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November 27th 2014

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Cooking With Joy: Veal Meatballs


November 27th 2014

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I have always kept away from veal. Not for any political reason, just texturally it was never something I was into. My mother has made it a few times, that is how I know it’s not something I like, I have never cooked it.

I made the dressed down version of this recipe since ground veal seemed more family friendly. The one thing I took away from this recipe was – stick to beef from now on! While I do enjoy being adventurous and tasting new things (that is why I am doing this project), I would rather keep cooking things that my entire family can enjoy. The kids knew right away that these were not our regular meatballs and wouldn’t take more than a bite. Good thing I served the meatballs with a side of spaghetti.
The veal meatballs came out painfully dry for my taste; thank goodness there was a sauce to moisten things up. The whole bite of meatballs and spaghetti with sauce was good though. The lemon brightened up everything. Since this was the dressed down family friendly version of the recipe, I subbed chicken stock for the white wine.

Stuffed Veal Rolls with Smoky Tomato Sauce
DRESS IT DOWN Veal Spaghetti and Meatballs page 181


A Week of Dinners that Make Good Lunches


November 26th 2014

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Is there a better week to discuss dinners that easily transform into the next day’s lunch? If you are in the midst of preparing for Thanksgiving, cooking for a large crowd, or just planning your weekly meal plan, double duty recipes are budget and life savers.  It makes for a streamlined grocery list and requires less time in the kitchen, plus it is an easy way to ensure that you are eating a real meal more than once a day.  Below are 7 recipes that are delicious for dinner and the next day’s lunch.



Quinoa with Zucchini and Spiced Skillet Chicken


Quinoa With Zucchini and Spiced Skillet Chicken: This dinner is ready in under 45 minutes and will leave the house simply fragrant.  It is a protein packed meal of chicken, quinoa and garbanzo beans seasoned with cumin, paprika and garlic.  Enjoy this salad cold or reheated as is for lunch the next day, if you have it cold through in quick iceberg salad with an easy oil and vinegar dressing for a well-rounded lunch.


Black Bean Salad: Enjoy 5 minute tacos (thinly slice meat and stir fry with onions, spices and hot sauce) topped with a healthy and refreshing black bean salad.  Save some of the meat, or alternative protein of choice, to add with shredded lettuce and even ripe mango to the black bean salad for lunch.


Turkey Meatballs

Turkey Meatballs: Jamie included many ingenious ways to transform meals by dressing them up or down in her last book Fast, Fresh Family Meals.  Take the same approach with these turkey meatballs by serving them warm with pasta or quinoa for dinner and the next for lunch as lettuce wraps.


Angel Wings Pasta: I would serve this alongside a hearty soup and a simple butter lettuce salad with an olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing for a filling dinner.  The pasta will be great cold the next day with a sprinkling of goat cheese.


Arugula Salad with Tahini Vinaigrette: This salad is a one bowl meal!  Throw in grilled chicken, tofu or seitan and enjoy for both lunch and dinner.  Another idea is to enjoy falafel and/or pita and hummus on the side.


Fried Brussels Sprouts and Lentils

Fried Brussels Sprouts with Lentils: It is finally brussels sprout season! Served warm this dish hits all the flavor bases, and tastes like a totally new meal when served cold.  Add brown rice, roasted potatoes, or even flat couscous for a lunch that will feel like a real treat.


chicken pastrami rolls

Chicken Pastrami Rolls: This recipe might change your life.  I tried it once, and will make again as soon as I have access to good kosher pastrami.  No, it’s not healthy, but there’s a reason we get an extra soul and probably an extra stomach on shabbos.  This is recipe is especially choice if you have any picky eaters, many children or teenagers to feed.  If you have space, in which case I will be extremely impressed, this will taste great alongside potatoes from the cholent or simply with salads and dips.


A Kosher KitchenSurfing Dinner To Remember


November 26th 2014

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Last month Joy of Kosher had the amazing opportunity to partner with KitchenSurfing to promote their new kosher section.  KitchenSurfing is an online service that pairs people with chefs.  Instead of going out to a fancy dinner you can bring the fancy dinner in and the chef can tailor the meal to your exact needs and wants.  The chef will shop, cook, serve and clean up and we got to experience it first hand last month with Chef David Egidio Donagrandi. We ran a contest and invited 5 winners plus guests to join the entire Joy of Kosher team for dinner in Brooklyn.

When we came in to the apartment, we had the chance to explore and schmooze and snack.  There were three pass around appetizers, including these pickled eggs with onions and balsamic marmalade, risotto cakes and lamb meatballs.

