Shulchan Orech – Setting A Beautiful...


March 30th 2015

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Tablescaping isn’t everybody’s forte. Making a beautiful table for Passover is important, but it’s sometimes the last thing on your mind when you are in the midst of cleaning and cooking. I believe that when your guests arrive and see a table set in a special way that they feel special and the food might taste even that much better because of how the table is set. Because tablescaping is definitely not my best skill, here are a few tips that I will use myself this Passover.

passover tablescape

Pick a theme: It is sometimes easier when creating the design for your table that you pick a theme to base the color scheme on. It’s also fun to create name place cards based on the theme and even the style of tablecloth. Some theme ideas are: the desert (click for full instructions on how to make the above table), freedom, or even the ten plagues. Give your kids a chance to help with your theme by making name place cards or even decorating a tablecloth.


Layer, Layer, Layer: According to The Jewish Hostess the key to tablecaping your Seder table is to start with the tablecloth and then layer the chargers, linen napkins, plates and napkin rings. Also, you can start with a bold colored tablecloth and then more subtle napkins etc. or a white tablecloth and go crazy with the colors of the other layers. Try different textures and colors for your linens and tableware; it will add a WOW factor everyone will remember! Also check out the article by The Jewish Hostess because she highlights  a lot of great themes and ideas.

Passover Tablescape

Pick Tableware Fit For Royalty: When you are picking your tableware for the Seder remind yourself that we are meant to feel royal. You don’t have to pick expensive items, but pick something that will make you and your guests feel special. Whether its a special charger to go under the plates or fabulous napkin rings try to pick at least one piece that has a WOW factor!

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What To Feed The Kids Before The Seder


March 30th 2015

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The only thing more daunting than what to feed the kids before Shabbos is what to feed the kids before the Seder.  You need them to be satisfied enough so that they can hold out for the meal (which will inevitably be served later than you anticipate) yet at the same time there are varying customs and traditions with regard to the consumption of matzo in advance of the Passover holiday.

Starting as early as right after Purim (30 days before Passover), or from the 1st day of the Jewish month of Nissan, or from erev/the eve of Passover people refrain from eating matzo and matzo products, such as matzo meal.  The idea behind this concept is to fully fulfill the mitzvah of waiting and enjoying matzo at the Passover Seder, which is on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Nissan.  It’s an ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ kinda thing.  Most Rabbis say the custom does not apply to children too young to understand the story of the Exodus from Egypt but in deference to this custom I am listing here 4 matzo-free, perfect, pre-Passover bites to have on hand in advance of the Seder.

twice baked sweet potatoes with cream cheese

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes 

Sounds complicated but in fact it’s super easy.  This sweet treat satisfies pre Seder.  Wash the skin well and eat it too!  It’s got lots of vitamins and nutrients.

spaghetti squash bites

Spaghetti Squash Bites

These low carb mini muffins are as delicious as they are adorable.  Double and triple the recipe cause you can’t eat just one – and that’s perfectly ok.  We just want you to be prepared for the “WE WANT MORE!” hungry kiddie chants.

Passover Crepes with Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon

Make tons of these as they freeze and reheat incredibly well.  Treat the crepes like you would a tortilla and fill and roll with anything your kids like – cream cheese + smoked salmon, cream cheese + jam or fruit, we like cream cheese + avocado, lettuce, tomato, and onion.  You get my point here I’m sure.

Zucchini Spaghetti Alfredo - Watch The Video

Follow the directions closely, careful not to overcook and if the kids close their eyes they’ll think they’re eating pasta.

Wishing you and your family the happiest, most kosher Passover ever! 

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Korech – Top Ten Matzo Recipes


March 29th 2015

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Not everyone likes Passover matzo. There are some that say eating it can feel like you are eating dry wall paper paste (my Mom for example). I believe that matzo just has to be prepared the right way. During the Seder we take part in the step of Korech, where we eat a sandwich of matzo, maror and charoset, but for the rest of the holiday don’t hesitate to dig in to a sandwich of cream cheese and jam, my favorite! If you don’t keep Gebrokts (where you don’t allow the matzo to come in contact with any liquid) you have many choices as to what to do with your matzo. I have compiled a list of 10 matzo recipes that you should definitely try!!

Banana and Peach Matzo Brie Bake is the perfect matzo brie recipe to start off your day during Passover. It’s sweet and delicious and you can prep it ahead and then serve it hot when everyone is ready.

