5 Passover Dairy Desserts


March 25th 2015

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In my house, we eat 80% vegetarian. I serve lots of vegetables, beans and lentils and of course, plenty of cheese. On Passover, our two seder meals tend to be very meat heavy, and of course, you have to finish the leftovers!  By the time Chol Hamoed comes around, I am more than ready to go back to fish and vegetable dishes and start enjoying some fabulous dairy desserts!

I just love that PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese is Kosher for Passover, these desserts wouldn’t be the same without the rich and creamy texture brought by the cream cheese.

 carrot cake roll with lemon cream cheese filling

Carrot Cake Roll

This Carrot Cake Roll is so delicious, I might have to consider serving it for breakfast. It’s made with carrots and filled with yummy cream cheese, you really can’t go wrong!

coconut hay stacks

Chocolate Marshmallow Haystacks

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I love marshmallows on Passover!  I even started making my own! Marshmallows taste even better when you add cream cheese and coconut and cover them in chocolate. The Chocolate Marshmallow Haystacks satisfy that sweet tooth without the Jewish guilt.

 almond cookies meringue

Ginger Cream Meringue Sandwich Cookies

I absolutely love meringues!  They were probably the first cookie I ever made when I was a kid and got tired of the neon colored Passover cookies my dad would buy from the kosher market. Who needs yellow #5 when you can have meringue!  These are extra special with a zesty ginger infusion and creamy filling you sandwich together. Yummy!


Cheesecake Ice Cream with Macaroons

The best Passover desserts are the ones that don’t have to be adapted for the holiday. Ice cream is the perfect example. Using cream cheese makes a flavorful ice cream come together quick and easy. Mix-in some macaroons for an extra tasty treat.


Chocolate Orange Coeur a la Creme Cheesecake with Cherry Compote - Watch The Video

This scrumptious chocolate cheesecake is topped with cherries. Coeur a la creme is French for “heart with cream” and this dish is typically made in heart shaped ramekins. If you only have round ramekins, no worries, this tasty no-bake dessert looks great in any shape or size.

We’re creating tons of new Passover recipes featuring PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese as part of our new partnership, see them all at JoyofKosher.com/Philadelphia.


Magid – Passover Sweets


March 24th 2015

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Whether you prefer savory or sweet snacks, we all have that sweet tooth craving from time to time. Therefore it is crucial that we have a few delicious sweet recipes on hand to quench that passover sweet craving.

Try some of these recipes over the holiday.

Chocolate Bark

Chocolate Bark is such an easy sweet snack to have on hand! It is so versatile and can be made with so many different ingredients.

Chocolate Marshmallow Haystacks are the perfect passover sweet to have on hand throughout the holiday to help with that sweet tooth we all get.

Chocolate Dipped Fruit

Chocolate Dipped Fruit is another easy sweet to have on hand, it also adds the additional benefit of having fruits! It is a great recipe to prepare in bulk and keep in your refrigerator throughout the holiday!

Chocolate Covered Matza Toffee is the perfect combo of sweet and savory.

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Chocolate Orange Coeur a la Crème Cheesecake...


March 24th 2015

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Chocolate Coeur a la Crème is one of those simple and delectable recipes I saw Emeril make on his show way back when, and it just stuck with me. That often happens to me (with food). You know, I see it once (I don’t even have to taste it) and I can’t get it out of my mind until I make it mine. Finally the day has come and I am thrilled to share this delicious, perfectly balanced, light, yet indulgent dessert in all its glory with you!

Emeril served his Chocolate Coeur a la Crème with chocolate covered strawberries. Since you will already be melting chocolate to mix with the cream cheese batter you can go ahead and melt some more to dip and coat your favorite fresh fruit. I added delightfully bright orange zest to the batter and am serving this with Cherry Compote. The Coeur a la Crème itself is dense and not cloying and the soft, sweet, fruit compote is really the perfect complement. But like I always say – do what you like and make it your own.

As usual I shot this video at my home-away-from-home, my sister-in-law’s sister-in-law’s kitchen. Thank you to the Mor family for having the most beautiful big kitchen – large enough to accommodate our 5 person crew and all our crazy equipment.

Watch and learn my friends.

