12 Passover Seder Mains


March 18th 2015

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It feels like Passover is just around the corner!  Conversations always seem to lead to discussions of pesach (Passover) preparations, whether it’s cleaning, menu planning, or figuring out how to configure the house for all of the guests.  While I am not one to give cleaning tips, I would like to offer up the plethora of Pesach recipes here at Joy of Kosher.  If you’re looking for articles with a mix of recipes, check out some of mine from last year (I can’t believe how the time has flown!) including A Trio of Passover Picnic Menus15 Salad Recipes for Passover; 15 Healthy Passover Chicken Recipes; 25 Passover Dessert Recipes; and 101 Passover Recipes.  There are plenty of recipes for many of your menu planning needs, and to add to that below are 12 ideas for main dishes to serve after the seder including meat and vegetarian recipes.


In terms of vegetarian mains, I love the idea of mirroring the small plates concept that seems to be the trend at a number of new kosher restaurants.  Maintain a flavor profile across the dishes, but don’t feel at all limited to using the same vegetables.  Keep it savory with Veggie Liver Stuffed Mushrooms, Eggplant Tomato Stacks and Sabra Moroccan Carrots.


Nut Crusted Salmon

Seders tend to be quite a marathon event, you can shorten things a bit by limiting the number of course you serve, especially if you’re not serving meat.  Fish makes for an elegant main course and doesn’t take very long to prepare.  Try your favorite fish with an elegant sauce including Nut Crusted Salmon with Creamy Chrain SauceCeviche with Pickled Beets and Creamy Avocado, or Steamed Cod and Sundried Tomato, Olive Tapenade.


Passover can be a nostalgic time for many, leading us to expect and look forward to the same dishes year after year.  It is also a time when religious dietary restrictions or community customs are more prominent than ever.  If an old fashioned brisket or maybe an entire lamb is your traditional seder main, we’ve got you covered.


For the meat lovers, there is the fail-proof Brisket in a Pot with Garlic and Red Wine Top of the Rib.


If lamb is your tradition, try the Lamb Stew with Apricots Pear and Mint or Shredded Lamb with Tomato and Basil (the recipe says to serve over rice, ignore if you don’t eat kitniyot).


Orange Chicken with Beets and Sweets

For the poultry people out there, try the health-concious Orange Chicken Thighs with Beets and Sweets or Duck Sauce Chicken (Gold’s Duck Sauce is kosher for Passover!).

Duck Sauce Chicken joyofkosher


Check out more Passover recipes here!


Cooking With Wine


March 18th 2015

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Let’s start with a confession: I can’t drink. Not much, at least. Anything more than half a cup of wine makes me extremely tipsy. For this reason, even if I do like the taste, I’ve always had to stop at the first glass, and never had the chance to fine-tune my sensory abilities and learn to appreciate the more complex bouquets.

My lack of tolerance for alcohol has often made me feel not only deprived, but also a bit insecure. After all, since we share with France the title of largest producer in the world, wine in Italy is a big deal.

Vineyard Chicken

Vineyard Chicken

Doesn’t it make perfect sense, then, that I should compensate by adding it as often as possible to my recipes? Wine boils (and therefore evaporates) at a much lower temperature than water, and only a tiny percentage of alcohol is left at the end of cooking.

Self-analysis aside, I feel like I am in good company; the idea of cooking with wine is neither original, nor new. Plenty of sources document its use as a cooking ingredient already among the ancient Romans and Etruscans. Back then, it was not only considered a “gourmet” addition, but rather a necessity: in the absence of refrigerators, meat or fish were often preserved in wine for several hours or days, before being cooked in that same liquid. But wine was also appreciated for its flavor, and added to soups, cheeses, vegetables, and desserts.

Poached Eggs

French Poached Eggs In Wine Sauce, Simplified

In most of the countries where wine is produced, it is used to thin out sauces and to give foods depth, body, flavor, and color. More often than not, a few tablespoons will turn a recipe from “blah” into “wow.”

