Using Greek Yogurt In Pesto Sauce


January 29th 2014

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Let’s face it. Most ingredients that promise to taste better than its non-healthy counterpart are usually and sadly not as good. Greek yogurt is one of the sole exceptions. It is an ingredient rich in protein, potassium, vitamin B, and probiotics. While boasting so many nutritious qualities, it is also quite a spectacular ingredient to cook with. Beyond yogurt and granola, there is so much you can do with Greek yogurt.

As the first chalav yisrael Greek yogurt, Norman’s Greek yogurt has revolutionized the kosher market with a high quality, good-for-you product.  Norman’s Greek  yogurt is rich, tangy and can be substituted for cream in many recipes, from sweet to savory.  Pesto in cream sauce is a favorite pasta dish of mine. It is creamy and herbaceous and hits all the right notes. I have been making this dish for years every Shavuot and for family dinners. I experimented with substituting heavy cream for Norman’s plain Greek yogurt and this dish was born. I am always ecstatic when I can say that using a healthier ingredient not only achieves the desired results but actually tastes even better.

This dish does it. The Greek yogurt adds a refreshing tanginess to the sauce while also maintaining the creamy element heavy cream provides.  It is also simpler to make:  mix the pesto into the ready yogurt and add it to hot pasta, serve with toasted pine nuts and some grated parmesan.  What can be better?

Nutritious tips:

  1. You can use any version of spaghetti, fettuccine or linguini ranging from gluten-free to whole wheat or grain.
  2. When making your own pesto, you can add ½ cup of baby greens such as baby arugula or baby spinach in place of some of the herbs to add extra nutrition value to pesto.

Try our Greek Yogurt Pesto Sauce on everything from pasta to fish to veggies.


Disclosure: This article was sponsored by Norman’s Dairy, all opinions are my own.


Late Winter 2014


January 29th 2014

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Surprise!! We have tons of fun stuff in store with you in our latest issue.  Purim recipes that go beyond the usual and free Purim gift tags for Mishloach Manot.  Don’t miss our vegan guide, our interview with Mayim Biyalik, money saving tips and learn all about the pressure cooker.  Check out our sneak peek and find more in the articles and guides below to keep you warm this Winter and prepared for Purim.





Best of Kosher 2013 Winners


January 28th 2014

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Thank you to all who nominated and voted in our third annual Best of Kosher awards and to thank you all for your time we have three prizes to giveaway to the voters.  Congratulations to Sarahintx, winner of the Emile Henry Tagine, Gertrude, winner of the Emile Henry Fondu Pot and BusyInBoca, Winner of the Emile Henry Stewpot.

Now here are the final Best of Kosher 2013 Winners:

Best New Kosher Cookbook

The Modern Menu is all about simplicity.  “To my mind, less is more, simple is always best, and food should look as good as it tastes”, says Kim.  She offers vibrant, every day recipes that should be used as a guide with tips and tricks to make them your own. There are no hard and fast rules with Kim, so mix and match and create your own menus.

Best Kosher Food Blog

Kosherology is an up and coming new kosher food blogger from Atlanta, GA.  Alex will be sharing delicious recipes (like this Bourbon Mousse and Gingersnap Cookie) as well as restaurant reviews, kosher nostalgia and cool kosher products.  Stay tuned for more from Alex on Joy of Kosher as he shares with us all he is learning about Culinary Sustainability.

Best Kosher Restaurant

Milt’s BBQ For The Perplexed is located in Chicago, Illinois and is known for high quality smoked meats.  If you didn’t have reason to go to Chicago before you sure do now.  Milt’s has great food and also gives all their profits to charity!!  We are proud to have Milt’s as our Best of Kosher 2013 restaurant and hope to make it there for a visit.

Best New Kosher Product

There has been much excitement over the launch of the first chalav yisroel Greek yogurt.  Norman’s came to the rescue and proved themselves to be a high quality product to rival other Greek yogurts.  These yogurts will even be Kosher for Passover, yogurt fans everywhere rejoice.