Get the full recipe here.
***Giveaway*** Now that you watched, we hope you loved it and will share with all your friends.  Thanks to our friends at PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese we are offering you a chance to win one of (4) $75 Amex card, as we celebrate our love for their Kosher for Passover cream cheese.   Every week for the next 4 weeks we will be announcing another winner with each new video – stay tuned for more and keep entering for more chances to win. THIS WEEK’S WINNER IS ELENA I.

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Happy Kosher Passover and enJOY!

We’re creating tons of new Passover recipes featuring PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese as part of our new partnership, see them all at JoyofKosher.com/Philadelphia.

Kraft Foods is providing the prizes for this program at no cost to me.  This program is not administered or sponsored by Kraft Foods or its affiliates, but solely by JoyofKosher.com.


Yachatz- Keeping Your House Crumb Free


March 23rd 2015

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So with Passover coming in 11 Short days it’s time to start keeping your house crumb free while using up all the chametz you have left in your kitchen. Try some of these recipes that will help you eat well, finish your chametz and keep your house free of crumbs!

These Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes will help you get rid of all your extra flour and keep you satisfied all morning! Need I mention that they are simply delicious?

Spicy Chicken and Garlic Pasta

Spicy Chicken and Garlic Pasta

Spicy Chicken and Garlic Pasta is a perfect lunch or dinner dish that is light, filling and full of flavors.

Try Gondi (Persian Turkey Rice Dumplings) for a hearty homy dinner that your entire will family will love.

pecan pie cheesecake

Combining my two favorite things Pecan Pie and Cheesecake for a this delicious Pecan Pie Cheesecake with Brown Sugar Cream that will finish your last bit of flour before the holiday.

Who said getting rid of your chametz can’t be fun and delicious!


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Karpas – Salads You Must Have at Your...


March 22nd 2015

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I grew up in a salad house. No matter what meal we were sitting down to eat there were a minimum of four salads. Until today when I go to someone’s house and there is no salad I am very disappointed.

Like every course in a meal salad is vital and ads so much to each meal. Aside from the health benefits of eating vegetables salad is just delicious!

Here are some Salads you absolutely must have at your Passover Seder!

This Seder Plate Salad is not only delicious it also contains the ritual components of the Seder plate and table!

This Winter Quinoa Salad is packed with fruits and vegetables with all different textures and flavors that will impress all of your passover guests!

Salad with Pastrami Croutons

If there  is something I love on salads it is a Balsamic Reduction! This Spring Salad with Pastrami Croutons and Balsamic Reduction is a great salad to have at your passover Seder.

Creamy Broccoli Salad

This Chopped Broccoli Salad gets it’s creaminess from a secret healthy ingredient!

Shaved Mustard Green Salad

Shaved Mustard Green Salad

This simple yet bright Shaved Mustard Green Salad is easy to make and will be gone in seconds!

Try this delicious tangy Israeli Salad of Oranges and Black Olives for a new spin on an old recipe.

These salads and many more on our site will enhance your passover meals and keep you wanting more!

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Cookbook Spotlight: Helen’s delicious Pesach


March 20th 2015

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Helen Goldrein, author of the blog Family Friends Food, has recently published a cookbook, Helen’s delicious Pesach, which I believe will revolutionize your Pesach cooking! Helen’s new cookbook features 8-days-worth of breakfasts, meat-free main dishes, side dishes and salads, potato dishes, and cakes & desserts, that are all naturally gluten-free, and are also free from kitniot and gebrokhts. Helen has been cooking, and experimenting with food, for as long as she can remember, but when her daughter was born, she officially became a Jewish Mother, and she has been taking her responsibilities to feed, feed, feed very seriously ever since! Helen explains that being a mum has also refocused her attention on ensuring that the food she makes is as healthy as possible, as well as being delicious and that is exactly what you will find in Helen’s delicious Pesach cookbook.

Here are three recipes from Helen’s delicious Pesach:

Zucchini and Potato Tortilla

Zucchini & Potato Tortilla is one of Helen’s breakfast recipe from the cookbook for a lazy morning breakfast or even a brunch.  Helen clarifies that “breakfast is often the hardest meal at Pesach, because we’re all so used to eating toast or cereal,” she added. “I worked hard to create eight deliciously different healthy breakfasts, so you and your family can enjoy a great start to the day, every day of the festival.”


