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Kosher Pasture Raised Meat With Grow & Behold


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One balmy June afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Anna and Naftali Hanau. My goal was to learn more about pasture-raised beef as this is a fairly new concept to the kosher world. It was inspiring to hear Anna and Naftali share their story and give a tour of their backyard. We chatted over a BBQ feast they prepared, and the simple but truly mouthwatering food was an unexpected perk. We enjoyed Grow & Behold beef tartare (exceptional!), beef burgers, and marinated lamb chops with a salad of greens freshly picked that morning from the garden.


In the JOK Kitchen with Cook In Israel *Giveaway*


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Cook In Israel is the new cookbook written by Orly Ziv.  Orly contacted me a few months ago and told me about her cooking school in Israel and the cookbook she was working on.  It sounded very exciting, but to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect.  A few months later this gorgeous new cookbook filled with my favorite kinds of Israeli style recipes showed up at my doorstep.  I learned that Katherine Martinelli, a long time friend of joyofkosher took the photos!  Needless to say I am excited to share this book with you and to learn more about Orly and her new cookbook.

I feel a kindred spirit with you being that we are both nutritionists and I love that your book is mostly vegetarian. How did you decide which recipes to include?


In the Joy of Kosher Kitchen with Stella **WIN**


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Who is Stella? A remarkable woman from across the world who recently published the most stunning coffee table cookbook with tasty recipes and fascinating stories titled, Stella’s Sephardic Table.   I asked Stella a few questions to help you understand what kind of book this is and she eagerly shared a few of her favorite recipes with us too.

I was fascinated by your rich history that you shared in the book, can you give our readers a quick little teaser of where you come from and why you wrote this book?


Fancy Kosher Italian Food In Lakewood


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“Ottimo,” means “excellence” in Italian. I snuck into the kitchen at Ottimo Café in Lakewood, NJ to learn the secrets behind the vibrant and exciting—and very excellent dairy fare (and I brought some recipes back for you).

“We didn’t have any upscale dairy restaurants in Lakewood. I had a vision of the type of place I wanted—something unique, that isn’t even found in Brooklyn, where fresh pastas and homemade pastries were served. I wanted it to be beautiful and modern, and I wanted to find a chef—someone young and ambitious—who shared that vision,” owner Akiva Reiner told me while we sat in the restaurant’s large party room.
“It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be—I interviewed a lot of chefs until I found Jason. I brought him to my house to cook for two weeks—and then I knew he was the right one for the Executive Chef position.”


In the Kitchen with Traditional Jewish Cooking


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Cook and food writer, Ruth Joseph, and former food editor of the Jewish Chronicle, Simon Round came together to bring us a compendium of Jewish recipes in the new cookbook, Traditional Jewish Cooking.  This book takes you on a culinary journey, from the warm climates of Africa and the Middle East to the cooler temperatures of Europe and North America.  This book covers all the bases with Ashkenazi and Sephardi classics you will definitely want to add to your repertoire.  Don’t miss the savory vegetable noodle kugel, just in time for Shavuot.

What motivated you to write this book?


In The Kitchen with Raw & Simple


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Judita Wignall’s latest cookbook is Raw & Simple.  With a goal of providing easy and tasty recipes that feed the body and spirit without hours of prep, Raw & Simple is a wonderful introduction to the world of raw vegan food.  Rarely does a cookbook come out that really changes the way I think or the way I cook.  Sure, I might learn some new recipes and be introduced to new flavors, but Raw & Simple is a whole new way of cooking or really not cooking and it is better and easier than I thought.


Hazelnut Chocolate Chia Pudding (Breakfast or Dessert)


Cookbook Spotlight – Kosher by Design Cooking...


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The new Susie Fishbein cookbook, the eighth in her Kosher by Design series, is more than just a cookbook filled with recipes and stories. It is more like a lesson book you might use in cooking school. This time around Susie wants you to learn to take off the training wheels. Of course there is always a need for amazing tried and true recipes, but it is time to free yourself form their constraints and learn how to cook with what you have in your pantry.