Best Kosher Wine

Bartenura Moscato comes in the iconic blue bottle from Italy.  A sweet dessert wine that many love to use for kiddish.  It is crisp and refreshing and ever popular.

Best Kosher Catering Company

Your Bite of Heaven is a full service Glatt Kosher catering company that takes pride in hosting memorable life-cycle celebrations with exquisite menus and impeccable service.   They do everything from informal businesses lunches, to a Chef’s Sushi Table, to a lavish affair.  Located in New Jersey.

Best Kosher Passover Product

Matzolah won over the stomachs of many granola fans when they debuted and they just keep getting better.  Now available in a variety of flavors including gluten free choices.  Enjoy for year round and Passover use, for breakfast or a snack.

Best Kosher Chef

Chef Claudio is the chef from Fumio Grill & Sushi.  He is called the best grill-man in the kosher scene. He tenderly handles each piece of meat as though he was preparing it for his own loved ones.


Ask Us Anything *Giveaway*


January 28th 2014

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The other day, I was out with my sister-in-law Devorah (at that show I told you we went to see with our girls), when she wondered out loud if people are constantly asking me cooking questions.  I realized then that I actually don’t get too many cooking questions when I meet people in person.  I do get lots of questions though.  Most popular over the last year is “How did you leave that kitchen?” (Easy.)  “Where can I buy the chulent bowls I saw in your video?” (Target.)  “What’s your favorite restaurant in Israel?” (Gabriel in Jerusalem and Bodega Sushi & Plancha in Efrat.)

But you know, we have a few culinary stars on staff here that can answer your most pressing cooking Qs.

Shifra Klein, Editor-in-Chief of JOY of KOSHER with Jamie Geller Magazine, is expert in gourmet made easy with a focus on modern twists of traditional favorites as well as the newest cooking techniques.

Tamar Genger, Executive Editor of  is a Registered Dietitian, Professor of Nutrition, avid traveler and menu planner – she covers drinks, trends, and chocolate all with a health minded focus.

And then of course we have our incredible family of chefs, columnists and bloggers who are standing by, ready to help you.  So ask away in the comments below.  No question too big or too small.  And we will start answering you in a new series of posts.  We are here for you always, you know that.  So…. ask us anything.


Win a 1 year subscription to our magazine, Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller!!

There are two ways to enter:

1. Go to Amazon and review the new Joy of Kosher Cookbook, submit the link to your comment in rafflecopter below.

2. Leave your Ask Us question in the comments below and enter with rafflecopter.

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Host A Joy of Kosher Cook Book Club In Israel Get...


January 28th 2014

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Following the amazing JOY of KOSHER Israel Launch Party at the Cinematheque in Jerusalem in December we decided that we all enjoy getting together with friends over good food too much to let too much time go by before getting together again.



So! We’re starting something new in Israel that we hope you’ll want to join. It’s a way to connect with friends, new and old, in REAL LIFE. Fancy that!

We are looking for 12 volunteers across Israel to HOST our community cookbook club dinner parties:

If you volunteer and are selected to host you will receive a FREE copy of our first selection… (listen for that drum roll)… my brand new cookbook JOY of KOSHER Fast, Fresh, Family Recipes by Jamie Geller (me!).  The book retails for $30 US and 125 NIS but as a host you will receive your copy for FREE! (I know we said that already but just wanted to clarify for all y’all).  You will then have the perfect excuse to host a fabulous Joy of Kosher dinner party with your favorite foodie friends.

joy of kosher cookbook

Q What Does a Host Do?


  • Have a wonderful time! Schedule your party any time between February 21 and March 9.
  • Invite at least 5 friends. (More would be better. That way there will be more food to taste.)
  • Cook from the book. Each guest will cook a recipe from the book to bring to the party.
  • Take pictures of the party, including the food and your friends and email the photos to us and tell us about your party, no later than March 17th, for inclusion in a future article on

A few more suggestions to help you host your cookbook club:

Q: Who makes what?

