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Kitchen Design Ideas – Zen with a Fresh...


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In this busy kitchen, nature meets modernity and functionality. The kitchen is this home’s central stage, and the modern yet cozy nature-inspired style make it the place everyone loves to be. Homeowner Leslie Chera and her husband Jackie love to entertain—so the three ovens are always busy. Leslie’s four young girls join her in the kitchen as she hosts cooking classes, and all the food prepared is donated to the needy.


Cooking with Kids – Strawberry Salad


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Long, summer days are the perfect time to introduce colorful, fresh produce to young palates. Adding kid-friendly fruits like berries to nutritious greens like spinach and asking them to help prepare the vinaigrette makes it much more likely that they’ll gobble it down. Let them create a clever recipe title that includes their own name, like “Joshy’s Rainbow Salad,” so they’ll be more open to eating it.

This salad can be modified to your family’s tastes by switching the nuts for seeds or the cheese for chicken. The fantastic thing about salads is that kids can make the entire dish from start to finish since it doesn’t involve working with heat.


The Best Thing I Ever Ate – Ethiopian Coffee...


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I’m not really one for playing favorites.  Not with my kids or my friends and definitely not with food.  I just can’t pick one thing that is really the best.  So this wasn’t an easy task, but I do remember the best cup of coffee I ever had.  It’s amazing how roasted beans and hot water can be life changing, but the combination made Howard Schultz a billionaire and changed the way most of us start (or get through) our day.  But this post isn’t about Starbucks.  It’s about a cup of coffee I enjoyed a while back at an upscale restaurant in NYC.

It was the first time I really fell in love with a cup of coffee.  It’s been a challenge ever since to recreate that moment and I have become an insufferable coffee snob.  Usually great coffee doesn’t need any additional flavor, or even milk or sugar.  I called the restaurant for their recipe as a surprise for my husband and they graciously shared their secret blend, including the source for their coffee beans and it was one of the best presents I ever gave my husband for his birthday.  It really is the perfect give for any coffee lover, just mix it all in, place in a jar and tie a note around it.


Kosher Charcuterie


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It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Salami Anymore

For most diners, there’s nothing new about charcuterie, but for kosher eaters in the United States, there is suddenly a whole new world. A revolution in artisanal meats was a logical extension of the explosion of interest in expanded kosher possibilities that brought us Camembert,
Gruyere, and sushi.


Cashew Cream and Tomato Sauce For Pasta


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Creamy cashew cream, vanilla, and fresh tomatoes. Ever think you would hear that combination? Well if you are used to my website, I Want That For Dinner, you know I am very creative in the kitchen. If eating healthy and gluten free without creativity, life can taste very bland. I hope you are up to try something new tonight for dinner and follow this delicious recipe!

Bakto flavors were kind enough to send me delicious vanilla products for me to create dishes for my blog. Thankfully, the extremely fragrant ground Madagascar vanilla bean made its way into the package. I chose to make a recipe that was not a typical dessert with vanilla. I thought about savory dishes and realized tomato is considered a fruit, but eaten in a savory dishes. I then Googled adding vanilla bean to sauce, and hundreds of websites popped up… I wasn’t crazy after all! After reading many of the comments, the consensus was that vanilla added a warmth and flavor without the usual sweetness.  To finish my sauce, I chose to add a little spicy chili flakes and cream to balance all of the flavors together.


Spring Craft – Temp Tee Potted Kitchen Herb...


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The recipes have been made and the delicious food consumed, so what do you do now with your left over Temp Tee containers??? Well craft them of course!!

This project is fantastic not only because it’s absolutely perfect, but because it takes an item that would normally be thrown in the garbage made purposeful again.


Cooking With Kids – Spaghetti Squash


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Squash often gets a bad rap with both kids and parents but once they discover spaghetti squash, they gain a whole new appreciation for these versatile winter vegetables.