The food was paired with a vodka punch, citrusy and delicious.  We enjoyed the beautiful view and met all the guests.


Meanwhile the chef was preparing a feast.

We started with this Fresh Corn Chowder garnished with toasted farro and paprika oil.  I am so excited that Chef David agreed to share this incredibly tasty recipe with us, a very unique way to use farro.


The next course was a Cured Branzino with Beets, another recipe Chef David is sharing with us, get the recipe here. Perfect to prep ahead and different kind of fish appetizer.

We went on to enjoy small plates of Farenheit Turnip, Beef Steak Cruda, Roasted Prime Rib Chanterelle, and a Grapefruit and Orange Aspic.  Although there were many courses, he managed to fill us up without making us feel sick.  Using quality ingredients and lots of vegetables Chef David wowed us. Hire Chef David to make your next dinner from Kitchen Surfing.

Now, I challenge you to recreate some of the magic, Chef David shared two recipe with us,  Cured Branzini and Roasted Corn Soup.

Photos provided by Itzik Roytman/


Kosher Sausage Recipe Challenge: Vote and Submit


November 25th 2014

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In recent years, kosher sausage options have expanded tremendously, due to the diligent work of Chef Jack Silberstein and Dr. Alan Broner, co-founders of Jack’s Gourmet. In 2010, Jack Silberstein, a highly successful chef, introduced a variety of ethnic-flavored sausages to the kosher market. These included Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Mexican-style Chorizo, Bratwurst and Boerewors. Through the years, Jack’s Gourmet has continued to revolutionize the kosher palate with gourmet offerings such as Facon, Spicy Italian-Style Salami, old-world Corned Beef and Pastrami, and a variety of nitrite-free sausage patties and burgers. The general philosophy of Jack’s Gourmet is to use quality ingredients and avoid gluten, MSG, fillers, byproducts, and artificial ingre- dients, which explains the loyal customers and many accolades the company receives. In line with their mission to continually introduce new flavors to the kosher con- sumer’s palate, Jack’s Gourmet has recently released an all-new flavor which premiered this fall: Beef Merguez Sausage.

Sausages are now a staple product in kosher kitchens across the country as they provide a substantial flavor base for many dishes and are a secret ingredient in many top chefs’ repertoires. Jack’s Sweet Italian Sausage is especially unique in that classic Italian sausage utilizes non-kosher meat and is a flavor that most kosher cooks were, until recently, unfamiliar with. The sweetness in the sausage comes from notes of sweet pepper, fennel, and fine herbs used to flavor the meat.

To celebrate this unique ingredient, we reached out to two top chefs who shared a recipe highlighting Sweet Italian Sausage. It’s up to you, our devoted readers, to vote on which dish appeals to you most.  Click through and try the recipes yourselves.  Share your own recipes with us and be entered to WIN!!

Sausage and Chicken Leg Rouladeby Chef Alex Reznik, a Top Chef alum and former chef of La Seine and FigOly, has recently opened Ditmas in Los Angeles, Ca., as an ode to Ditmas Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, where the chef grew up. Modern and classy dining atmosphere, and incredible kosher cuisine makes Ditmas a must-visit restaurant. Check out

Apple and Yellow Lentil Soup with Sweet Italian Sausage by Chef Valentin Bay of C&R Kitchen in Philadelphia, Pa.  Citron & Rose opened in 2012 and brought high-quality ko- sher dining to the Philadelphia community. Chef Valentin Bay currently heads C&R Kitchen, Citron & Rose’s gourmet casual concept restaurant, with a full bar of signature cocktails. Visit for more information.

VOTE for your favorite recipe by commenting below for your chance to win a variety of prizes including a subscription to the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine.

*CHALLENGE THE CHEF: Share your favorite sausage recipe, which will be published in a special online post, and the winner will receive a variety of Jack’s Gourmet products including their very sought-after Jack’s Gourmet branded hat and apron, delivered right to your door!
The value of this prize is over $100.00. (Disclaimer: contest is open only to residents of the contiguous United States.)  - SUBMIT YOUR RECIPE HERE!


As seen in the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine

Chanukah 2014

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This post is sponsored by Jack’s Gourmet Kosher Sausage company.


/RECIPE/ Cranberry Walnut Salmon on a Bed of...


November 24th 2014

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You can find the recipe for Cranberry Walnut Salmon on a Bed of Spinach right here.

This recipe is a 3 pan meal but very much worth it. The melding of flavors was amazing. One flavor did not outbalance another. It was a beautiful harmony of taste! The recipe was very clear and easy to follow. However the was not enough “sauce” in the Cranberry topping. So I think next time I’ll double the amount of orange juice and honey. Leavening the cranberries and walnuts at the original amount.