To see what I mean, try boosting your beef or chicken soup with a shot of Port, or your vanilla pudding with a touch of Marsala.

Tuna Steaks

Drunk Tuscan Tuna Steak

Last, but not least, wine is just as comforting as a glass before dinner as it is lovely alongside it. Just sayin’. If you can tolerate it, between adding that fruity Beaujolais to the coq-au-vin and serving the rest to your guests, you might as well steal a delicious sip. Très Parisien.


Roasted Lamb with Pomegranate and Wine

Here are some quick tip for cooking with wine:

1. Don’t buy wine labeled “cooking wine,” and don’t try to recycle wine that’s so oxidized and old that it’s undrinkable. Would you cook with an ingredient that is spoiled or tastes bad? The same rule applies to wine.

2. In general, younger wines work better in cooking than aged wines (and have the advantage of costing less).

3. Remember, wine tends to be acidic! When making a recipe that requires lots of wine (some stews and braised meats), it’s best to temper its acidity with the addition of some creamy, fat, or sweet ingredients.

4. The longer the cooking, the more alcohol will evaporate.


Joy of Kosher Spring MagazineAs seen in the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine

Passover (Spring) 2014

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Passover Comfort Foods


March 18th 2015

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With all the stress that passover tends to bring it is essential that we have some great comfort food recipes in our back pocket!

Crispy and savory Passover Potato Skins always manage to hit the spot!

 Sweet Potato Gnocchi  made with cream cheese to give it that extra creaminess will yes sure to satisfy your comfort food cravings!

Watch the video to make these Melt in your mouth Eggplant Roll Ups!

BBQ Beef Ribs

Can’t wait to make these sticky BBQ Beef Ribs covered in a sauce so delicious you won’t be able to get enough.

short rib stew

Short Rib Stew

Slow cooked Short Rib stew is just one of those dishes that will keep you coming back for more. It is easy to make and delicious to eat!

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Check out all of this year’s Passover Countdown posts here.


Passover Make Ahead Breakfasts


March 18th 2015

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Effortless entertaining while often seemingly elusive can actually, easily be achieved with make-ahead meals.

We have a full week of chol hamoed this year (yipeeeee!!!) which means lots of day trips and family outings for the Gellers. A hearty filling breakfast is essential to fuel the family for the hiking, site seeing, touring, and roller coasting, activities we have planned. But honestly when you need to get going early there’s no time to start cooking up an extravagant breakfast from scratch. But to eat… now for that, there’s always time!

Here are 4 delish start-the-day-off-like-a-king breakfast ideas you can make the night before. Perfect for filling everyone’s tummies and pretty enough for serving the extended visiting family. (Like my mother-in-law, brother- and sister-in-law and all my nieces and nephews who often sleep over throughout the holiday).  I just love that PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese is kosher for Passover so that I can make all these recipes perfectly creamy and extra delicious.

Passover Crepes with Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon

This 5 star family breakfast can be made either the night before or even weeks before. To freeze crepes wrap tightly in foil and double wrap in plastic. Before serving, thaw (while wrapped) and reheat loosely wrapped in foil at 250° F for about 20 minutes or until warm. Don’t try to expedite time here as you don’t want to reheat something as delicate as crepes in a hotter oven. And you are not trying to get them hot, they are actually meant to be served warm.

Assemble the morning of with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese or Cream Cheese and Fruit.

herbed frittata for passover

Herbed Frittata
Quite like our crepes – make this the night before and reheat at 250° F for about 20 minutes or until just warm.

Creamy Banana and Peach Matzo Brie Bake - Watch The Video Here
My new obsession. Make this year round with bread slices in place of matzo sheets. Completely assemble and refrigerate overnight. (In fact this recipe requires at least 3 hours of chill time before baking off, so you have to plan for it.) Just pop it in the oven in the A.M. for a hot, sweet, start to your day. BTW this Matzo Brie Bake works just as well served hot, with a scoop of ice cream, for dessert.