Wild Mushroom Matzo Stuffing

This savory Passover Wild Mushroom Matzo Stuffing recipe is great a side dish and it’s super easy to make. You can bake it in a turkey or bake it on its own. All of your guests won’t be able to wait to try a taste of this delicious stuffing.


Who knew you could still eat french toast on Passover. Try this 3 layered French Toast Matzo with Dill Cream Cheese. You won’t be able to get enough of it!


Whole Wheat Matzo Granola is great as a snack or for breakfast. The fruit and nuts add a sweet and salty element to the recipe and the matzo adds an additional crunch. Make sure to try it with whole wheat matzo. Believe me, it’s worth it!

Matzo Nachos

This Matza Nachos recipe is a must try. It’s a great recipe for lunch or a snack l and it’s especially wonderful because it’s not too difficult to make but it will definitely impress!

butternut matzo lasagna passover

There is no way to get through Passover without trying this Butternut Squash Matzo Lasagna recipe. It’s so easy to replace lasagna noodles with matzo that you will want to make this recipe all year round!

Arugala Matzo Pizza

Matzo pizza is a classic dish during Passover, but this Roasted Red Pepper and Arugula Matzo Pizza takes it to a whole new level. With the mixture of the roasted red pepper and arugula  flavors and a hint of heat from chili pepper flakes, one just won’t be enough.


Another surprising recipe is this updated Korech sandwich, Balsamic Mushroom Matzo Panini With Mango Jam. Who knew you could have a panini-style sandwich on Passover, and one this delicious at that!
passover mushroom pot pie

Mushroom Pot Pie with Matzo Crust is a Passover dairy version of the pot pie we eat all year round. The matzo makes the perfect crust and wild mushrooms give an exciting taste to this must have dish!

Matzo Farfel

Last but certainly not least, you can’t have a list of matzo recipes without a flawless matzo farfel recipe. Matzo Farfel with Feta and Basil is delicious and fresh way to eat your matzo and the feta and basil are a perfect combination.

We have so many matzo recipes that you have to check them all out here!!

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3 Perfect Passover Cookies


March 27th 2015

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Throughout Passover cookies are a staple dessert. It is always good to have a few around just in case you get a sweet tooth craving, because, if you’re anything like me, you are always craving sweets during Passover. Make sure to pair it with some tasty fruit as well! Here are three delicious cookie recipes that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Rocky Road Cookies

Rocky Road Cookies can be made with walnuts or with buttery and sweet pecans, your choice. The marshmallows are a perfect topping. Who can resist a crunchy, toasted and delicious marshmallow topping a even more delectable chocolate cookie. Rocky Roads are a new favorite!

Passover Chocolate Chip Cookies

Passover Chocolate Chip Cookies are a staple in my house. You won’t even guess that these cookies are kosher for Passover. A huge plus for any guests or family members that are allergic to nuts, these cookies are nut free.


Almond Butter and Jelly Sandwich Cookies are a fun cookie replacement for those nut butter and jam sandwiches you might be missing over Passover. There is not only almond butter in the centre, the cookies themselves are packed with almond butter, so if you like the taste of this nut butter you won’t be able to put these cookies down.

Check out additional recipes for a Berry Chocolate Chip Macaroon and an Almond Butter and Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie in the Joy of Kosher Passover (Spring) 2014 Magazine.


Maror – Bitter Herb Recipes


March 27th 2015

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Maror is a bitter herb eaten during the Passover Seder. From family to family the bitter herb eaten always varies. Some eat horseradish, others eat romaine lettuce or endives. Here are some delicious ways to get horseradish into every meal.

horseradish crusted gefilte fish

Horseradish Gefilte Fish is a great starter to prepare for your passover seder and will let you use all your extra horseradish.


Horseradish is the secret ingredient that makes this Guacamole dish superb!

This Warm Potato Salad with Horseradish Sauce is warm, crispy, creamy and has a hint of heat!

Horseradish Potato Kugel Muffins

These Horseradish Potato Kugel Muffins have a unique flavor that will surprise your guests!

Horseradish Deviled Eggs

Horseradish Deviled Eggs are both colorful and delicious.

Nut Crusted Salmon

Nut Crusted Salmon with Creamy Chrain Sauce is perfect as a Passover main or a as a starter at your seder. The crunchy nuts and the heat of the chrain are a delicious combination.

Stuffed Endive Boats

These Stuffed Endive Boats are easy to make and the endives are a great replacement for wraps during a Chol Hamoed picnic.

