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Win a Seat At Our Sabra Food Blogger Dinner


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This March we will be hosting a dinner with all your favorite foodie bloggers and we are giving you a chance to WIN a seat at our table.  The pot luck style dinner is sponsored by our favorite Mediterranean Salad company, Sabra, and most of the food you will enjoy will be made with one of the Sabra salads. You won’t believe how creative our bloggers can be! Check out the variety of recipes we already have and know there are more to come.

Join Tamar Genger (Executive Editor of our site) along with the following bloggers:


The Evolution of Jack’s Gourmet Kosher...


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In many ways, Jack Silberstein is like many young chefs living Brooklyn’s hip neighborhoods.  With his small beard, fashionable dress sense, and love of obscure meats, as well as his top-notch education at the Culinary Institute of America, Silberstein could be any trendy Brooklyn chef.  But there is one main thing that sets Silberstein apart: he doesn’t work in a restaurant kitchen.  At one point, Silberstein and his business partner, Dr. Alan Broner, were planning a kosher restaurant serving gourmet kosher cured meats, such as chorizo and Italian sausage that Silberstein had been developing.  But they soon realized that the items they had created could be so much more than just a deli.

Jack’s Gourmet hit the first grocery store shelves in 2010.  Starting with five varieties of sausage, plus corned beef and pastrami, Silberstein and Broner relied on word of mouth to get their products noticed.  At Kosherfest, Jack’s Gourmet handed out thousands of samples; besides for being the most talked-about company there, they also walked away with an award for Best New Product and interest from dozens of grocery store buyers.


The Sichuan Peppercorn Story


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Ever have Chinese food with a lot of spice, but more than the heat from the peppers, you feel a sort of tingling sensation in your mouth?  It doesn’t happen very often at kosher restaurants, but if you learn to cook your own you can make it spicy and tingly now that the ban on sichuan is over.

Sichuan peppercorns can be used or ground up into a spice blends.  It is commonly used whole in Szechuan cuisine and it is one of the classic ingredients in Chinese 5 spice powder, it provides and almost acidic flavor but most notable is the tingly sensation it leaves in your mouth that makes it ideal paired with hot spices.


A Clever Way To Turn Food Into Art


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When I was in Israel this Summer, Jamie and I had the most wonderful time meeting our new friend Meir Bulka.  Meir is one of those people who reminds you never to judge a book by it’s cover.  He is a big Israeli man probably in his late forties, married with grown kids and he is also the mastermind behind the new digital Israeli magazine, Itonochel.  When I first heard from Meir about his magazine I immediately thought I was talking (emailing) with a  woman.  When I saw his name I realized I must be wrong, so I figured he must be in his twenties.  When we met Meir he told us of a time when he was on a TV show for food bloggers he said, “when the producer asked me what my job was and I told him, he said he was sure that the person behind my blog and the magazine is none other than a young Tel Avivian girl, photographer and food freak. When he noticed that I was just the opposite (as is well known, I live in Samaria, I’m not a girl and I’m not so young), I saw his disappointment on his face but we both doubled over in laughter.” It turns out Meir has more tricks up his sleeve.


Prepare For Cyber Monday With Our Chanukah Gift...


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The timing of Chanukah every year really dictates which sales we are able to take advantage of. Last year with Thanksgivukkah the sales were not in our favor, but this year we have more than two weeks to go and still have Cyber Monday to enjoy tomorrow.  You can see my guide for last year’s Hanukkah gift guide here.  This year I have found some fun new foods that will make the perfect gift.


RSVP #WinnDixieKosher Chanukah Twitter Party


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You’re invited to join our #WinnDixieKosher Twitter chat!
Hosted by @JoyofKosher and sponsored by @WinnDixie.

We are cleaning our fryers and menorahs and getting ready to #CelebrateDelicious this Chanukah with Winn-Dixie by our side.   Winn-Dixie has over 1,000 kosher products plus many kosher baked goods in most of their stores and Jamie will be in Orlando and Jacksonville sharing latkes donuts with everyone who visits.