I should mention that I forgot to let the Salmon Filets thaw. But I’m happy to report that the spice mixture still cooks up well even when the filets are frozen ;) Half way through the cooking I flipped each fillet to let the juices prevent the rub from drying out. And then flipped it again 2 min from the end of cooking to crisp up the top. They came out beautifully that way!

Everyone enjoyed this dish – even my none fish lovers!

The cranberries make this a wonderful fall season dish!

More to COME!


Week {4} Recipes


November 24th 2014

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Here are this weeks recipes to test!

Chocolate Bark Recipe

Butternut Squash and Wild Mushrooms Au Gratin

Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms

Persian Bean and Noodle Soup

This little experiment is really going to push me in some areas. Its going to get me to cook some recipes that I would not necessarily have picked out for myself. But, this is a good thing because I think we are going to get some family favorites from it!

More fun to come!


Betting On Winter Greens


November 24th 2014

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Wen I was studying to become a dietitian and cramming for an exam, I followed the mantra “bet on green” whenever I was unsure of an answer on a test. Packed with dozens of vitamins and minerals, it was hard to go wrong then, and even now, I still bet on green. With the winter approaching, most of the colorful tomatoes, corn and squashes begin to disappear off the supermarket shelves, replaced by bright leafy winter greens. Winter greens are green-leafed vegetables, hardy enough to thrive in the colder winter weather. They include chard, collards, mustard greens, escarole, kale and beet greens, among many others. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals and phy- tonutrients, which may help prevent heart disease and cancer.

In 2009, The Center for Science in the Public Interest (a nationally recognized not-for-profit research organization where I used to work) ranked nearly 85 vegetables in order of highest to lowest nutrient content and found kale, spinach, collard greens, turnip greens, and Swiss chard in the top five.

All are good sources of vitamins A, C and K, folate, iron, potassium and calcium. They are especially notable for their vitamin K and lutein content, nutrients that are less common in other foods. Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting and may boost bone density. Lutein, a relative of vitamin A, has been shown to be effective in preventing eye diseases.

Now that you know why we bet on green, let’s get in the kitchen! Winter greens are actually some of my favorite vegetables to cook. They are versatile and can add variety to your meals all winter long. Chard, beet greens and spinach are more tender and are best simply wilted or sautéed. Kale, collards, and mustard greens are heartier and are often braised with liquid to bring out the preferred taste and texture. These greens can also be eaten raw, massaged with an acidic dressing or vinaigrette and made into a flavorful winter salad.

To “wilt” tender greens, throw them in a preheated skillet and toss with tongs until they lose some of their firmness and gain some of their natural green color, you may need to add a small bit of water. Mix in a bit of garlic, a drizzle of olive oil and a light sprinkling of salt and you are good to go, or use the wilted greens in baked gratins, pasta fillings, quiches or tarts.

To braise heartier greens, wilt them first in a bit of garlic and oil, water or stock. Simmer until they reach the desired tex- ture. Cook off the excess liquid and serve as a side or add to pasta, rice, potatoes, beans or stew. Hearty greens go well with bold flavors. I like to use smoked salts or strong vinegars to flavor my greens.

Stuffed Collard Greens

Kale and Potato Hash

Maple Chard Salad

Beet Pepperoni Pizza with Beet Greens


As seen in the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller Magazine

Chanukah 2013

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/RECIPE/ Caramel Pear Lattice Pie


November 23rd 2014

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You can get the recipe for the Caramel Pear Lattice Pie right over here.

So Pear Pie was a first for me. I made many pies in my kitchen, dutch apple, pumpkin, pecan, cranberry streusel, and blueberry to name a few. But a pear one was missing from my repertoire. So this was a fun one!


During the preparation I tasted the pie in its different stages ;) like every good baker. The juice of 1 whole lemon had me scared. All I could envision was SOURness! And when I tasted it part of the way through it was pretty sour. But, I decided to go with it as written and make it one time just as the recipe called for. Then, if it didn’t turn out I would change the recipe. And boy did it ever turn out! It may have even been a tad sweet! But the taste and texture of the filling was perfect. The cardamom was an amazing spice for this pie! Deliciousness! The raw sugar was just what was needed for sprinkling on the top to give you a really beautiful finish. The larger granules give it the needed dimension and pop. I only really have one issue with the recipe – it says to reduce the oven hear to 375 degrees. But it never has a higher temp listed…. This one was a lot of fun and there is plenty more to come!


