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DIY – Make Your Own Greek Yogurt *Giveaway*


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Because we are new olim, Hubby started going to Ulpan. As you probably know, that’s a crash course in spoken Hebrew, but the immediate payoff is a circle of friends – people who are as clueless as you are about how to say in perfect Hebrew, “I think I’m on the wrong bus and I don’t want to go to Solomon’s Mines.”  At least, you’re supposed to learn how to say this fast enough to get off before the bus hurtles into the Negev.

A true Israeli, the Ulpan teacher has a habit of introducing inexplicable grammar rules with the preface “This is how it is; if you don’t like it, start a revolution.” Now of course this all goes down in Hebrew but the word for revolution she uses is “revolutzia.” That’s not one of my classic vocab words from 6th grade Hebrew class, but I love the sound of it.


Butternut Squash and Arugula Pizza


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I often talk about how Hubby and I are polar opposites.  In food and in life.  And at the pizza shop.

He is a crazy connoisseur of all things pizza and has his favorite shops and favorite toppings and even knows exactly what time to show up where for the freshest out of the oven pie and the best selection.  He likes plain, Sicilian and Chicago.  He likes ziti, onion rings, spicy fries and falafel balls ON (yes you read right ON!) his pizza.  He also douses his pizza in tahina.


Simple Starters That Impress


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First Impressions – Excite your company from the get-go with these simple starters

You won’t catch me moving into the kitchen for a full month before a Yuntif, catching my zzz’s between kitchen timer alarms. But that doesn’t stop me from kicking off each meal with an impressive dish. You can do it too! Go for one simple starter that makes a bold statement in taste and appearance.


Honey Sesame Glazed Chicken – Honey Recipe...


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Honey is the most universal symbol of Rosh Hashanah.  As everyone looks to wish one another a Sweet New Year.  We take that phrase for granted as we have heard it so many times over for so many years running but it is such a beautiful wish.  We use adjectives like good and great and wonderful to describe experiences, hopes and dreams but sweet is a quite beautiful word, for me, it conveys something more than the commonly used positive adjective, it conveys something warm, something homey.

Date and Honey Glazed Chicken Thighs

Date and Honey Glazed Chicken Thighs


Five-Ingredient Dinners Go From Everyday to...


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Dress them up, or dress them down—these dishes do double duty for either a holiday or weeknight meal.

We all have our go-to recipes that are easy, foolproof crowd-pleasers. Now you’ll have even more. These recipes use only 5 ingredients—doesn’t get much simpler than that—for weeknight family dinners. But I’ll also show you how a simple presentation tweak, garnish, or an extra ingredient or two can dress ‘em up for Yom Tov.  (And no, salt, pepper, oil, water, and cooking spray don’t count as ingredients.)  I promise these will become part of your tried & true recipe inventory, and now they’ll do double duty as everyday or holiday dishes.


A Simanim Filled Menu For Rosh Hashanah


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Simanim Inspired – Taste your way into a blessed new year.

Simanin (literally signs or indicators) are foods that we eat on Rosh Hashanah to symbolize our hopes for the coming year. I like to work simanim into my Rosh Hashanah recipes for the added blessing, sweetness, and mazal they represent.  This menu is exquisite in its simplicity and great-tasting dishes.


I Make the BBQ Sauce *Kosher Recipe Linkup*


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I don’t really grill. Except when it comes to interrogating Hubby.  I leave the actual BBQ to the experts.  My Hubby and BFF Anita (Rabbi Lawrence’sbetter half) are the grill masters on the block.  Come to think of it, in Anita’s house she’s not only the griller (yes, I realize that’s not really a proper word), she’s also the garbage taker outer and the driver and the discipliner (yup, I know that’s not correct either… but it flows). Rabbi L just sits and is served, plays good cop with the kids and rides shotgun while she chauffeurs him around town. But she loves it.  Anita and Hubby are twins separated at birth.  Come to think of it Rabbi L and I are quite similar (aside from the facial hair of course — I will admit to having NONE!).