Kale Matzo Strata
Another prep-the-night-before, chill, bake, and serve recipe. This savory layered goodness in a casserole dish is the ying to my matzo brie yang. And bonus points for the Strata as it can just as easily be served and enJOYed for lunch or dinner.

Chag Kasher V’Sameyach!

We’re creating tons of new Passover recipes featuring PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese as part of our new partnership, see them all at JoyofKosher.com/Philadelphia.


Eggplant Roll Ups Recipe Video


March 17th 2015

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Yes, the rumor is true. I did eat 6 of these all by my lonesome when testing the recipe. Now in the interest of full disclosure I ate 3 for breakfast (was a late breakfast, more like brunch) and 3 for lunch (was a late lunch, more like linner). And yes you may have heard that I also fried up some extra eggplant to snack on in between. And while some people may be embarrassed to admit this I think it just proves how much of a winner this recipe really is. So hang on to your hats folks and watch me fry and roll and bake your new favorite Passover and year-round brunch, lunch, linner or dinner dish.

Get the full recipe for Eggplant Roll Ups here.

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Happy Kosher Passover and enJOY!

We’re creating tons of new Passover recipes featuring PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese as part of our new partnership, see them all at JoyofKosher.com/Philadelphia.

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Secret Substitutes to Enhance Passover Meals


March 17th 2015

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Passover is a great holiday, it’s fun, family oriented but most of all it can be a lot of work. With all of the eating restrictions sometimes it is hard to find something to eat or serve that everyone will like. I found that there are three secret substitutes that will help you make it through the holiday without missing your favorite non kosher for passover foods.

The first is Cauliflower. It is so versatile and can be used in so many different dishes! Try some of these cauliflower recipes :

Traditional couscous can’t be eaten on passover, so instead try this delicious Cauliflower Couscous!

Well we all love pizza don’t we? Try switching out matzo for cauliflower to boost your passover pizza! This Cauliflower Pizza Crust will be sure to blow your mind!

The second Secret Substitute is Zucchini! Like Cauliflower it can be morphed into so many different things!

Try some of these Zucchini Recipes to add some flavor to your holiday:

Watch the video to see this easy and delicious recipe for Zucchini Alfredo!

Try these Zucchini Roll Ups instead of your traditional pasta roll up and while you are enjoying this delicious dish think of all the calories you are saving!

This third and final secret substitute is Spaghetti Squash! Like the other substitutes it works in so many different ways and is the perfect substitute in so many classic comfort foods.

Check out some of these spaghetti squash recipes:

These mini Spaghetti Squash Bites are small but are packed with flavor! They can work as an appetizer or even a midday snack!

Who doesn’t love a good Vodka Sauce? Try this Spaghetti Squash with Vodka Sauce for a delicious passover lunch idea!

Aside from all of these substitutes being delicious they are also healthy and packed with vitamins and nutrients!

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Kosher Pastured Raised Top of the Rib *Giveaway*


March 16th 2015

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Using only seven ingredients, our signature concept, our Red Wine Top of the Rib recipe is easy to make and is fall-apart delicious! The trick to tenderized, fall-apart meat is to slice it against the grain after the initial cooking process and then to put it back in the oven for a final roast. We highly recommend that you use red wine that you can enjoy after the recipe is complete; try a full flavored wine such as a Merlot or a Shiraz. The red wine adds so much flavor to the recipe and may help to tenderize the meat as well.

In addition to the importance of choosing a well-paired wine, the choice of meat is also key. We used Grow & Behold’s Top of the Rib to make this recipe. This cut of meat can be compared to a brisket in terms of its cooking method and texture. The difference is that the top of the rib is smaller and tenderer. What makes Grow & Behold meats so different is the way they raise their animals. The cattle are raised in an environmentally safe and managed pasture. The majority of the animals’ diet is grass-based. These animals are raised by the dozens, not by the thousands. Additionally, all cattle are humanely slaughtered and Glatt Kosher.