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Motzi Matza – Nut Free Passover Recipes


March 26th 2015

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With Passover almost underway it’s time to start thinking up recipes that will suit all of your guests. Allergies and food sensitivities are very prevalent these day, especially nut allergies which affect over 3 million Americans. Picking Passover recipes, especially dessert recipes, can be difficult because nuts are often used as a substitute during Passover for things like flour. That is why we have made a list of 5  nut free recipes, including 3 delicious desserts!

Individual Pavlova

This Individual Pavlovas with Lemon Curd Whipped Cream recipe will WOW your guests without being too complicated for you in the kitchen. They are so delicious your guests will have trouble eating just one so be sure to make a lot! If you are careful about kitniyot this recipe has cornstarch.

Passover Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert

Moelleux au Chocolat or Chocolate Volcano Cake is amazingly nut free and, although the recipe is a bit more difficult, it is definitely worth making. There is no way to get through Passover without enjoying a special chocolate treat, so impress your guests with this recipe.

Potato Chip Chicken Schnitzel is a fast and easy recipe that everyone will want more of! If you are careful to not eat kitniyot, try serving the schnitzel with ketchup or any kosher for Passover dip of your choice instead of honey mustard. If you have a family tradition not to use canola oil, use any non-kitnyot oil.

Fudgy Cream Cheese Brownies

Passover is not complete without a delectable dairy dessert and these Fudgy Cream Cheese Brownies are like no other brownie, whether for Pesach or for the rest of the year. They are delicious when packed up and taken on your Chol Hamoed adventures.

Matbucha Potatoes

Roasted Potatoes with Matbucha Sauce work as a great side for any meal, because lets be honest who doesn’t love roasted potatoes?

Passover eating doesn’t have to be hard or complicated as long as you have a bunch of tasty recipes in your back pocket.

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20 Passover Desserts


March 25th 2015

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Passover is really almost here!  After weeks of whistle blowing and whispering to friends about their pesach plans, it is officially the time when I am ready to stop talking about planning and actually start planning.  Passover is one holiday that is definitely not know for dessert, at least not in a positive way.  Usually when a recipe calls for both potato starch and chocolate, some might be a bit wary.  There are actually many options for kosher for Passover desserts, both gebrokts and not.  Below are 20 Passover dessert recipes to satisfy that sweet tooth throughout the whole holiday.


Chocolate lovers have no fear, I’ve got you covered! Enjoy kid-friendly favorites such as Chocolate Salami, Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Haystacks and Chocolate Covered Matzo BarkChocolate chip cookie layer cake for pesach

 Move on to sophisticated Passover cakes such as Mixed Nut Chocolate TortePassover Cookie Layer CakeGiant Chocolate Chip Cookie Torte and Four “C” Tart with Gluten-free Crust.


Passover Coconut Chocolate Chip Macaroons

For individual portions, there are plenty of pesach cookie options.  First the Salted Chocolate Chip Macaroons or choose the Almond Lace Cookies if you don’t like coconut. 

Chocolate agave Shots

Then consider Bittersweet Chocolate Agave Shots  for elegant and easy treats.  There’s also the seder-worthy Pesach FingersPistachio Merginues and Raspberry Truffles.   Make a platter of all your favorites!


Frozen Lemon Meringue Pie

Sometimes all you want is something fruity, and even frozen, for that quick hit of sweet at the end of a heavy yom tov meal.  Formal desserts include Orange Poached Ginger Pears, Pavlova with Grilled Pineapple, Frozen Lemon Meringue Pie.

Watermelon Banan Split

For something colder and a bit of fun, try the Margarita SherbetWatermelon Banana Split, or the Madgooga Date Balls.

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Rachtza – Prep Your Greens


March 25th 2015

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Rachtza, Washing and Prepping Your Greens for the Seder

Getting ready for Passover is hectic and overwhelming which is why it is so important to prepare ahead of time as much as possible! One thing that I always like to do before the Passover Seder is wash and store my greens so they are ready for serving. Something I know many people struggle with is storing greens after they have been washed without letting them wilt. It is so frustrating going back into the fridge only to find that the fresh herbs that you bought have gone bad.

Rachtza - Prep Your Greens

Here is a plan to keep you ready for the seder and keep your herbs nice and fresh!

1. Clean your greens by soaking them in a bowl with vegetable soap (or however you feel comfortable cleaning your greens).