A: Usually the host makes the main course and assigns each guest a dish to make and bring to the party. But this is not a hard and fast rule. (There aren’t so many hard and fast rules in my kitchen.) So, as the host you have the option to plan the menu and assign each dish, but it’s also fun not knowing what everyone will make. So you can just assign each guest a category – soups, starters, sides, salads, mains or desserts. (Someone can even bake a bread or challah from the challah chapter!)

Q: Can I share the book with my club?

A:  Sure. You can either pass around your cookbook, or each person can buy his or her own copy (pretty please!) – they are available in Israel at all good Jewish bookshops, or if you can’t find one email us and we’ll track one down for you.

Q: What do we do at the party?

A:  Eat and discuss amongst yourselves. And eat some more. Seriously, we want you to talk about the food and about the book.  You can rate the recipes you each made, discuss what you liked or how you would tweak each dish.  Hopefully everyone will have had a chance to read through the stories in the book too, so along with the food discussion, you can talk about your own experiences with some of the issues I write about – epic kitchen disasters, for instance, or the “what’s for dinner” debate, your favorite family heirloom recipes, and there’s lots more. (Like sleep deprivation, mother of the year award, play date lunches, brisket a love story, dessert before the meal, the power of a smile etc….) As host, you can lead the discussion with a story of your own, if you like; then go round the table to share the thoughts and experiences of others. We’re especially interested in hearing the best (and best value) food subs you make in Israel for American products.

Q: How can I volunteer to be a host?

A: Put your name and town/city in the comments below.  Around February 6th we will select 12 people at random from across Israel to be our hosts and mail you the book so you can start planning.

We did this in the US and everyone had a great time, check out this cookbook club recap article to see what they did.


Update on 2/13 – So excited to see so many areas of the country included!! I wish I could give you all books and I hope you all consider hosting book club parties anyway. We spread it out and picked randomly and here are the winners – look for an email today:

1. Beth Saar, Ra’anana
2. Mina Yocheved, Eilat
3. Yael Maoz Rehovot
4 Sonia Esther Soltani Tel Aviv
5. Bracha Goldman Beersheva
6. Sara Mor – Bet Shemesh Nofei Aviv
7. Sue Epstein Efrat
8. Hadassah Levy Eli
9. Daniella Tannenwald Modiin
10.Tziona – Hispin (Golan)
11. Dave and Miri Bender – Tzfat
12. Marissa – Netanya


Spice Up Your Super Bowl


January 27th 2014

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This year we want to spice things up.  I just love the little bit of heat and flavor that comes from adding just a bit of horseradish to almost any dish.  The most popular foods to serve for the Super Bowl are wings, chili, pizza and guacamole.  The main idea is to serve food that is easy to eat in front of the television.  And easy to snack and enjoy as the game goes on.


Veal Sliders with Red Slaw

Instead of going with full size burgers, I went with sliders.  Sliders are not only cute, but they are easier to eat.  For this slider I topped it with a special Red Slaw, a common burger or dog topping from Lexington, North Carolina.  They prefer their slaw to be dressed with ketchup instead of mayo and they like it a little spicy.  For my version, instead of using plain ketchup, I used Gold’s Ketchup with Horseradish and it gave the slaw just the right kick that was a perfect topping for my burger.


Horseradish Guacamole

For my guacamole, all I did was add a bit of Gold’s White Horseradish and wow, did that make a huge difference.  I can’t believe I never thought of it before, just a little horseradish in your guacamole is absolutely genius.


BBQ Chicken Bites

These chicken bites are a fun easy to make little snack you can add to any menu.  Easy to serve and eat with toothpicks.  All the flavor here comes from Gold’s Steak Sauce, which is basically a BBQ sauce with horseradish mixed in.  It adds tremendous flavor.

Here are some more spiced up Super Bowl recipes you might like to try:

Crunchy Baked Gefilte Fish Fingers with Horseradish Sauce
Warm Potato Salad with Horseradish Sauce
Strawberry Jalapeno Baked Chicken Wing
Red Horseradish Deviled Eggs
Wasabi Wings

Hope you have a great Super Bowl!!