Peach BBQ Sauce

Peach BBQ Sauce


Joy of Aliyah – The Airport Teaser


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This is it. We have been waiting for this day for a lifetime. The one way ticket to Israel for my entire family and 350 additional olim chadashim courtesy of Nefesh B’Nefesh and the Jewish Agencey for Israel and the Israeli government.

We are feverishly working on the next episode which premieres next Wednesday Aug 22nd at 7pm. And will include our last 24 hours in the US, our airport goodbyes, the flight and landing in Israel.


6 Summer Party Appetizers *Giveaway*


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I love a good party.  But easy laid back open house style entertaining.  Which I find perfect for summer.

I recently hosted (together with Nefesh B’Nefesh) my own Goodbye BBQ.  But the kicker, as I have oft complained here for the last few weeks, is that my kitchen contents are all packed up on a lift and anything that was left I gave away in haste forgetting that I had 4 weeks left to feed my family.  So with only a stockpot a HUGE serrated bread knife and oversized cutting board to my name I hosted a party for a hundred and do what I was brought up to do… made my momma proud and called the caterer.


Preparing To Move with 6 Israeli Recipes *Giveaway...


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I am moving.  Have you heard?  I know it’s hard to ignore something I am shouting from every roof top but as usual I can’t help myself.  Well let me tell you as I have told anyone who will listen I have but a pot, a cutting board and a rusted bread knife plus a bunch of fancy once-a-year serving platters to my name in my NY kitchen.  So cooking has been a more difficult than usual challenge.  But surprisingly while not pretty to watch I can get a respectable slice and dice out of my overgrown serrated bread knife.  So in honor of my aliyah to the Holy Land I share my favorite Israeli Salatim (translate: salads) that I really should practice in anticipation of my arrival.  When I get there I bet my Israeli-Iraqi sis-in-law will surely tell me I am doing these all wrong, but until then they are authentic in my book.

israeli chopped salad

Israeli Salad


9 Meatless Dinners for the 9 Days *Giveaway*


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My first love – before I knew hubby and had my delicious kids, was dairy.  If it were up to me I would only use the meat side of my kitchen for Shabbos and short ribs and that’s about it.  But G-d forbid don’t let it be suggested that I am celebrating over dairy dinners on the 9 days.  These 9 days are an acute time of mourning for the Jewish people.  Read JoK Rabbi, Rabbi Lawrence’s clear and concise explanation of why we eat dairy leading up to Tisha B’av.

What I’ve done for you here is suggest a number of dinner ideas for this week that I am sure you will try, because you are forced to, but I am sure you will be pleased with and work into your year round repertoire.


9 Burgers 9 Ways with 8 Homemade Condiments ...


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There’s nothing like biting into a juicy burger, soft bun, crisp lettuce, fresh sliced tomatoes, oozing with grilled onions and ketchup.  Burgers aren’t limited to beef though—try these delish variations using fish, turkey, and veggies. And when the ol’ ketchup & mustard just won’t do, top these creations with special sauce, pico de gallo, and black olive tapenade. No boring burgers at this “Q!” (Go ahead—lick your fingers, nobody’s looking.)



The Best Summer Salad Recipes **Giveaway**


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In Summer, the go-to dish for me is salad. Sometimes I toss everything together (avocado, egg whites, nuts, craisins, whatever), add lettuce
and dive in. And sometimes I just want a bowl of mixed baby greens with olive oil, a sprinkle of kosher salt and a squeeze of lemon. Salads
are perfect for lunch and dinner. Come to think of it, breakfast too.  Also snacks. Load in some lean protein and you’ve got a full meal.

Smoked Salmon Salad


Chill Out with 4 No Bake Dessert Recipes


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I don’t try to hide the fact that baking ain’t my bag. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a sweet tooth! I’ve got the sweetest tooth this side of Candyland, and I’ve found lots of no-bake ways to satisfy it. Folks, these cool summer sweets are the best because there’s no oven required. No oven! Now that’s the way to beat the heat and stay out of the kitchen this summer.

Lemon Yogurt Pie


Make a Side of Green Beans


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So Tamar and I were talking about side dishes.

Oft overlooked till the last minute when you frantically search for what goes with this thing here that you are making for dinner…