The vitamin-rich, high-fiber squash is the perfect way to get your noodle-loving children to develop a love of vegetables. When you scrape the flesh with a fork, it naturally gives way to long, thin strands that resemble pasta. Children also love the bright yellow color. Perfect for Passover and gluten-free eaters, spaghetti squash with a simple tomato sauce is a terrific dish to add to your weekly repertoire all year long.


DIY Passover Crafts


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The Passover count down has officially begun. In the coming weeks we will all be busy cleaning our homes and planning our menus. For many that’s the easy part, but I have a confession to make, it’s not so easy for me.  I honestly have no clue how to clean. In my family we all stick to what we are good at, and I suppose for me, that’s crafting.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great cook and I love to experiment in the kitchen, but I think I’ll pass on the sponge and broom for now.

What I love about this tablescape that you are about to see, is that anyone can really create it! These DIY Passover crafts are so incredibly simple; incorporating everyday items that you find in your home with inexpensive products that can be purchased at your local craft store.


DIY – Make Your Own Condiments


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Pesach is that wonderful time of year to flex your Do-It-Yourself muscles making classic homemade condiments: mayonnaise, tartar sauce, ketchup, and their many variations.




Edible 10 Plagues


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I was talking to a friend about a some fun new Passover seder ideas and we started to talk about an idea for edible makot or plagues.  What better way to liven things up and have some fun with the kids then to make the ten plagues into edible sweets.  I haven’t quite figured them all out, so I am going to share my list and hope you will chime in, in the comments with your ideas.

Blood – Red Jello


KitchenAid Hand Blender Review


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As we approach the Passover holiday and plan our seder menu, it’s a good idea to take an inventory of your kitchen equipment.  Do you have everything you need for Passover?  If you don’t have a hand blender, you’re probably working too hard.  I recently tested the KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender and this dynamo is like having my very own sous chef in a box.

The powerful 5-speed motor and 8 inch removable blending arm provide exceptional control to mix all your ingredients with ease.  You can blend, puree, chop, shred, mince, froth/mix, and whisk/emulsify and aerate.  From breakfast smoothies, chopped nuts for charoset, dicing bitter herbs for maror, shredding vegetables for salad and stir fry, or whisking egg whites for meringues or macaroons  – you can do everything you used to do by hand in a fraction of the time with the KitchenAid blender.  So instead of buying a food processor, a blender and a mixer you can do it all with just this hand blender.


Passover Table Style


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Fit for Royalty

There is no greater sense of satisfaction than that felt at the start of the Pesach Seder. Inside, the house and all its contents are positively gleaming. And outside the first hints of Spring are emerging. Celebrate the Jewish people’s deliverance from slavery to royalty with a palette of white, shimmering gold, and accents of black and green.


A Purim Oscar Party


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Did anyone else realize that the night after Purim day is the Academy Awards?  What’s a movie lover to do, but throw an Oscar Party Seudah.  Get dressed up in fancy clothes and invite your friends for a Seudah of Hors D’oeuvres and Cocktails and maybe some popcorn like snacks. Here are some suggestions for make ahead foods that you can enjoy for this extended party.

sweet potato knishes

Sweet Potato Knishes


It’s On The Inside That Counts –...


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When I think of hamantaschen, the first thing that comes to mind is their delicious fruit centers. That’s why I chuck store-bought jelly and canned pie fillings in favor of my own homemade versions—giving my Purim cookies other worldly dimensions.
When most people take a bite of a hamantaschen that is completely homemade, filling and all, they don’t know what to do with themselves—the taste is that good. Once you try one of these renditions, you’ll never go back to the canned.

Poppy Seed Filling


Cooking Quiche With Kids


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While most Purim baskets are overflowing with sweets, it’s a nice change to add in some savory goodies. Mini quiches are the perfect treat to include in your mishloach manot because they can be eaten at room temperature, don’t require utensils, and both kids and adults love them. They also don’t take long to prepare and can be made several weeks in advance and frozen.

Start by lining up all your ingredients for