This post was sponsored by Gold’s, all opinions are my own.


The Best Meat Chili


January 26th 2014

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Jamie Geller shows you how to make Chili in this Quick & Kosher video. Find the recipe here.


The Best Ways To Serve Chips and Dips


January 24th 2014

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Whether you are having people over to watch the big game or just for snacks, we all love serving chips or veggies and dips.  Sure you can use any old plate and bowl, but let’s make life a little easier and serving a lot more fun.

This chip and dip set keeps your dip bowl away from the chips so that you won’t crush any chips.  The curvy bowl adds a little bit of style to your party and the depth can fit a whole lot of chips.  If you like to serve more than one dip try this Chip and Dip Set from Prodyne that comes with two attachable dip bowls.   Both bowls are great for salads too, you can keep the dressing or other salad toppings in the dip bowls.

If you prefer a more elegant glass look try this Luigi Bornioli 2 piece set that is dishwasher safe.  This shape also makes it easier to offer different veggies or a two different kinds of chips around the dip bowl.

For a greener/more natural look go with Core Bamboo, this version has 4 separate sections so you can really offer variety.

If you want to go with something more unique and hand made try something from Enrico.  This divided tray can work for a small gathering and would look absolutely gorgeous.


How To Make The Best Stuffed French Toast


January 24th 2014

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I used to think French toast was made on the stove. Soak the bread, stick it in a skillet, and you’re done, right? Wrong. The thing is that when French toast only gets a few minutes of stove-top cooking, the insides don’t have a chance to properly bake. For truly perfect, cakey insides, you also need the oven. Try it this way and you’ll have a hard time going back!

To take French toast up yet another notch, you can get a stuffed effect by French toasting sandwiches instead of plain slices of bread. Here, I used a combo of  homemade cream cheese and date spread (you can also use store bought) in some and peanut butter and date spread in others. You can do this with basically any sandwich filling, savory included (but if you go that route, replace the sugar, vanilla extract, and cinnamon with a pinch of salt and pepper and some herbs).

Stuffed French toast makes a great breakfast or brunch, but it’s so filling that it also works as a cozy “breakfast for dinner” dish. A mug of hot chocolate on the side is optional but totally recommended.

Here is the full recipe for the Best Stuffed French Toast.


Two New Winter Cupcake Recipes


January 23rd 2014

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I love cupcakes and once you get in a cupcake groove, it’s hard to get out.  They’re just so cute, so versatile, and so easy to whip together!  The only way to deal with this addiction is to feed it.  Usually bad advice to offer to addicts, except in the case of cupcakes.
I love trying out new flavor combinations and recently started “Cupcake of the month”.  It gives me the opportunity to use different themes and ingredients to bring out the true feeling of that month.
January right away makes me think of winter.  I live in California, where winter is mostly sunny and warm but I know somewhere out there, it must be cold and snowy.  When I think of winter, the first thing that comes to mind is the crisp fresh air.
chocolate peppermint cupcake
For my first cupcake, I chose a Chocolate Cupcake topped with a Peppermint Buttercream, drizzled with melted chocolate and pieces of peppermint candy.  The cupcakes have a dark chocolate flavor and are super moist.  Piled high on top is the peppermint buttercream.  You can add crushed peppermint to any of your favorite vanilla buttercream recipes.  By using actual crushed peppermint instead of a peppermint extract, you get that slight crunch in the cream that screams that cool & crisp wintery fresh taste. You might want to use a round tip to frost the cupcakes; otherwise, the pieces of candy will get stuck inside a typical swirl tip.  The optional melted chocolate drizzled on top helps bring together the flavors of chocolate and mint together.  For an extra crunch and a pretty finish, sprinkle on the remaining pieces of candy.
chai latte cupcake

For the second cupcake I made Vanilla Chai Latte Cupcakes.  When it is cold outside I will most likely not leave the house without a hot drink in my hand.  I’m not much of a tea drinker, but I absolutely love chai lattes.  They are so comforting; the aroma itself warms you up.  Every sip gives you a beautiful blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and cardamon that, when combined all together, make one incredible drink.