Helen’s Salmon With Pine Nuts, Rosemary and Orange pairs together crispy pine nuts with the fragrant flavor of rosemary and the tang of orange. After crunching your way through the delicious nut crust, the salmon is moist and tender. This salmon would be a great addition, not only to your Pesach menu, but you can also add the recipe to your menus all-year-round.

Lemon, Lavender, Almond Cake

Finish off your meal with this lovely Lemon, Lavender and Almond Cake. The lavender is a special addition to this cake, but for a simpler version you can omit the lavender for a delectable lemon and almond cake. In relation to this cake recipe and all the recipes from her cookbook, Helen explains that “although they’re all kosher for Pesach, these recipes are so delicious that at home we eat them all year!”

To purchase Helen’s delicious Pesach click here.


Urchatz – DIY cleaning Products


March 20th 2015

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While preparing for passover one of the first things that I do is buy cleaning products. I guess in my mind the more cleaning products I have the more prepared I am for the passover cleaning frenzy.

Since I made Aliyah five years ago I discovered something that has changed my outlook on cleaning products forever. The water consistency in Israel is different then the US and tends to stain glass showers. No matter what I did or used I wasn’t able to clean my shower doors properly. Then one day my landlord came over and suggested I use apple cider vinegar to remove the stains. The stains came off immediately and I decided to stop buying overpriced cleaning products and learn more about homemade cleaning products that would save both time and money. Did I forget to mention the added benefit of using chemical free products in your home?


Here are some DIY cleaning products you have to try!

This Window Cleaner will save you time and money and leave all your windows squeaky clean!

Have your Toilet Bowl sparkle with this DIY Toilet Cleaner.

If there is something I always keep on Hand it’s these Homemade Cleaning Wipes! I love how easy it is to clean up small messes!


For More DIY Products follow the link below!


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Check Out The #ShareSabra Blogger Dinner


March 19th 2015

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So much of our lives these days are set around our computer or another digital device.  Most of our communication takes place through email, texting and sometimes voice or video calls.  As someone who works from a home office, it is nice to have the chance to get out for a night and it always nice to get to see all the bloggers we work with and email with in person once in a while.  It is especially great when a bunch of foodies get together for a pot luck style dinner featuring Sabra recipes.   With a food demo, a prop swap, Israeli wines and lots of food, we had a great time.  Some of you may have followed along on social media with #ShareSabra and here is the full recap, recipes and all!!

You can see even more pictures over on our Facebook page here.

Alessandra from DinnerInVenice.com graciously offered to host the party with me using her home in NYC.  She made the whole evening come together easily, I can’t thank her enough.

Everyone came and began to schmooze.

Chef Shlomo, personal chef from YourSoulKitchen.com, brought three delicous dishes for us, all made with Sabra salads and also entertained us with a cooking demo.

Here he is finishing up the Lamb and Chard Shakshuka that he demoed, while the rest of us watch and share on instagram.

Then we go to eat!!

Don’t forget the wine.

Some of us traded props in our Prop Swap, where we brought dishes and/or napkins that we are sick of using in our food photos and traded them in for someone else’s props – we had so much fun.

Say hi to our lucky winners!!  Monica was our winner who graciously brought her mom to join our dinner.  They are big foodies and big fans, it was so much fun to have them join our party.

Now onto the recipes:

The Spice Merchant’s Arancini with Caponata and Lamb Ragout from Alessandra Rovati (DinnerInVenice).

Lowfat Kale & Potato Spiral Fillo Bourekas from Chanie Apfelbaum (BusyInBrooklyn)

Israeli Meatballs in Tahini by Liz Reuven (KosherLikeMe)

Spanish Eggplant and Potato Frittata from Vicky Cohen and Ruth Fox (MayIHaveThatRecipe)

Creamy Babaganoush and Caramelized Onion Tart from Shushy Turin (CookingInHeelss)

Roasted Chicken Thighs with Grilled Eggplant from Chef Shlomo

Beef Musaka

Beef Moussaka with Grilled Eggplant from Chef Shlomo

Tahini Olive Oil Cake and Schug Pine Nut Brittle from Melinda Strauss (Kitchen-Tested)


Thanks to Sabra for sponsoring this amazing dinner!!