2. With a lettuce spinner spin your greens until dry. Once dry, lay out a towel or paper towel and roll up your greens, then place it in a ziploc bag.

Rachtza - Prep Your Greens

3. Store In your refrigerator until you are ready to use your greens!

This simple method should keep your leafy greens as fresh as possible after being washed so that you can be prepared before the holiday begins!

Here are some salad recipe to try out your new prepping skill:

Salad of Bitter Greens
Bella Topped Salad with Balsamic Reduction
Maple Chard Salad

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5 Passover Dairy Desserts


March 25th 2015

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In my house, we eat 80% vegetarian. I serve lots of vegetables, beans and lentils and of course, plenty of cheese. On Passover, our two seder meals tend to be very meat heavy, and of course, you have to finish the leftovers!  By the time Chol Hamoed comes around, I am more than ready to go back to fish and vegetable dishes and start enjoying some fabulous dairy desserts!

I just love that PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese is Kosher for Passover, these desserts wouldn’t be the same without the rich and creamy texture brought by the cream cheese.

 carrot cake roll with lemon cream cheese filling

Carrot Cake Roll

This Carrot Cake Roll is so delicious, I might have to consider serving it for breakfast. It’s made with carrots and filled with yummy cream cheese, you really can’t go wrong!

coconut hay stacks

Chocolate Marshmallow Haystacks

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I love marshmallows on Passover!  I even started making my own! Marshmallows taste even better when you add cream cheese and coconut and cover them in chocolate. The Chocolate Marshmallow Haystacks satisfy that sweet tooth without the Jewish guilt.

 almond cookies meringue

Ginger Cream Meringue Sandwich Cookies

I absolutely love meringues!  They were probably the first cookie I ever made when I was a kid and got tired of the neon colored Passover cookies my dad would buy from the kosher market. Who needs yellow #5 when you can have meringue!  These are extra special with a zesty ginger infusion and creamy filling you sandwich together. Yummy!


Cheesecake Ice Cream with Macaroons

The best Passover desserts are the ones that don’t have to be adapted for the holiday. Ice cream is the perfect example. Using cream cheese makes a flavorful ice cream come together quick and easy. Mix-in some macaroons for an extra tasty treat.


Chocolate Orange Coeur a la Creme Cheesecake with Cherry Compote - Watch The Video

This scrumptious chocolate cheesecake is topped with cherries. Coeur a la creme is French for “heart with cream” and this dish is typically made in heart shaped ramekins. If you only have round ramekins, no worries, this tasty no-bake dessert looks great in any shape or size.

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Magid – Passover Sweets


March 24th 2015

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Whether you prefer savory or sweet snacks, we all have that sweet tooth craving from time to time. Therefore it is crucial that we have a few delicious sweet recipes on hand to quench that passover sweet craving.

Try some of these recipes over the holiday.

Chocolate Bark

Chocolate Bark is such an easy sweet snack to have on hand! It is so versatile and can be made with so many different ingredients.

Chocolate Marshmallow Haystacks are the perfect passover sweet to have on hand throughout the holiday to help with that sweet tooth we all get.

Chocolate Dipped Fruit

Chocolate Dipped Fruit is another easy sweet to have on hand, it also adds the additional benefit of having fruits! It is a great recipe to prepare in bulk and keep in your refrigerator throughout the holiday!

Chocolate Covered Matza Toffee is the perfect combo of sweet and savory.

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Chocolate Orange Coeur a la Crème Cheesecake...


March 24th 2015

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Chocolate Coeur a la Crème is one of those simple and delectable recipes I saw Emeril make on his show way back when, and it just stuck with me. That often happens to me (with food). You know, I see it once (I don’t even have to taste it) and I can’t get it out of my mind until I make it mine. Finally the day has come and I am thrilled to share this delicious, perfectly balanced, light, yet indulgent dessert in all its glory with you!

Emeril served his Chocolate Coeur a la Crème with chocolate covered strawberries. Since you will already be melting chocolate to mix with the cream cheese batter you can go ahead and melt some more to dip and coat your favorite fresh fruit. I added delightfully bright orange zest to the batter and am serving this with Cherry Compote. The Coeur a la Crème itself is dense and not cloying and the soft, sweet, fruit compote is really the perfect complement. But like I always say – do what you like and make it your own.

As usual I shot this video at my home-away-from-home, my sister-in-law’s sister-in-law’s kitchen. Thank you to the Mor family for having the most beautiful big kitchen – large enough to accommodate our 5 person crew and all our crazy equipment.