The vanilla cupcakes came out light with a fluffy texture and not overly sweet, which is perfect because it will be covered with just a simple yet rich buttercream. The buttercream is made with the chai spice mix that you make before hand using cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves and cardamon.  Once iced, the cupcakes were lightly sprinkled with white sugar sprinkles and small white snowflakes giving off that snowy look as well. When you bite into this cupcake, the full flavor of a vanilla chai latte stirs all of your senses.
Enjoy my cupcake recipes!


15 Best Game Day Ideas


January 22nd 2014

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The key to a great Super Bowl party is variety.  Whether you prefer classic superbowl party favorites or like to add a twist to your game day recipes, these 15 game day ideas are guaranteed crowd-pleasers!

Empire Kosher Wild Wings

1.  Empire Kosher Wild Wings

Chicken wings are the ultimate Super Bowl party food!  Small in size, but they pack a punch in taste.  You can broil or fry a large batch of chicken wings and prepare them with an array of sauces to please all party guests.

Sweet and Tangy Chicken Wings

2.  Sweet and Tangy Wings

These Sweet and Tangy Wings hit the right balance of sweet and savory.

French's Classic Sliders

French's Classic Sliders

3.  French’s Classic Sliders

Personally, I could survive Super Bowl Sunday with Buffalo Wings and ”Football” Acordion Potatoes.  But I might have to step away from the wings, because these sliders are delicious and fun for both adults and kids at a Super Bowl party.  They may not be mess-free, but they are delicious to eat!  Add a toppings bar with that includes Special Sauce to make the sliders extra special.

Short Rib Sliders

Short Rib Sliders

4.  Short Rib Sliders

An alternative to the Classic Slider is the Short Rib Slider, it packs amazing flavor and will look great on your Super Bowl party table.

Potato Kugel Cups

5.  Potato Kugel Cups

These Potato Kugel Cups will be flying off the table.  They are super delicious and a perfect finger food, plus they add an elegant touch.

Avocado Egg Rolls with Spicy Dipping Sauce

6.  Avocado Egg Rolls with Spicy Dipping Sauce

Another great pareve recipe are the Avocado Egg Rolls. The crunch of the fried egg roll plays well with the smooth, rich texture of the avocado.

Derby Deviled Eggs

7. Derby Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs are a great Super Bowl party recipe.  The eggs can be boiled in advanced, leaving minimal prep-time on game day.

Twice Baked Potato Skins

8.Twice Baked Potato Skins

However you make them, be it dairy-free or vegetarian, potato skins are a versatile option. With these Twice Baked Potato Skins recipe there is plenty of room to customize your super bowl potato skins with whatever toppings you prefer.

Idaho® Potato Spinach Balls

Idaho® Potato Spinach Balls

9.  Idaho® Potato Spinach Balls

Another great potato recipe are these Idaho Potato Spinach Balls.  Similar to the Potato Kugel Cups, they add an elegant touch.  They can easily be made dairy-free by substituting the cheese with vegan pepper jack cheese.

Chili Nacho Cups

10.  Chili Nacho Cups

A Super Bowl party is a great excuse for breaking out all of your favorite finger food recipes.  The Chili Nacho Cups pack all the fun of nachos, but without the mess!


Guacamole and Chips

11.  Guacamole and Chips

Place the Guacamole and Chips and Fresh Tomato Salsa next to the Chili Nacho Cups for a great south of the border flavor profile.

Fresh Tomato Salsa

12.  Fresh Tomato Salsa

Portobello Tacos

Portobello Tacos

13.  Super Bowl No Meat Tacos

Approximately 8 million pounds of guacamole is served on game day, so why not pair it with these scrumptious (meatless) tacos.