/RECIPE/ Tomato Soup with Egg in a Hole


November 21st 2014

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The first recipe that I tackled was the Tomato Soup with Egg in a Hole. However, I will state right here and up front that this one did not particularly sound so good to me. So I went forward with the hope that it would be something that the family would at least try. Maybe they wouldn’t like it but maybe they would at least try it. The concept of a soggy piece of bread with a runny egg just wasn’t uber appealing.


I served it to one family member and they could not get over it. The LOVED the soup. I mean LOVED the soup. As in “this is better than any tomato soup you’ve EVER made” loved. And yes. That is a direct quote. Everyone was thrilled with it. The bread gave it a nice crunch and body. The egg yolk made such an amazing symphony of taste in my mouth! SO GOOD!

Week {3} Tomato Soup with Egg in a Hole


I ended up frying my “Egg in a Hole” in a pan. For one I don’t have any oven proof bowls. And it was eaiser. But knowing what I know now I wouldn’t broil it. They came out perfectly. Just enough crunch and flavor. This is a pareve recipe unless you choose to use my additions – sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese.

I only have a few issues with the recipe itself but other than that it was GREAT!


Week {3} Recipes


November 21st 2014

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Ok. Here goes my first week as a Joy of Kosher Tester.


My recipes to cover this week are as follows:

Tomato Soup with Egg in a Hole

Chicken with Olives & Capers

Cauliflower Orange Salad

Cranberry Walnut Salmon on a Bed of Spinach

Caramel Pear Lattice Pie



Lets see how this goes!


Make Desserts Better With One Simple Ingredient


November 21st 2014

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I am a simple baker. I don’t make fancy cakes or decorated cookies. You’ll never see my concoctions dressing up a bakery window and I’ve accepted this fact. I make bundt cakes, chewy chocolate chip cookies and yummy brownies. My family loves them, but Paula Shoyer doesn’t have to look over her shoulder.

The kinds of treats I make don’t need anything to make them look good, and that’s the way I like it.

Most simple desserts call for a little extra flavoring, often in the form of vanilla extract. Recently I discovered another option that gives a unique twist to most every dessert, Morad Amaretto.

Morad Amaretto is a sweet almond flavored liqueur made in Israel, easily found at wine stores throughout the U.S. and Canada or available online here. The flavor of amaretto enhances any dessert made with almonds, but also compliments any desert made with chocolate, which is where I do most of my damage. I used Morad Amaretto to make these Almond Lace Cookies which are drizzled with rich, dark chocolate. These are gluten free and kosher for Passover, but really can (and should) be enjoyed all year round.

I also made the most amazing discovery when working on a cocktail recipe. Amaretto and lemon juice work wonders together. For a simple light cocktail all you need is lemon and amaretto and perhaps a bit of simple syrup. For something harder you can add vodka and serve on the rocks for an easy drink that tastes great!

Between cocktails and decadent desserts, Morad Amaretto works wonders.

This post is part of a sponsored partnership with Morad Winery.


Favorite Stories From Kosherfest


November 20th 2014

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I love to meet people who have a real passion for what they are doing.  There is nothing like talking to the owner of a new product line, their enthusiasm and passion for what they have created emanates through everything they say and do.  I am passionate about food and can talk about it all day long, so it is so nice to meet others who can do the same.

This year at Kosherfest I met a few new people and learned about a few new products with heart and soul behind them.

The Burning Bush is a new hot sauce brought to us by a two friends who gave up their day jobs to share their passion with us.  Neil Wernick is a marketer and engineer and the creator of this artisanal hot sauce, Nathan Kruman, his friend and business partner is the creator of the name.  Neil started out making pickles and tinkering until friends began asking for jars, but Nathan said we didn’t need pickles we need kosher hot sauce.  So Neil began experimenting with hot sauce, working and mixing adding a new pepper, a new spice a new element until he found the perfect blend.  A blend of spices and peppers that not only tastes great on its own but magically enhances the flavor of everything it is used on.  The heat it is not overpowering, but just adds a subtle kick at the end and works with almost any dish.

They say they hope to make it kosher for Passover, but it is not yet, I really do hope they make that happen.

I am not gluten free, but we do have a lot of gluten free folks on this site and I am constantly being asked if and how to make some of our recipes gluten free.  So I was very excited to meet Orly, founder and creator of Blends by Orly.  Orly is not gluten free either and she studied french baking in Australia so she knows how things are supposed to taste, but her husband is not so lucky.  His diagnosis of Celiac disease started her on the path to creating these blends.  At first I was going to walk by, thinking they were cake mixes, but they are actually blends that can be used in all our favorite recipes.  She formulated specialty mixes of flours that will work better in specific recipes like cakes versus cookies.  She says her Manhattan Blend is particularly popular with the kosher crowd in making a killer gluten free challah.  Each blend comes with a recipe, but you can use them to make all your old favorites.

