Cholent Kits Review and Giveaway


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Just a quick explanation here about cholent:

On Shabbat, cooking is prohibited. This means if you want something hot during the 26 hours that comprise the Sabbath, you need to a) have whatever you want pre-cooked, and b) a way to heat it up or keep it warm set up before sundown Friday. By no means is this all that is required for food preparation for the Sabbath, but this is the most basic fundamentals, in terms of hot food.


The Pardes Restaurant Experience


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I finally made it to Pardes.  The winner of our Best of Kosher Restaurant from 2011 and a much talked about dining destination in Brooklyn, NY.  A lucky night of free babysitting from the in-laws meant that I could venture out a little farther and get to Pardes with a couple of friends ready to share.

Before I went I put a call out on Twitter asking for recommendations and overwhelmingly everyone raved about the tasting menu, where Chef Moshe Wendel will bring out course after course of his own special creations for $110.  Unfortunately, I was too late to order the tasting menu which requires 24 hours advance notice.   But that gave us ample opportunity to sample lots of items from the regular menu and craft our own “tasting” menu.


In the JOK Kitchen with Helen Nash and The New...


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Helen Nash has just released her third cookbook.  Following the popular Kosher Cuisine and Helen Nash’s Kosher Kitchen, her latest cookbook is filled with modern recipes that are still respectful of tradition.  Helen Nashs’s New Kosher Cuisine: Healthy, Simple & Stylish features healthy modern fusion recipes as well as old favorites.  She also includes tips on freezing some of her dishes in advance so you can always have a healthy delicious meal ready to go even at the last minute.

Your first cookbook came out in 1984.  What inspired you to start writing cookbooks?


Dear Coco Chocolate Truffles *Giveaway*


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I am so excited to tell you about these new Non-Dairy Chocolate Tuffles called Dear Coco.  Our friend and frequent guest blogger, Rachelle Ferneau, recently debuted a line of gourmet and flavorful chocolates that can be shipped all across the country.  She started with the Signature Around the World Collection of 12 truffles with global flavors including Tahiti Lime and Kyoto Green Pearl.  I had the pleasure of tasting all 12 and was pleasantly surprised at the amazing flavor and obvious high quality.  Then every month she introduces two new seasonal truffles to keep us all on our toes.  This Month in honor of the High Holidays she will be ofering the Jewish New Year collection with Mediteranean Pomegranate and Argentine Honey.  We talked with Rachelle to find out more and then you get a chance to win this month’s collection!

Rosh Hashanah Chocolate Truffles


The Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook Review *Giveaway*


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I met Lindsay Landis on Twitter and she told me about her new cookbook, The Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook . I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Being a dietitian, I knew I would save these recipes for special occasions, but with a few birthdays coming up it was perfect timing! I have a secret love of cookie dough. It all goes back to my TCBY days, I used to love their cookie dough topping and I still love cookie dough ice cream. I don’t know what it is about this stuff, but Lindsay clearly is head over heels for the cookie dough.

In The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook: Cookies, Cakes, Candies, and More, Lindsay starts out with a delicious egg free cookie dough recipe that can then be added to any other dessert you can imagine. Lindsay blogs at and says the popularity of her Cookie Dough Truffles is what inspired this book. Just goes to show if you want more of something let us know. After reading through the book, I had a couple of questions for Lindsay, who says, even after making this book, she is not sick of it. That is true love.


Kleins Kosher Ice Cream Review


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Kleins Kosher Ice Cream graciously provided frozen treats at Jamie Geller’s Goodbye BBQ.  The kids and grown ups all gobbled them up as a perfect ending treat to a delicious BBQ.  These treats of course were non dairy, but Kleins offers all sorts of kosher frozen desserts from dairy chalav yisroel to vegan approved non dairy.

Klein’s was founded 60 years ago as the first Chalav Yisroel Ice Cream in the US. It is a remarkable story of true determination from a holocaust survivor.  It began with a barely running truck and 5 frozen novelties and has grown to a company with over 380 different products and 3 Ice Cream house shops where people can go and choose from any of them.


Lunchtime Lunacy – LaLaLunchbox Makes School...


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They hate tuna fish.  No cold grilled cheese please.  The school says: nothing made with, next to or in the same facility as peanuts or any other tree nuts.  It’s enough to make me nuts!  I hate school lunch.  I don’t have to eat it.  But I do have to make it.  And I found an App to make it easier.  Thanks to Ronnie Fein’s daughter for creating LaLaLunchbox for us.


Regular and Gluten Free Panko – A Pantry...