Get our full recipe for Red Wine Top of the Rib and then check out our Giveaway for your chance to WIN!!!  If you missed the last two week’s, click here for Kosher Duck Confit and here for Slow Roasted Chicken how-tos and recipes.

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Top of Rib

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Passover Refrigerator Stocking Tips


March 16th 2015

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When preparing for Passover one of the most important things we can do is purchase the proper products to stock the fridge. While the holiday is always hectic and draining, make sure to get products that enable you to make quick and delicious dishes.  Instead of dreading the holiday because of all the eating restrictions it poses, buy the products that will keep you and your family happy over Passover.

This passover keep your fridge stocked with some of Sabras best salads for quick tasty dishes!

Turkish Salad

This Spicy Turkish Tilapia is so tasty I am not sure I will be waiting until Passover to make it! The perfect answer to what is for dinner tonight with less than 5 ingredients.

Cocktail Mediterranean Lamb Meatballs work as an appetizer or main. They are bursting with flavor and are sure to be a real crowd pleaser.


Ratatouille and Ricotta Matza Pizza is a great pizza substitute for those who dread giving up pizza for 8 days!

This Shortcut Shakshuka is both delicious and fast to make! Take a look at this  Jamie’s take on the recipe here.

Spanish Eggplant Salad

If you love simple and delicious recipes try this Parsley Crusted Salmon Over Spanish Eggplant that has just a few simple steps and almost no cleanup! Check out Jamie’s video for this recipe here.

Veggie Liver Salad

Veggie Liver Stuffed Mushrooms is the perfect recipe to make for your vegetarian guests!

Babaganoush Salad

Baked Root Vegetable Chips with Babaganoush is the perfect snack to have on hand the entire holiday.

Grilled Eggplant Salad

Grilled Eggplant Salad

Grilled Eggplant and Roasted Pepper Salad with Preserved Lemon is both amazing as a dip for matzo and on its on!

Keep the holiday light easy and enjoyable with these delicious dips that can be used in so many different ways! Even when you are too tired to do any cooking just have one of these spreads on Matza and enjoy every bite!

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, menus ideas and Passover tidbits with our daily Passover Countdown articles, sign up to get them in your email here, make sure to check off Passover Countdown.

Check out all of this year’s Passover Countdown posts here.


/RECIPE/ Baked Oatmeal To Go


March 15th 2015

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Don’t let the array of ingredients intimidate you on this recipe. If you’ve been wanting to add some flax into your diet start here. This recipe is not picky and makes some scrumptious  little snacks. I really loved the fact that this recipe gave measurements for stevia (it even had a honey option for those of you who don’t love stevia yet) in the packets or to measure out from a jar  – WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

I was worried when I added the full amount of milk, it was SO runny. But I went with it and it ended up working out just fine.

Instead of using the optional toppings as toppings I mixed them in to spread the flavor. That made this recipe a winner. The chocolate chips spread throughout and the wonderful crunch of the walnuts were not just on the top. I wanted a mixture of flavors not just chocolate and walnut, or cinnamon and raisins. So here is what I did to get that, I did not add the cinnamon in with the dry ingredients. Instead I mixed the batter portion up in a large bowl and then had smaller bowls with my “flavor options” one was raisin, date, cinnamon, & walnut, another was chocolate chips, and walnut etc. Any of your fav combos would work. Then I divided the batter between the four smaller bowls and mixed them to combine.

This accomplished two objectives: 1) mixed the toppings in to make the whole treat yummy, not just the top 2) gave me different flavor profiles for all the people in my family, everyone won.