Chocolate Pudding

Dirt and Worms Chocolate Pudding

14.  Dirt and Worms Pudding Pie

When it comes to dessert on game day have just fun with it!  Serve an all-time kids’ favorite the Dirt and Worms Pudding Pie in individual tins or clear plastic cups as a fun treat.  There will squeals of delight coming from the children (and possibly the adults) when they find the gummy worms baked inside.


Peanut Butter Football

15.  Peanut Butter Football Dip

For guests not watching football on T.V., give them a football to look at on the table!  Shoshanna from Couldn’t be Pareve created this recipe for the latest Kosher Connection Recipe Round Up.  For any of you rib lovers you can even enjoy them this time of year without freezing to death, try these Beef Ribs made in the oven.  Check more Super Bowl ideas here.


Game Day Recipes From South Africa


January 22nd 2014

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When Tamar asked me what we would eat, in South Africa, if we had the equivalent of the super bowl, the first thing that came to my mind, and confirmed by ‘my butcher’, was The Curry Cup Final. This annual inter-provincial rugby match is held in either of the two finalists province. What we would eat, needed no confirmation, most South Africans gather around a braai (Bbq) either before or after any sporting match. The charcoal braai is normally started up at half time and by the end of the match the braai is ready to cook the meat. Just the aroma of boerewors can excite the senses and arouse even the most avid vegetarian’s desire to take just ‘one bite’!

Boerewors in South Africa is mostly served on pap (mielie meal/corn meal) with a tomato and onion gravy. It’s the tomato and onion gravy that most pride themselves on. It’s one of those old, traditional and sometimes secret family recipe’s that’s inevitably shared after a couple of beers.


Boerewors (boor-uh-vors) – literally means ‘farmers sausage’ in Afrikaans. A savoury sausage developed by the farmers some 200 years ago. Spiced predominantly with coriander, nutmeg, salt and pepper. If you are unable to get Boerewors then your favourite delicately spiced beef sausage will still do the trick.

Pap ( ‘pup’) is known as mielie meal or maize meal in south Africa. Once this corn meal is mixed with water and boiled until firm (almost like Polenta) it starts taking on it’s characteristic ‘pap’ form.

‘Pap and wors’ served with a savoury tomato sauce is South African food at its most traditional!

This recipe is a simple twist on traditional “pap & wors”. The novelty being that the boerewors and mealie ‘pap’ are threaded onto a stick, glazed and then braaied (grilled on the BBq). The only problem with this finger friendly way of serving the ‘pap and wors’ is the braaier (griller) and his friends stand around the fire chatting, sipping on beers and eating the kebabs before they even get to the table! So you may as well give them the dipping sauce upfront!


These corncob muffins became a real hit, quite by accident. We were going to friends for dinner and she had asked me to bake some of my corncob muffins for her. They were cooling on the rack whilst I was preparing lunch. It was one of those chilled Sundays when a ‘few extra friends’ arrived for lunch. So out came some extra chicken but we were a little short on the bread rolls. ‘What about these” said my son pointing to the corncob muffins ‘Corn goes well with chicken, let’s try’. Needless to say there were plenty of rolls left over and a couple of crumbs from the muffins.

Did I make another batch for my friend? Of course, in fact I always double up on them now and we even serve them covered in tomato and onion gravy as an accompaniment to boerewors as well.

Enjoy these South African classics to give your guests a real treat this year.


Cooking With Fresh Mozzarella *Giveaway*


January 21st 2014

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Before I traveled to Rome for the first time a few years ago, I fantasized about all the amazingly delicious Italian food we were going to have. The fresh pasta, the authentic pizzas, the sweet gelatos, it was all going to be perfectly delicious. On our first night in the historic city, we strode into a bistro just outside the Jewish ghetto. There, I had the only thing still available from the menu, the most tasteless spaghetti in marinara.  It was quite disappointing. I should have known better when I heard the chef and waiter speaking to each other in Russian.   Thankfully, the rest of the trip was beautiful, but I didn’t leave with such fond memories of the food, save for a few exceptional restaurants in the Jewish Ghetto where ironically I ate Middle Eastern food.