Photos by Yaron Karl Yaronkarl.com


My Passover Faves *Giveaway*


March 19th 2015

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Every year at this time I usually put together a list of my favorite Passover recipes for you.  You can find some of my favorite collections from previous years here and here.  This time around I thought to feature some of my favorite recipes from some of my favorite foodie friends – so you can be inspired by the food and folks that inspire me.

This list is by no means exhaustive and highlights just a fraction of the over 1,000 kosher for Passover recipes on our website.   My selections are based on taste and beauty – since we eat with our eyes first!

Alessandra Rovati

Not only is Ale a kind person she is a gifted food writer and recipe developer.  Last Passover her Roasted Lamb graced the cover of our magazine and in the 5 years of publishing the mag this cover is one of my absolute favorites to date.

Alessandra Rovati was born and raised in Venice, Italy, and has had a passion for food since a very young age (she is said to have feasted on garlic and chili-marinated herring at 15 months – WHAT?!). Alessandra writes about Kosher and Jewish Italian food and teaches cooking; she also posts free recipes and how-to’s, offering a glimpse of Jewish Italian culinary history, on her website, Dinner in Venice


Roasted Lamb with Pomegranate and Wine

“This roasted lamb rack is braised and made extra succulent by using honey to lock in the moisture. The pomegranate Syrah sauce makes it even more special for a Holiday meal.” – Ale


Whole Roasted Turbot

“Only the Pacific Turbot and Diamond Turbot are kosher, not the “European” turbot! (Otherwise, halibut and John Dory would work well.) Turbot needs to be cooked slowly at a lower temperature (350°F). Serve on a plate of braised fennel, blanched chard or steamed potatoes with olive oil.” -Ale


Tuscan Pepper Stew

“Slow cooking is wonderful for tougher cuts of meat, and brings out their juiciness without the addition of fat. It’s also the way to go with beans! My grandma’s neighbors used to stuff beans together with water, garlic and sage inside an empty Chianti bottle (the type with a rounded belly) and bury the base of the bottle in hot ashes in the fireplace overnight. The gentle heat of the embers was enough to cook them to perfection, and I’ve never tasted anything more delicious! This ancient recipe for stew is said to have been created by Florentine tile makers working at the famous cathedral in the early 15th century. What a clever idea, cooking a filling meal side by side with the tiles in their furnace!” – Ale

Click here for more recipes from Alessandra Rovati.


Naomi Nachman

Naomi is another one of my favorite people.  Her love of food and boundless energy comes across in absolutely everything she does – and especially on her signature and sensational radio show Table for Two with Naomi Nachman on the Nachum Segal Network. She always invites Tamar, Shifra and I on to discuss the latest and greatest in the JoK world – and for that we are ever thankful.

Naomi only wears a bajillion hats.  In addition to her radio show she is a personal chef, party planner, cooking instructor, mother and has started a number of culinary arts programs for various organizations.  Originally from Australia she is known as the Aussie Gourmet, and so much more!

Silver Tip Roast

Silver Tip Roast with Fragrant Red Wine Sauce

“Slow cooked roast is easy and fool proof, enjoy for a festive Shabbat meal.” – Naomi

Nut Crusted Salmon

Nut Crusted Salmon with Creamy Chrain Sauce

“Passover recipe for salmon that could be a main or first course, this is made with pistachios, but any nut would do.” –Naomi


Frozen Lemon Meringue Pie

“This is one of my favorite Pesach dessert recipes that I handpicked from Gatherings, a cookbook published by Netivot HaTorah Day School, and available through Feldheim Publishers.” – Naomi


Pavlova with Grilled Pineapple

“Pavlova is a traditional Australian dessert . My version is perfect for Pesach—it’s also been my own favorite since childhood.” – Naomi

Click here for more recipes from Naomi Nachman.

Sharon Lurie

Sharon Lurie is a gem.  A frequent writer for both our site and magazine I first met her in person at Kosherfest last year and we hugged immediately.  She has invited me to be a guest on her radio show in South Africa many times. And I am not sure she even knows this but last year when she interviewed me for my new JOY of KOSHER cookbook, I actually did the interview from a midtown Manhattan restaurant bathroom! (I was on the road, in between meetings and needed a quiet place – OY!)