Turkey Sheppard Pie


In the JOK Kitchen with Aran Goyoaga *Giveaway*


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Aran Goyoaga wrote this cookbook with recipes and stories inspired by her childhood in the Basque Country, motherhood, and living as an ex-pat.  The book is divided by season and within each chapter you will find a section for small plates and another for sweet treats.  Aran left the professional kitchen of the Ritz Carlton to stay home with her first child and she channeled her cooking into her blog, Cannelle et Vanille (cinnamon and vanilla) after the smells of her childhood.  Aran became gluten free in 2009 and began adapting all her recipes to her new lifestlye.  You can tell from her gorgeous photography that she had outdone herself.  We asked Aran a few questions to get to know her a bit better.  (Note – this book is not a kosher cookbook, but most of the recipes can be made kosher)

You have quite an impressive background cooking in a professional kitchen, do you ever miss it?


In the JOK Kitchen wtih Breezy’s *Giveaway*


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Breezy’s is a high end houseware, bakeware and giftware store in Long Island, NY, run by Breezy Schwartz.  After years learning how to mix and match recipes and reinvent leftovers, she decided it was time to come out with her own cookbook.  This book doesn’t stop with just recipes.  Breezy loves to get creative with serving pieces and in this book you will learn her tricks of the trade for entertaining and gift giving. Let’s learn a bit more about Breezy.

1. What inspired you to write this cookbook?


One Egg is a Fortune Cookbook and Giveaway


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One Egg is a Fortune is a compilation of over 100 kosher recipes from 50 Jewish celebrities from around the world filled with sumptuous food photography, delicious recipes, interesting biographies and special memories.

Blazing Wings

Blazing Wings


The Balabusta Next Door


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The Revolving Door
For students studying in Israel, Aleeza Lebowitz’s animated table is the place to be.

We live the lives of teenagers!” Aleeza tells me wryly.
“Students for meals and Yom Tovim, girls dropping in and hanging out, my husband and his students cooking midnight barbeques.  It’s young and lively and busy.”


In the JOK Kitchen with Get Cooking *Giveaway*


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Get Cooking is the new cookbook collaboration from recipe creator and chocolatier, Rachel Harkham and Jewish children’s musician Mama Doni.  This Jewish American Family Cookbook has a little something for everyone, including a CD of Jewish songs from Mama Doni.  The book takes you through the whole year of holidays with recipes and songs to keep you dancing in the kitchen with your kids.  They share jokes and games to play to get your kids more involved in cooking, singing and the Jewish holidays.

1.What brought the two of you together to do this book?


Recipes and More From Beth Torah Caterers


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Last year in our Best of Kosher 2011 contest, Beth Torah Caterers came out number one.  When I first spoke to them I found out I was talking to the owners daughter and that this company was truly a family business.  She told me they had a story to share and would love for us to share it.  It took a little while, but we finally got a chance to do an interview with them and they even gave us some recipes to try.  Beth Torah Caterers is based in Flushing, NY, but serves the greater NY area, they specialize in Mediterranean food.

Tell me about your family background and how you got into the catering business.


Cholent Kits Review and Giveaway


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Just a quick explanation here about cholent:

On Shabbat, cooking is prohibited. This means if you want something hot during the 26 hours that comprise the Sabbath, you need to a) have whatever you want pre-cooked, and b) a way to heat it up or keep it warm set up before sundown Friday. By no means is this all that is required for food preparation for the Sabbath, but this is the most basic fundamentals, in terms of hot food.


The Pardes Restaurant Experience


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I finally made it to Pardes.  The winner of our Best of Kosher Restaurant from 2011 and a much talked about dining destination in Brooklyn, NY.  A lucky night of free babysitting from the in-laws meant that I could venture out a little farther and get to Pardes with a couple of friends ready to share.

Before I went I put a call out on Twitter asking for recommendations and overwhelmingly everyone raved about the tasting menu, where Chef Moshe Wendel will bring out course after course of his own special creations for $110.  Unfortunately, I was too late to order the tasting menu which requires 24 hours advance notice.   But that gave us ample opportunity to sample lots of items from the regular menu and craft our own “tasting” menu.