. A bite of something else can take me to the streets of Yerushalayim, with its heady aromas of Middle Eastern cookery.


Passover Holiday Memories *Giveaway*


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Memories can be quite powerful, food memories all the more so. When I use a spice my grandfather often used, or smell a cake like one my grandmother used to bake, I’m there in an instant, right in their kitchen. When Pesach comes, I close my eyes and I can see my grandfather eating matzah with a schmear of whipped cream cheese, a hot mug of sweet creamy coffee beside him.

That is Passover to me:  exactly that vision, that aroma, that taste.


Help Me Make a Where’s Waldo Themed Shalach...


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SOS!  I am not kidding, somebody help!

So usually I am full of tips, tricks and tasty tidbits but right now I am totally tapped.  If you read this months AWESOME!!!! Purim Magazine  then you know my Purim has been planned since last year.  My favorite pulled BBQ brisket sandwiches already had a test run and I was shopping for cowboy boots– or at least I was, in my head.


Tamar and I “Celebrate” at Jezebel &...


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Hey guys this is a quickie post cause I am running (late  as usual) to meet Shifra at the Gold’s plant for a mag feature on the House that Horseradish Built, to be seen in the Passover Issue.

Last night Tamar and I went to Jezebel in Soho.  The experience was amazing and I am not overstating.  No, they did not know we were there – and no, they did not comp our meal (we paid full price and Hubby got the call from the credit card company to prove it).


The Search For Chinese Food In Israel


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I have favorites just like everyone else — when it comes to food its avocados, caviar, cheese and dark chocolate.  When it comes to cooking I love roasting veggies, braising a brisket and frying just about anything.  5 building block ingredients I can’t live without are (Kosher) salt, (fresh cracked) black pepper, (good-quality) extra virgin olive oil and lots of onions and garlic.  Israeli fast food speaks to my soul.  I think everything is better with chummus, and amba, and wrapped in a laffa.  And all-in-all I have enjoyed great culinary satisfaction (my oven notwithstanding) in this country these past few months.

smoky chicken and sausage stew

Stir Fry


Living in Israel – It is Just Beautiful


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The place and the people here are just beautiful

I had one of the most special experiences the other day.  Now that I live in Israel you may expect me to talk about things like…


My New Kitchen Confessions


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The truth.

Israel is amazing.


Joy of Aliyah – The Finale – Living...


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Thank you to everyone for sharing this journey with us.  There was no way for us to know how many of you would be touched by this series and surprisingly how meaningful and helpful your comments have been.  To all of you who have taken the time to express your feelings, in writing through comments, tweets and blog posts  – you must know, and I can’t say it enough times – what strength it has given us as a family.  This one experience has drawn us all (and I mean you, my Joy of Kosher/Aliyah Family) closer and for that I will be forever grateful.  I will do my utmost to continue to share our experiences here on through blog posts, recipes and videos so that we may all live the dream together.  While this is the finale episode, I promise you this is not the end… it is only the beginning.

With love and best wishes for a Great Shabbos and a Gmar Chasima Tova
Jamie and Family


Joy of Aliyah – The Israel Lift Teaser


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Mazel Tov! Our lift has arrived. Hubby and I had a bet going… how much of our furniture would end up on the curb in Israel due to lack of space. Well I will have you know we both lost! So far we have found a home, albeit a cozy home, for just about everything save for one dresser. It’s still moving around looking for a permanent spot.

There were something like 400+ items that were unloaded from our 40ft lift, in the span of about 4 1/2 hours. You gotta check out the video to see how one of the movers balances a box on his neck – he apparently has been doing this a looong time my friends.


Joy of Aliyah – Welcome to Israel Episode


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This episode takes a look at our first 2 weeks in Israel.  We leave the airport, fried and crying (well at least me and my two youngest kiddies were cranky) and fall asleep on the 45 minute cab ride to our new home, Ramat Beit Shemesh.  As we pull up to our house for the first time I notice the beautiful tree lined street and the u-shaped complex of cottages around a parking lot-courtyard that will be my new address.

My sister-in law Devorah and her husband Rabbi Maslin and 6 kids are there to greet us (my other brother-in-law Greg and sister-in-law Chanie and their 6 gorgeous kids met us at the airport!).  Devorah was so considerate and set up a table with bagels (where’s the pita?!), cream cheese and fresh cut up veggies.  We all downed it, again while I was crying.  I was just so emotional, and overall completely drained.


Todah Rabah – Thank You To Everyone


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I am so sorry I have not been able to respond to all the beautiful blog comments, Facebook messages, tweets and emails.  Please let this post serve as a thank you from the deepest recces of my heart.

Thank you all for sharing this experience with us and more importantly for the incredible love and support you have shown us.  It’s been amazing  to meet so many of you (you know who you are) around the country — at Malcha Mall, at Holy Bagel, at the Gas Station outside of Beit Shemesh, on the street corner in Ramat Shiloh and a shout out to the people that came up to Hubby in the supermarket yesterday (HI YAEL!).  Hubby called me and said today only 1 person recognized him, lol — he really is so shy and does the videos for me, for shalom bayis (read: happy wife, happy life :-) .  I thank you all for letting us know you are watching and that you love it.  We love you!