Free Magazine Subscription For Small Business...


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Take advantage of the Small Business Saturday (read Motzei Shabbos) Promotion from AMEX.


Favorite Stories From Kosherfest


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I love to meet people who have a real passion for what they are doing.  There is nothing like talking to the owner of a new product line, their enthusiasm and passion for what they have created emanates through everything they say and do.  I am passionate about food and can talk about it all day long, so it is so nice to meet others who can do the same.

This year at Kosherfest I met a few new people and learned about a few new products with heart and soul behind them.


The Chanukah Issue Makes The Perfect Gift


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This winter issue is all about Chanukah. Get healthy frying tips and tons of latke recipes. Don’t miss our Doughnut Cookies and gifts for every budget. We go crazy for olive oil and celebrate with a Chanukah party!!  Order 2 subscriptions and get the Joy of Kosher Cookbook as a FREE gift!!


Winn-Dixie Kosher Stores Within A Store *Giveaway*


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Check out this video as Jamie takes us through the Kosher Winn-Dixie grocery store in South Florida.

HEYYYYYYYYYY! Watch my #WinnDixieKosher store-within-a-store tour in South Florida. I shopped till I dropped and after eating fresh hot pizza and sushi I capped it all off with a 250+ person demo and book signing in the midst of one of those notorious Floridian torrential downpours!


The Evolution of Kosher Offerings at Winn-Dixie


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I grew up in South Florida and I am very familiar with Winn-Dixie, but since I left at the age of 18 for college, I never knew about their commitment to kosher.  This year we have teamed up with Winn-Dixie to help spread the word about their unbelievable selection of kosher offerings across the Sunshine State.   Last month, before Rosh Hashanah, Jamie visited the Winn-Dixie Tamarac store.  She shared some her favorite recipes as part of a live food demonstration, handed out Joy of Kosher magazines and signed books for a crowd of 250 people.  Thanks to all the fans that came out, even in the pouring rain!!  (see photos from the event on our Facebook page)


A Shabbat Project Breakfast Idea



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Looking for inspiration for a Shabbos Breakfast? – look no further than these Israeli Breakfast ideas.

Rushed off our feet during the week sometimes makes it impossible to sit down as a family and eat a healthy breakfast together. Let’s really get into the spice and spirit of the promised land, leaving the macon and eggs behind, to enjoy the land of milk and honey in the form of an Israeli breakfast.


New Jewish Summer Camp Options for Parents


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This past summer four new Jewish summer camps opened their doors to offer kids (and parents) new choices.  Thanks to a generous grant from four major foundations (Jim Joseph, AVI CHAI, the Foundation for Jewish Camp, and UJA-Federation of New York), visionary camp directors were able to create new experiences to meet the demands of many families looking for unique camp experiences that incorporate Jewish values with a concentration on  science, sports, business and health and wellness.



Is Grass Fed Beef Better? *Giveaway*


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If I were to ask you where your steak comes from and your first answer is the supermarket, we need to talk. Long before a trimmed, perfectly portioned rib eye finds its way onto your grill or your plate, it starts with a cow and a cattle rancher. The Farm to Table Movement has caused many of us to think more about where our food comes from. Although I don’t yet (and can’t afford to fully) practice what I preach, our family is starting to eat more sustainable and natural foods, including grass-fed beef.

Some kosher consumers feel that eating animals raised in captivity challenges our goal for having greater sensitivity to the natural world. I’m not sure I’m entirely convinced by this argument, but grass-fed meat and pastured poultry seeks to find a thoughtful balance between the ethical and the practical.


Join Us For The Shabbos Project


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Last year The Shabbos Project took South Africa by storm with a weekend dedicated to getting as many people as they could to keep Shabbat from sundown to stars out.  The weekend kicked off with a mass challah baking lead by our dear friend and regular contributor, The Kosher Butcher’s Wife, Sharon Lurie.

The Great Challah Bake