The batch came out with a bit more (a whole extra pan) than the recipe said which I think is a wonderful thing. But be warned since it will take a little bit more oven time. I liked them a bit thinner, gave it more of a treat bar feel vs. a muffin feel. Over all healthy, fast and a great way to use up that chametz. #chametzfest2015 #bakedoatmealtogo


Week {20} Recipes


March 15th 2015

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Here are this weeks recipes recipes. Some contain chametz {for those of us with some chametz to still use up ;) } and some chametz-free {for those of us who are completely prepared for Pesach}:

Beef Pot Au Feu

Sausage, Cauliflower and Brussels Sprout Hash

Creamy Spinach Torta in a Potato Crust

Coconut Curry Salmon

Bow-Tie Pasta Salad with Chicken

Easy and Simple Beef Barley Stew in the Slow…

Apple Crunch Bread Pudding and Orange Sunrise…

Chocolate Infinity Pie


What Are Kitniyot and Gebrokts?


March 15th 2015

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Kitniyot refers to  grains and legumes such as rice, corn, soy beans, string beans, peas, lentils, mustard, sesame seeds and poppy seeds which are traditionally not eaten by Ashkenazic Jews on Passover.

Gebrokts is a yiddish word that refers to matzah that has come in contact with water, many hassidic Jews refrain from eating Gebrokts on Passover.

Coming from a family that has both Kitniyot and Non Kitniyot members on Passover I can honestly say that at times it’s a bit overwhelming. I remember the first Passover spent with my sister and her new husband who didn’t eat Kitniyot or Gebrokts!

My mother printed out lists of foods and spices they couldn’t eat and that holiday we all ate a Kitniyot and Gebrokts free seder.

9 Years later we seem to have mastered the integrated Passover meal. We have two soups, multiple mains, and overall it works flawlessly.

Here are some things we have learned over the years. When preparing for a seder like this we try to separate a few things.

1. Make all your mains without kitniyot or Gebrokts and keep your kitniyot dishes separate so that the mains are able to be eaten by everyone.

Here are some delicious mains you should try kitniyot and gebrokts free, but not a sacrifice:

Brisket in a Pot with Garlic is a prefect filling main that is full of flavor and has no kitniyot or gebrokts!

Rosemary Walnut Crusted Salmon with Garlic Aioli is another delicious main course option that caters to everyones passover dietary needs.

2. Split Up your Soup!

Since Matzo balls pose an issue for those who refrain from Gabrokts we have found a way to make it simple. Make one large chicken soup. Split it up into two pots one that will have matzo balls and one that won’t. Make sure to fill the one without Matzo balls with loads of vegetables so no one feels like they are missing out.

Try Combining these two Recipes for the ultimate Matzo Ball Soup- Classic Chicken Soup  & Passover Matzo Balls. 

These Passover Matzo Balls have that perfect spongy texture we wait for all year round.


If you are a true matzo ball fan you absolutely must try  this ‘MOD’ Matzo Ball Soup that is packed with delicious vegetables and mouthwatering flavors.

Here are some great side dishes that can be easily separated to accommodate Kitniyot and non Kitniyot eaters!

Wild Rice with Carrots and Beets will brighten up your seder table with delicious flavors and colors.This dish can easily be separated into a vegetable dish and a rice dish. Just make extra vegetables and keep them separate from the vegetables that go into the rice and now you have two great sides!


Caramelized Corn and Red Pepper Salad is a great salad option for your guests who will love these springy flavors. This salad can be made two ways, with and without corn so it is edible for everyone at your table!

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RSVP #Philly4Passover Cheesey Twitter Party


March 15th 2015

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You’re invited to join our #Philly4Passover Twitter chat!

Hosted by @JoyofKosher

Passover is just around the corner and we are sweeping the floors, cleaning out the cupboards and planning our menus.  The cooking holiday will soon be upon us and we have lots of tips and tricks and recipes to get you through with a little help from PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese.

We are having a party on Twitter so join us for lots of fun chat and of course, a bunch of fun giveaways including 1 subscription to  Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine, 3 $50 Amex cards and 1 $100 Amex card.  Ask questions, share your tips and invite your friends! You never know what will happen at a #Philly4Passover Twitter party.