Sharon is a real life “Kosher Butcher’s Wife” – author of Cooking with the Kosher Butcher’s Wife,  and Celebrating with the Kosher Butcher’s Wife,  so quiet naturally she is one of our go-to meat experts!

So what else am I going to showcase from Sharon other than beef?  Although you should know this lady can bake up a storm too! Some people just have all the luck.

BBQ Beef Ribs

BBQ Beef Ribs with Monkey Gland Sauce

“This sauce will really have you covered for almost anything on Pesach. You can cook your ribs, roast and brisket in it or simply spoon it over, steak, schnitzels, burgers, and chops. It’s great with everything – Ok maybe not ice cream!! For the same amount of work I would double up on this recipe, it will be worth it!!” – Sharon

Boneless Short Ribs

Boneless Short Ribs

“On a recent trip to New York my husband chose a low and slow roasted piece of deboned top rib with mashed potato which he said was superb and melted in his mouth. Although confused as to why he didn’t choose a steak, I have to admit it was delicious. So naturally, upon returning home, I started experimenting until I received the “thumbs up” from the Lurie Jury so here goes.” – Sharon

Sticky Cola Short Ribs

Sticky Cola Short Ribs

“These ribs can be fresh or smoked, whichever you prefer. I prefer smoked! Either way the sauce makes them sticky and fun to eat.” – Sharon

Click here for more recipes from Sharon Lurie.


Tom Franz

After Tom Franz won the coveted title of “Master Chef” during the 3rd season of Israel’s version of the American culinary hit TV his unique and fascinating story plastered the pages of Jewish papers around the world. Franz, 40, was born in Cologne, Germany into a Catholic family. After years working as an attorney in a prominent international law firm in Germany, he moved to Israel and converted to Judaism. On Master Chef Israel he fulfilled his vision and passion to create sumptuous gourmet KOSHER dishes.

I invited Tom to star in a super special Joy of Israel episode at the City of David.  In front of a live audience he showcased recipes inspired by the 7 superfoods of the bible aka shivat haminim.  When we shot the show not only did I have the pleasure of meeting Tom in person but also his wonderful wife Dana – who I am lucky to count as a new friend.

Tom recently completed his first cookbook for the German market which highlights his life story alongside his favorite recipes from Israel.


Fennel Cream Soup with Caramelized Fennel

“When it comes to fennel, you either do or don’t like it. I really like it. Especially now when the season starts. It’s is a wonderful vegetable with a multitude of uses and is very suitable for chicken, fish and rich vegetable dishes. This soup is a perfect way to open up the holiday meal- it’s light and delicate, yet distinctive and unusual. The addition of caramelized fennel also gives a festive dimension to the soup, if it’s too much of a fuss for you, skip it, and just sprinkle some toasted almonds and a drizzle of olive oil for color.” Tom


Israeli Salad of Oranges and Black Olives

“I love this salad because it offers a unique and surprising combination of flavours. The use of Harrisa creates a deep and spicy taste (Harrisa is a paste of dried sweet pepper pods, you can buy in special food stores or make it yourself and enjoy it in sandwiches, sauces etc. recipe below). Another way to fancy up this salad and turn into a full first course is by adding olive oil seared slices of fresh sea fish of your liking.” – Tom

Click here for more recipes from Tom Franz.


Center for Kosher Culinary Arts

Director Jesse Blonder invited me to teach at CKCA about 7 years ago, after I published my first book.  Since then we have collaborated on so many projects including hosting the uber popular Kosherfest Chef’s Competition and developing mouthwatering recipes for our magazine.  The following 4 desserts created by Lynn Kutner on behalf of CKCA are on par if not better than any Passover dessert from the finest restaurant.


Italian Meringue Coffee Dacquoise


Chocolate Nut Spice Cake


Moelluex au Chocolat – Chocolate Volcano Cake


Coconut Macaroons

Click here for more about CKCA.


Shifra Klein

I could not be more obsessed with our talented magazine Editor-in-Chief’s DIY fruit-filled popsicles.  Her creative combinations are creamy, cool and simply exquisite.

