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Ask Jamie Geller – Do You Cook A Lot?


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I am typing this email on behalf of my son, Kovy, your devoted fan. He just turned 9 today. (Despite his physical disability, he has the greatest personality ever!) He loves watching your cooking videos, trying out your new recipes, and, of course, eating them!

This is the message from Kovy: “I was wondering– do you make a lot of foods on the same day? If you ever need a helper to help you cook, I could help you.”


Ask Jamie Geller – What’s Kosher Salt?


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Hi Jamie,

I recently saw one of your videos on which you referred to “kosher salt.” What do you mean by that? Are there different kinds of salt?


Ask Jamie Geller – What’s a Good...


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I have a question about your recipe for Chocolate Liqueur Pie. If you don’t want to use chocolate liqueur, can you substitute something else?