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Panko are Japanese bread crumbs.  A long time secret of Japanese  cuisines, panko is now a pantry staple for creating perfect crispiness in any dish.  Panko is a culinary superstar.  The large flaky crumb has a coarser texture than traditional breadcrumbs and delivers a lighter crunchier coating.  Whether frying, baking or broiling, panko has become the bread crumb of choice in my house.


Why Hummus Makes Me Happy **Giveaway**


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It’s been a real surprise to see classic Israeli and Middle Eastern food take center stage in America’s supermarkets.  Packaged hummus used to be thick, grainy and not at all like the hummus I fell in love with in Israel.  All that changed a few years ago when Sabra came to market.  They introduced Israeli style Hummus and made it mainstream in the regular grocery stores.  Then hummus shops opened up all over New York City and random places around the country.  Remarkable.

Hummus has gone beyond the kosher, Jewish and Israeli market to broader mainstream appeal and with good reason.  Hummus is made of chickpeas, sesame paste, lemon, garlic and olive oil.  It is a healthy, protein filled, snack or lunch that is gluten free and nut free.    It doesn’t spoil easily and is delicious spread on crackers, pita, carrot sticks or even a bagel. For those counting, 2 tablespoons contains 50 calories, 3.5 g of fat, 4 g of carbohydrates, 1 g of fiber and 2 g of protein.


The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen by Levana *Giveaway...


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It’s finally here.  Chef Levana’s magnum opus.  Her masterpiece.  Levana has worked in the kosher food industry for over 30 years and has published four best-selling cookbooks.   The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen includes more than 350 recipes, 250 of which are gluten free and 250 can be made for Passover.  This cookbook has all the basics of healthy whole food cooking with tips and stories that make it a must have for every kosher home.

Caesar Salad


Drink Up! Herbal Water Is Fun *Giveaway*


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For a while now, I’ve been making my own herbal iced tea.  Stick a few fruit flavored teas in some water, put the pitcher by the sun and voila, flavored water everyone enjoys with no added sugar.  We barely serve soda at home, but recently the kids have been getting into seltzer.  It’s their special treat and since there are no calories or sugar, I’m happy to oblige.  But it’s starting to get a little boring.

Along comes Dr. Ayala, who recently introduced me to her line of herbal waters.  She is a mother and pediatrician who was looking for an alternative to the sugar laden beverages everyone  else was seeking.  In 2005, she started to blend her own unique blends of herbs with water.  When demand grew so did this company.


Vegan Cream Cheese Really Tastes Great *Giveaway*


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I know vegan cream cheese has been available for a while now.  To be honest, I only bought it when I couldn’t find vegan sour cream that I like to use to make dips and dressings for meat meals.  I never even considered using it as actual cream cheese on a bagel, after all it’s not like I’m making sausage or kosher bacon for breakfast every day.


Sun Dried Apricots from Enduring Sun


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Fresh apricots have too short a season for such a yummy fruit.  That is why dried apricots have always been a popular treat.   Drying is an easy way to preserve the taste and be able to enjoy them all year round.  To be honest I have never been a real fan of the regular Turkish apricots available in most supermarkets, I find them somewhat bland, with sweetness but no real apricot flavor.  Over the years, I prefer the more flavorful and tart variety of dried apricots I find at Trader Joe’s.



What Are Heirloom Beans?


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I’ve heard of heirloom tomatoes, but heirloom beans? As someone who tries not to eat too much meat and a family that jumps for beans, I was so excited to learn about heirloom beans.

An heirloom is something that has been passed down for generations through family members.  Some people have jewelry and some people have seeds.  An heirloom plant is a varietal that has not been used in the modern large scale farm production, but rather passed down through family or farm from an earlier period in time.  Steve Sando, founder of Rancho Gordo, defines them as pure seeds, that when planted will produce the same kind of bean every time.   I remember buying a special heirloom variety of popcorn at a local farmers market a few years ago, they said the seeds were passed down in their family for years and it happened to be the best popcorn I have ever had.


Recipes for Dorot Frozen Herbs


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When I first discovered frozen cubes of ginger, garlic and herbs from Dorot at the local kosher market, I couldn’t believe it.  What a great idea!  It’s about time someone came out with an easy to use alternative to dried herbs or jarred garlic.  How many times had I bought a huge bouquet of dill for chicken soup, only to find a bag of mush on the bottom of my fridge a few weeks later?  These Dorot cubes give the taste of fresh garlic and herbs, without the chopping and the waste.

Charoset with Ginger