“Enjoy these popsicles for dessert or a quick snack. You can use any popsicle molds you desire or you can simply freeze these recipes in cups inserted with popsicle sticks.  Start with these flavors and then go on to try your own, you will learn you can “Let It Go” and you can’t get too far off the frozen path.” – Shifra





Happy Kosher Sweet Passover.  Chag Kasher V’Sameyach!

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Kadesh – 10 Kosher Wines for Passover


March 19th 2015

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Passover begins this year in the evening of Friday, April 3 and ends in the evening of Saturday, April 11 2015.  As usual, there is an abundance of wonderful kosher wines for Passover for every budget.

With our overview of 10 kosher wines for Passover, we wanted to share a selection of recent favorites from a few new and emerging wine producers and highlight several reliable standbys that seem to always have a spot at our dinner table and would be a welcome addition to yours.

2011 Bartenura Moscato (Italy); $14.
The Moscato grape is aromatic, effervescent and relatively low in alcohol (6%).  With notes of peach and fresh cut fruit, this lightly sparkling wine is a great choice for Seder night for people who have trouble enjoying red wine or those of us who hope to finish the four cups without a hangover the next morning.

2012 Cardova Rioja Crianza (Spain); $19.
With its bright ruby red color, this wine provides wonderful hints of wild berries with a subtle background of vanilla, pepper, and bay leaf.  Aged for 12 months in carefully selected American oak casks, this refined and elegant wine is a great addition to your Passover table.

2012 Dalton Alma Cabernet Sauvignon. Merlot, Cabernet Franc (Galilee); $25.
Dalton’s Alma wine is a blend of 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, and 15% Cabernet Franc aged for 14 months in French oak. The wine shows generous aromas of cherries, plums and sweet dark fruits with vanilla and dark chocolate.

2013 Gran Malbec (Argentina); $26.
A result of the partnership between Baron Benjamin de Rothschild and Mr. Laurent Dassault, on a unique terroir situated at the foot of the Andes cordillera, to the south of Mendoza. This hearty, sultry, spicy, mouth-filling dark-ruby wine offers raspberry, chocolate, dark licorice and light oaky flavors along with soft tannins and intense, smooth, chocolatey black fruit.

2012 Herzog Special Reserve Chardonnay (California); $29.
If you are looking for a fine white wine to enjoy during Passover, the Special Reserve Chardonnay will make an excellent choice.  Fermented and then aged for 12 months in French and American oak barrels.  The Russian River Valley’s unique climate contributes top notes of lime, chamomile, and tropical fruit with a bouquet of toasty vanilla and oak.

2012 Gvaot Cabernet Sauvignon (Shomron); $35.
Made with grapes grown in the Shomron Mountains, an area known for their rocky mountain soil and cool air, this wine is a blend of 90% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Merlot. Aged for 12 months in oak barrels, this wine is spicy, fruity and intense.

2011 Tulip Reserve Syrah (Galilee); $36.
A deep, dense color that is characteristic to this variety, with prominent black fruit, flowers and eucalyptus aromas. It is heavy bodied, full and round, and it has a long, pleasant finish.

2010 Borgo Reale Barolo (Italy); $47.
Made from the finest quality Nebbiolo grapes, this elegant red hails from Italy’s famed Piedmont region with complexity further enhanced by aging in oak for 30 months. This wine carries a brilliant garnet hue with an ethereal bouquet and a long bitter cherry finish.

2011 Domaine Du Castel Grand Vin; (Judean Hills); $65.
Consisting of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot and 5% Petit Verdot grapes, this boutique vineyard minutes from Jerusalem consistently produces an exceptional wine rivaling some of the best of Bordeaux.  The wine was aged 24 months in new French oak, with remarkable balance and smoothness and a lingering finish of dark red berry fruits.

2010 Carmel Limited Edition (Israel); $79.
A blend of 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 17% Petit Verdot, 15% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc barrel aged in French oak for a period of 15 months.  This limited edition wine is a deep purple in color with an aroma of blackcurrants, cassis, bitter-sweet chocolate and hints of smoke.  It is full-bodied with a long, well-balanced aftertaste.

What are you serving at your Seder?