Watch and learn my friends.

Get the full recipe here.
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Happy Kosher Passover and enJOY!

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Yachatz- Keeping Your House Crumb Free


March 23rd 2015

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So with Passover coming in 11 Short days it’s time to start keeping your house crumb free while using up all the chametz you have left in your kitchen. Try some of these recipes that will help you eat well, finish your chametz and keep your house free of crumbs!

These Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes will help you get rid of all your extra flour and keep you satisfied all morning! Need I mention that they are simply delicious?

Spicy Chicken and Garlic Pasta

Spicy Chicken and Garlic Pasta

Spicy Chicken and Garlic Pasta is a perfect lunch or dinner dish that is light, filling and full of flavors.

Try Gondi (Persian Turkey Rice Dumplings) for a hearty homy dinner that your entire will family will love.

pecan pie cheesecake

Combining my two favorite things Pecan Pie and Cheesecake for a this delicious Pecan Pie Cheesecake with Brown Sugar Cream that will finish your last bit of flour before the holiday.

Who said getting rid of your chametz can’t be fun and delicious!


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Karpas – Salads You Must Have at Your...


March 22nd 2015

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I grew up in a salad house. No matter what meal we were sitting down to eat there were a minimum of four salads. Until today when I go to someone’s house and there is no salad I am very disappointed.

Like every course in a meal salad is vital and ads so much to each meal. Aside from the health benefits of eating vegetables salad is just delicious!

Here are some Salads you absolutely must have at your Passover Seder!

This Seder Plate Salad is not only delicious it also contains the ritual components of the Seder plate and table!

This Winter Quinoa Salad is packed with fruits and vegetables with all different textures and flavors that will impress all of your passover guests!

Salad with Pastrami Croutons

If there  is something I love on salads it is a Balsamic Reduction! This Spring Salad with Pastrami Croutons and Balsamic Reduction is a great salad to have at your passover Seder.

Creamy Broccoli Salad

This Chopped Broccoli Salad gets it’s creaminess from a secret healthy ingredient!

Shaved Mustard Green Salad

Shaved Mustard Green Salad

This simple yet bright Shaved Mustard Green Salad is easy to make and will be gone in seconds!

Try this delicious tangy Israeli Salad of Oranges and Black Olives for a new spin on an old recipe.

These salads and many more on our site will enhance your passover meals and keep you wanting more!

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Cookbook Spotlight: Helen’s delicious Pesach


March 20th 2015

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Helen Goldrein, author of the blog Family Friends Food, has recently published a cookbook, Helen’s delicious Pesach, which I believe will revolutionize your Pesach cooking! Helen’s new cookbook features 8-days-worth of breakfasts, meat-free main dishes, side dishes and salads, potato dishes, and cakes & desserts, that are all naturally gluten-free, and are also free from kitniot and gebrokhts. Helen has been cooking, and experimenting with food, for as long as she can remember, but when her daughter was born, she officially became a Jewish Mother, and she has been taking her responsibilities to feed, feed, feed very seriously ever since! Helen explains that being a mum has also refocused her attention on ensuring that the food she makes is as healthy as possible, as well as being delicious and that is exactly what you will find in Helen’s delicious Pesach cookbook.

Here are three recipes from Helen’s delicious Pesach:

Zucchini and Potato Tortilla

Zucchini & Potato Tortilla is one of Helen’s breakfast recipe from the cookbook for a lazy morning breakfast or even a brunch.  Helen clarifies that “breakfast is often the hardest meal at Pesach, because we’re all so used to eating toast or cereal,” she added. “I worked hard to create eight deliciously different healthy breakfasts, so you and your family can enjoy a great start to the day, every day of the festival.”


Helen’s Salmon With Pine Nuts, Rosemary and Orange pairs together crispy pine nuts with the fragrant flavor of rosemary and the tang of orange. After crunching your way through the delicious nut crust, the salmon is moist and tender. This salmon would be a great addition, not only to your Pesach menu, but you can also add the recipe to your menus all-year-round.

Lemon, Lavender, Almond Cake

Finish off your meal with this lovely Lemon, Lavender and Almond Cake. The lavender is a special addition to this cake, but for a simpler version you can omit the lavender for a delectable lemon and almond cake. In relation to this cake recipe and all the recipes from her cookbook, Helen explains that “although they’re all kosher for Pesach, these recipes are so delicious that at home we eat them all year!”

To purchase Helen’s delicious Pesach click here.