For those have you that follow along on my travel adventures and ethnic cooking you will know that I love Thai food, but that it is not easy to make many traditional foods without chili paste.  I have learned to make my own, but it is not my favorite things to do and now I don’t have to anymore!! When I met the guy behind the new variety of Thai Curry sauces, he actually knew me.  He had seen my answer to others who have been asking for the same thing and he was happy to finally be the one to bring kosher Thai Chili Paste to the market.  (There are a few others, but they have been expensive and hard to get).  It turns out Thai Treat has been a kosher restaurant in Florida since 2001, not sure how I missed that, but they have take then signature blends and made them retail.  Go ahead and get one in every color, they all have slightly different flavor profiles and they will last a while too.  Thanks Thai Treat.

Last, but not least I wanted to share a bit about No Moo Cookies.  They are answering our demands for really good non dairy cookies and I know there are many out there that have been waiting for these.  They have 8 main flavors plus many seasonal varieties throughout the year. I like the feel of this company, they are a group of 6 who basically got together and decided to make and sell cookies.  David, the founder and president, felt for his numerous kosher friends who couldn’t enjoy his chocolate chip cookies as often as he would like.  So he started this company, got a few friends together and they are doing it right.  I waited for my husband to try one before I decided to write about them, he is the cookie lover in our house, and when he gave them two big thumbs up I knew I would include them in this write up.

There were many other new and old companies showcased this year as always and it is always fun to see what is new.  If you were there and want to share any thing please add it in the comments below.

If you are interested in any of the products or companies mentioned, please support them by ordering.





Cook Thanksgiving in an Hour


November 19th 2014

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I’m not kidding, it is possible to spend Thanksgiving outside of the kitchen!  Each dish seems to add up to more and more hours in the kitchen, but with a good game plan and the recipes below you will be out of the kitchen and able to enjoy the day.  I’m no miracle worker though, sorry to say that there are no whole roasted turkey recipes here, those actually take a while to cook!  Instead there are plenty of elegant and alternative turkey based options which will make you wonder why you ever bothered cooking the whole bird anyway!



You can get close to the whole roasted bird with elegant options such as Maple and Cider Turkey Breast and Stuffed Turkey Breast, if you prefer chicken try the Roast Chicken with Chestnuts and Orange Yam Mash, and if you have two hours try the Spatchcocked Turkey which is basically a butterflied whole turkey.  Some fun, untraditional takes on the Thanksgiving turkey include Turkey Meatballs, Turkey Chili with Loaded Cornbread Muffins, Turkey Shepherd’s Pie with Sweet Potato Topping and Turkey Schnitzel.


Pie and cornbread are all feasible tasks in under an hour.  My game plan is usually to conquer the baked goods and the meat in successive order.  Skillet Cornbread with Dried Cranberries & Sage and Pareve Cornbread Muffins take five minutes or less in prep time and yield delicious results.  Enjoy a classic Pumpkin Pie or even Pumpkin Brittle and Vegan Pumpkin Walnut Bread.


There’s even time for starches like potatoes, sweet potato kugels and stuffing!  Creamy Smashed Potatoes with Chives (sub in earth balance and vegan sour cream to keep it pareve), Sweet Potato Casserole with Honey, Butternut Squash Kugel, Roasted Butternut Squash with Apples, and Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Pecans all take about 45 minutes in the oven and will fill your kitchen with the most delightful of fall smells.  Stuffing can be a quick feat with Whole Wheat Challah Stuffing with Dried Cranberries, Simple Gluten Free Stuffing, and Simple Harvest Stuffing.


Spicy Sauted Leeks and Spinach

Last but not least are the quickest parts of the meal: the greens and the cranberry sauce.  The quickest cranberry sauce is just one can opener away, but making your own can take only about 10 minutes with the Zinfull Cranberry Relish and classic Cranberry Relish.  Some quick and healthy greens include the Pareve Creamed Spinach, Sautéed Garlickey Kale, Green Beans Almondine, and Spicy Sautéed Leeks and Spinach.


Looking for more Thanksgiving ideas?  Check out last week’s 50 Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup here!



The Chanukah Issue Makes The Perfect Gift


November 18th 2014

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This winter issue is all about Chanukah. Get healthy frying tips and tons of latke recipes. Don’t miss our Doughnut Cookies and gifts for every budget. We go crazy for olive oil and celebrate with a Chanukah party!!  Order 2 subscriptions and get the Joy of Kosher Cookbook as a FREE gift!!