Monday March 23rd at 8:30pm ET


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How to participate

Use hashtag #Philly4Passover

Use Tweetchat for easy chatting.

Anyone can participate, please follow @JoyofKosher and @LoveMyPhilly and RSVP here below to win prizes!

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Let us know you are coming to the party in the comments below to be entered to win some great giveaways. Make sure to include your twitter handle.

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Top 10 Passover Approved Snacks


March 13th 2015

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Need snack Ideas for the holiday? Well we have made a list of our top ten favorite Passover snacks! Whether you are looking for snacks to take for your family trips or are looking for something to munch on during the long Yom Tov days this list will provide you with all the essentials.

1. Baked Root Vegetable Chips With Babaganoush for those who prefer savory snacks this is the one for you! You will be getting that crunch and will be eating healthy! Enjoy these salty and delicious chips.

2.Madgooga (Date Balls) a great and healthy option! The dates and coconut are the perfect combination for a snack that everyone, including the kids, seem to love.

3. Salted Chocolate Chip Macaroons are a  new spin on an old passover recipe turning your average macaroons into chocolate chip cookies!

4. Brussel Sprout Latkes are a great new spin on traditional Latkes, just prep them in the morning and take them on all your passover trips!

5. Spicy Nut Truffles a gluten free treat that everyone loves!

6. Sizzling Honey Glazed Nuts are the perfect on-the-go passover snack!

7. Raspberry Truffles are the best and simplest dessert recipe with only two ingredients!

8.  Spaghetti Squash Bites,a delicious healthy snack alternative that is east make and keep on hand all throughout the holiday.

9. Chocolate Bark always a huge crowd pleaser! It is easy to make and can be made with so many different ingredients.

10.  Ending the list with a Passover classic, a Coconut Macaroon!

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, menus ideas and Passover tidbits with our daily Passover Countdown articles, sign up to get them in your email here, make sure to check off Passover Countdown.


Pesach/Spring 2015 Issue


March 12th 2015

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Check out our Pesach/Spring issue – 100% Gluten free with recipes for Spring Salads, Spralizing, Poached Fish, Full lamb guide, make ahead ideas for an easier seder, Make your own spices and so much more.
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How To Make The Best Carb Free Hash


March 12th 2015

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You are probably most familiar with hash browns, the ever favorite, breakfast/brunch potato side popular in diners and restaurants everywhere.  Hash browns refer to any type of pan fried potatoes, usually mixed with onions and seasoning, but there is no strict rule though. As you may have noticed, sometimes hash browns are shredded, sometimes they are diced big or small, but as long as the potatoes are browned in a pan they call them hash browns.  Some places, although less common in kosher places, offer corned beef hash, which is corned beef sautéed with potatoes.  Mike’s Bistro makes a nice version of that dish.  Although traditionally potatoes are used in most hash recipes, there are so many wonderful vegetables that can work in place of the potatoes. Also, it is a great way to use up leftovers.

Whether you have leftover meat or vegetables or want to start from scratch, all you need is a big hot frying pan.   This is a great Passover dish too. Whether you choose to add potatoes or keep it with just veggies, it is naturally kosher for Passover.  A little meat goes a long way in a hash, so use flavorful meat like Joburg Sausage.  Any variety will do.  Cut it up into cubes, saute in a large pan with oil, add your favorite chopped up vegetables and enjoy!!

BTW, Joburg Kosher is launching new and updated sausage flavors just in time for Passover! I am so excited to go find them at my kosher market. New flavors include Bratwurst, Beef and Lamb Moroccan and South African Boerewors, all precooked and ready to eat.

Here is my recipe for Cauliflower Brussels Sprout and Sausage Hash.  What’s your favorite combo?

***Giveaway***Now that I got you craving hash, you can enter to win a sampler pack of the best from Joburg Kosher Sausages!

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