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Jamie Geller To Make Aliyah – Follow Jamie...


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Tonight at the Nefesh B’Nefesh Tweetup (#nbntweetup) at the JNF house in Manhattan, I announced the incredible news that we are making aliyah this summer.  Here is essentially what I said.

“I, Jamie Geller, my husband and our children will be realizing a lifelong dream of ours, our parents, our grandparents and the Jewish people for the past 2,000 years.  We will be making aliyah this summer with Nefesh B’Nefesh on the August 13th 2012 Charter Flight.


The Best Summer Salad Recipes **Giveaway**


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In Summer, the go-to dish for me is salad. Sometimes I toss everything together (avocado, egg whites, nuts, craisins, whatever), add lettuce
and dive in. And sometimes I just want a bowl of mixed baby greens with olive oil, a sprinkle of kosher salt and a squeeze of lemon. Salads
are perfect for lunch and dinner. Come to think of it, breakfast too.  Also snacks. Load in some lean protein and you’ve got a full meal.

Smoked Salmon Salad


Chill Out with 4 No Bake Dessert Recipes


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I don’t try to hide the fact that baking ain’t my bag. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a sweet tooth! I’ve got the sweetest tooth this side of Candyland, and I’ve found lots of no-bake ways to satisfy it. Folks, these cool summer sweets are the best because there’s no oven required. No oven! Now that’s the way to beat the heat and stay out of the kitchen this summer.

Lemon Yogurt Pie


Make a Side of Green Beans


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So Tamar and I were talking about side dishes.

Oft overlooked till the last minute when you frantically search for what goes with this thing here that you are making for dinner…


Cook Once, Eat Twice – Chicken!


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Leftover chicken can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be.  Instead it can be another easy weeknight dinner.



5 One Bowl Pasta Dinners


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Thirty-minute dinners that let you feed your pasta craving and still step lightly on that scale.

These five one-bowl pasta dinners are quick, easy, and satisfy every pasta-lover’s craving. I love just about every version of pasta, and I’ve discovered ways to indulge even when I’m “watching” what I eat. So don’t let the “P” word scare you. If you’re careful with portion size, enhance the meal with vegetables and healthy lean proteins, and use whole wheat, brown rice, or soba noodle varieties to enjoy these fab five dinners without a care!


An Elegant Shavuot Menu


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These spunky dairy dishes can challenge any fleishig fare for holiday feasting.  I love Shavuos. It’s such a happy yuntif—full of Torah and flowers, learning and family. And it’s our chance to indulge in yummy milchig meals that are as lavish and tantalizing as meat fests. This wonderful seasonal menu will make your dairy meals a gourmet’s delight, and will even placate the meat & potatoes fans in your family.

Mini Spanakopita


Jamie Geller’s Lightened Remakes


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Jamie shares her recipe for a Low Fat Lemon Cheesecake along with other lightened up recipes for this issue of the magazine.  Here are some more classics remade into lighter versions by Jamie Geller.

Light Pasta Alfredo


The Making of a Cookbook # 4 – Photography


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So as I sit here and twiddle my fingers trying to guess what I should write about, what you want to know, what may be of interest, Tali was kind enough to post a question (you go Tali!  both for the Q and your gorgeous Kachol v’ Lavan Cheesecakes!).

Question From Tali:
I’d love to hear more about the photo shoots…
Do they take place in your home?
Over how many days?
Do you have everything pre-cooked?
Are hot dishes photographed hot?
Is it your job to have extra ingredients around for styling?
Also, why is this the most expensive part — doesn’t the publisher pay for that?


Six A La Minute Shavuot Brunch Recipes


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Quick & Kosher 20 minute prep. There’s something for everyone at this perfect Shavuos brunch. Use “à la minute” techniques to individualize delectable breakfast cuisine.

After a night of Torah learning, a fresh breakfast hits the spot. This is the time for à la minute fare. In the culinary arts (which always sounded to me like painting with ketchup), à la minute refers to a style of cooking where an item, or particularly its accompanying sauce, is prepared to order, rather than prepped in advance.  You can make elements of this breakfast à la minute, and prep some ahead of time, so you are not at the stove while everyone else is enjoying the yuntif feast. It has some savory dishes, sweet sides, southwestern influences, and a little smoked salmon for good measure.


For The Love of Rhubarb


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It was about 5 years ago that I was talking to Ruthie, my friend in the neighborhood, and she was going on an on an on about Rhubarb.  How she loved it and makes kugels and pies and G-d only knows what else.  Well  I was flabbergasted to say the least.  I mean who eats rhubarb?  I always saw it in the freezer section but just passed it over like soup on a hot day.  So nowadays I am a lot more adventurous. That coupled with the fact that Ruthie doesn’t much seem the adventurous cooking type – gave me the courage to try this peculiar plant in my cooking.


Celebrating Israel Independence Day


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This year Yom HaAtzmaut is on Thursday, April 26, 2012.

So, probably you wanna know what I’m gonna make.  It’s not like Shavuos where I wait for an excuse to make cheesecake, I don’t really wait for Yom HaAtzmaut to make Israeli food.  Hummus and Tahina are staples in our house – we eat them with everything from chicken nuggets, to pizza and on salads.  Other middle eastern dips like Turkish salad and babaganoush are slathered in between butterflied potato borekas or smothered on spicy beef cigars weekly at our shabbos table and we eat falafel like it’s going out of style.


The Making of a Cookbook #3


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Editing, Editing and More Editing.

The most unglamorous and laborious part to writing a cookbook is the editing, specifically the recipe editing. There are so many styles to recipe writing, think about it like decorating, and no way is better than the other but each publishing house, or publication, or website (I am sure you are getting the point) has a style sheet. Now, much like morning sickness, which is not confined to the the AM hours, a style sheet is not really a single piece of paper but something closer in size to a small book. It details all the “house rules” for writing. And goes through the painful process of listing the mundane to obscure.


Seven Perfect Recipes for your Passover Meal


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Most cooks are stumped when it comes to menu planning for an important event. What’s the best starter? How to pair mains with sides? And yuntif is your ultimate culinary performance. The stage is set, the audience is seated at your table, the curtain rises, and the spotlight is on you.

Chill. Those folks around your table are not food critics from the New York Times; they’re just your family and friends. And you’ll be a star because we’ve done all the planning for you: every course in this elegant coordinated meal perfectly combines flavors, textures, and colors. Just serve and bow to the applause.


15 Minute Prep Passover Meals


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Enhance your Yom Tov meal without spending all day in the kitchen.

Passover is known to old-timers as a “Kitchen Yuntif,” but that doesn’t mean we must be chained to our stoves for a whole week. Slavery, my friends, is over — gone forever since the exodus! Our Festival of Freedom is no time to enslave ourselves, even if we’re scheduled to serve up 10 banquets in eight days, not to mention K for P lunches and snacks.