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12 Passover Seder Mains


March 18th 2015

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It feels like Passover is just around the corner!  Conversations always seem to lead to discussions of pesach (Passover) preparations, whether it’s cleaning, menu planning, or figuring out how to configure the house for all of the guests.  While I am not one to give cleaning tips, I would like to offer up the plethora of Pesach recipes here at Joy of Kosher.  If you’re looking for articles with a mix of recipes, check out some of mine from last year (I can’t believe how the time has flown!) including A Trio of Passover Picnic Menus15 Salad Recipes for Passover; 15 Healthy Passover Chicken Recipes; 25 Passover Dessert Recipes; and 101 Passover Recipes.  There are plenty of recipes for many of your menu planning needs, and to add to that below are 12 ideas for main dishes to serve after the seder including meat and vegetarian recipes.


In terms of vegetarian mains, I love the idea of mirroring the small plates concept that seems to be the trend at a number of new kosher restaurants.  Maintain a flavor profile across the dishes, but don’t feel at all limited to using the same vegetables.  Keep it savory with Veggie Liver Stuffed Mushrooms, Eggplant Tomato Stacks and Sabra Moroccan Carrots.


Nut Crusted Salmon

Seders tend to be quite a marathon event, you can shorten things a bit by limiting the number of course you serve, especially if you’re not serving meat.  Fish makes for an elegant main course and doesn’t take very long to prepare.  Try your favorite fish with an elegant sauce including Nut Crusted Salmon with Creamy Chrain SauceCeviche with Pickled Beets and Creamy Avocado, or Steamed Cod and Sundried Tomato, Olive Tapenade.


Passover can be a nostalgic time for many, leading us to expect and look forward to the same dishes year after year.  It is also a time when religious dietary restrictions or community customs are more prominent than ever.  If an old fashioned brisket or maybe an entire lamb is your traditional seder main, we’ve got you covered.


For the meat lovers, there is the fail-proof Brisket in a Pot with Garlic and Red Wine Top of the Rib.


If lamb is your tradition, try the Lamb Stew with Apricots Pear and Mint or Shredded Lamb with Tomato and Basil (the recipe says to serve over rice, ignore if you don’t eat kitniyot).


Orange Chicken with Beets and Sweets

For the poultry people out there, try the health-concious Orange Chicken Thighs with Beets and Sweets or Duck Sauce Chicken (Gold’s Duck Sauce is kosher for Passover!).

Duck Sauce Chicken joyofkosher


Check out more Passover recipes here!


Cooking With Wine


March 18th 2015

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Let’s start with a confession: I can’t drink. Not much, at least. Anything more than half a cup of wine makes me extremely tipsy. For this reason, even if I do like the taste, I’ve always had to stop at the first glass, and never had the chance to fine-tune my sensory abilities and learn to appreciate the more complex bouquets.

My lack of tolerance for alcohol has often made me feel not only deprived, but also a bit insecure. After all, since we share with France the title of largest producer in the world, wine in Italy is a big deal.

Vineyard Chicken

Vineyard Chicken

Doesn’t it make perfect sense, then, that I should compensate by adding it as often as possible to my recipes? Wine boils (and therefore evaporates) at a much lower temperature than water, and only a tiny percentage of alcohol is left at the end of cooking.

Self-analysis aside, I feel like I am in good company; the idea of cooking with wine is neither original, nor new. Plenty of sources document its use as a cooking ingredient already among the ancient Romans and Etruscans. Back then, it was not only considered a “gourmet” addition, but rather a necessity: in the absence of refrigerators, meat or fish were often preserved in wine for several hours or days, before being cooked in that same liquid. But wine was also appreciated for its flavor, and added to soups, cheeses, vegetables, and desserts.

Poached Eggs

French Poached Eggs In Wine Sauce, Simplified

In most of the countries where wine is produced, it is used to thin out sauces and to give foods depth, body, flavor, and color. More often than not, a few tablespoons will turn a recipe from “blah” into “wow.”

To see what I mean, try boosting your beef or chicken soup with a shot of Port, or your vanilla pudding with a touch of Marsala.