When I came back, I made pizza at home just like I imagined I would have had in Rome.  I made a flavorful, airy dough and topped it with a garlicky sauce, baked it until the fresh mozzarella was melted and the edges were charred. It was perfect!  I continue to make that same pizza, just  playing around with the toppings, but fresh mozzarella is consistently a favorite.

Fresh mozzarella has such a delicate, soft texture and a clean, fresh taste. It can be marinated in different flavors and it pairs well with sweet or savory foods.   Try it with strawberries and dress it up with an earthy balsamic sauce. Both recipes are a great way to enjoy fresh, delicious Mozzarella cheese.

Learn more about Natural & Kosher’s full line of fresh mozzarella with this short video here and then enter to win a special cheese prize!


Win a selection of Natural & Kosher fresh mozzarella. Enter with rafflecopter below and let us know how you like to eat fresh mozzarella in the comments below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post was sponsored by Natural & Kosher, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Super Bowl No Meat Tacos


January 20th 2014

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It’s confession time.  I hate sports.  You would never believe that I grew up in a house where Sundays meant my dad and brother were jumping and screaming in front of the TV rooting for the Miami Dolphins.  My dad can’t understand where I came from and how I could have absolutely no interest in watching any sporting event.  I’d rather watch paint dry.

Well, the joke is on me. My husband enjoys watching football and baseball, but generally let’s me run the show.  But now I’m outnumbered.  Help!

My two oldest children are 7 and 9, boys and they run the show now. Sundays are all football from 1pm until midnight and then there’s Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football.

All I can do is wait for the Super Bowl.  Not to watch it, but because it means I get my Sundays back until September.  But I do like one other thing about the Super Bowl.  The food.

For years we hosted our own Super Bowl party just so I would have a good excuse to be in the kitchen instead of the couch.  Now, our party is usually just the five of us, but I still like to get creative for the big game and here is one of my newest recipes for the Super Bowl.

Portobello Mushroom Tacos

Everyone serves guacamole for the Super Bowl, 8 million pounds get consumed that day.  Let’s enjoy our guacamole with these scrumptious tacos.  You can serve these with or without cheese, they are perfect for any vegans you might have over and you can still chomp on your chicken wings and chow down on your chili.

Enjoy this roundup of finger foods and Super Bowl foods from our monthly kosher connection link up of Kosher bloggers:



Football Finger Foods


January 20th 2014

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Tamar thinks my elegant dressed up “Accordion” Potatoes aka Hasselback Potatoes look like footballs. When I developed this recipe for the Passover Seder it certainly wasn’t my intention to serve ‘em up at a Superbowl party, but now looking at it through Tamar-colored glasses I see how it can work for this occasion too.  Get my recipe for “Football” Accordion Potatoes here.

But these little spuds, my Nacho Potato Bites or the dressed down Smashed Potato Nachos from my new book JOY of KOSHER Fast, Fresh Family Recipes are perfect for your Sunday sports entertaining.

As are these cutie pie – meat and pareve – finger foods:

beer braised sausage

Beer Braised Sausages

These beer braised bites have deep layers of flavor and get a nice balanced kick from the spicy mustard.

turkey meatballs with cranberry sauce

Turkey Meatballs with Cranberry Sauce

Turkey and cranberry are not just for Thanksgiving. Enjoy this great combo mid-winter (and year-round).  Turkey Meatballs Recipe.

zucchini bruscetta

Zucchini Bruschetta

Bruschetta doesn’t have to include tomatoes. It’s officially bread, rubbed with olive oil and garlic. We’ve got that—and here, zucchini and a smear of creamy hummus stand in for the classic basil-and-tomato topping.

greek chicken kebabs

Greek Chicken Kabobs

Red wine vinegar, lemon zest, and oregano are a delicious Greek-inspired departure from the typical Italian or teriyaki flavored versions.

Go Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos!!! Want to see him get his 2nd ring!