Tuna Steaks

Drunk Tuscan Tuna Steak

Last, but not least, wine is just as comforting as a glass before dinner as it is lovely alongside it. Just sayin’. If you can tolerate it, between adding that fruity Beaujolais to the coq-au-vin and serving the rest to your guests, you might as well steal a delicious sip. Très Parisien.


Roasted Lamb with Pomegranate and Wine

Here are some quick tip for cooking with wine:

1. Don’t buy wine labeled “cooking wine,” and don’t try to recycle wine that’s so oxidized and old that it’s undrinkable. Would you cook with an ingredient that is spoiled or tastes bad? The same rule applies to wine.

2. In general, younger wines work better in cooking than aged wines (and have the advantage of costing less).

3. Remember, wine tends to be acidic! When making a recipe that requires lots of wine (some stews and braised meats), it’s best to temper its acidity with the addition of some creamy, fat, or sweet ingredients.

4. The longer the cooking, the more alcohol will evaporate.


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Passover Comfort Foods


March 18th 2015

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With all the stress that passover tends to bring it is essential that we have some great comfort food recipes in our back pocket!

Crispy and savory Passover Potato Skins always manage to hit the spot!

 Sweet Potato Gnocchi  made with cream cheese to give it that extra creaminess will yes sure to satisfy your comfort food cravings!

Watch the video to make these Melt in your mouth Eggplant Roll Ups!

BBQ Beef Ribs

Can’t wait to make these sticky BBQ Beef Ribs covered in a sauce so delicious you won’t be able to get enough.

short rib stew

Short Rib Stew

Slow cooked Short Rib stew is just one of those dishes that will keep you coming back for more. It is easy to make and delicious to eat!

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, menus ideas and Passover tidbits with our daily Passover Countdown articles, sign up to get them in your email here, make sure to check off Passover Countdown.

Check out all of this year’s Passover Countdown posts here.


Passover Make Ahead Breakfasts


March 18th 2015

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Effortless entertaining while often seemingly elusive can actually, easily be achieved with make-ahead meals.

We have a full week of chol hamoed this year (yipeeeee!!!) which means lots of day trips and family outings for the Gellers. A hearty filling breakfast is essential to fuel the family for the hiking, site seeing, touring, and roller coasting, activities we have planned. But honestly when you need to get going early there’s no time to start cooking up an extravagant breakfast from scratch. But to eat… now for that, there’s always time!

Here are 4 delish start-the-day-off-like-a-king breakfast ideas you can make the night before. Perfect for filling everyone’s tummies and pretty enough for serving the extended visiting family. (Like my mother-in-law, brother- and sister-in-law and all my nieces and nephews who often sleep over throughout the holiday).  I just love that PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese is kosher for Passover so that I can make all these recipes perfectly creamy and extra delicious.

Passover Crepes with Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon

This 5 star family breakfast can be made either the night before or even weeks before. To freeze crepes wrap tightly in foil and double wrap in plastic. Before serving, thaw (while wrapped) and reheat loosely wrapped in foil at 250° F for about 20 minutes or until warm. Don’t try to expedite time here as you don’t want to reheat something as delicate as crepes in a hotter oven. And you are not trying to get them hot, they are actually meant to be served warm.

Assemble the morning of with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese or Cream Cheese and Fruit.

herbed frittata for passover

Herbed Frittata
Quite like our crepes – make this the night before and reheat at 250° F for about 20 minutes or until just warm.

Creamy Banana and Peach Matzo Brie Bake - Watch The Video Here
My new obsession. Make this year round with bread slices in place of matzo sheets. Completely assemble and refrigerate overnight. (In fact this recipe requires at least 3 hours of chill time before baking off, so you have to plan for it.) Just pop it in the oven in the A.M. for a hot, sweet, start to your day. BTW this Matzo Brie Bake works just as well served hot, with a scoop of ice cream, for dessert.

Kale Matzo Strata
Another prep-the-night-before, chill, bake, and serve recipe. This savory layered goodness in a casserole dish is the ying to my matzo brie yang. And bonus points for the Strata as it can just as easily be served and enJOYed for lunch or dinner.

Chag Kasher V’Sameyach!

We’re creating tons of new Passover recipes featuring PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese as part of our new partnership, see them all at JoyofKosher.com/Philadelphia.