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Kosher Cupcake Bake Off **Win Tickets**


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We are so excited for the upcoming Kosher Cupcake Bake Off to be held in NY next week.  Jamie Geller will be the host of the event and our executive editor, Tamar Genger will be participating as one of the judges.  We will all get together to have fun, eat and raise money for Hurricane Sandy Relief with Achiezer.  Stay tuned for the winning recipe to be featured here on  We hope you will join us, see below for more info.


Win 2 Tickets to the Kosher Food and Wine...


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How would you like to win a pair of tickets to come to the Kosher Food and Wine Experienceon Feb 4, 2013 at Chelsea Piers in NYC? This is going to be an awesome event put on by Royal Wine Corp.  Kosher wines from all corners of the world and dishes from more than 20 tri-state kosher restaurants and caterers are the centerpiece of the Seventh Annual Kosher Food and Wine Experience.

We have attended KFWE for the past two years so you can see what you are missing.  Check out our event recaps below.


Jamie Geller Will Be The Head Judge for The Man-O...


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I am so excited to announce today that I will be the head judge and guest of honor for the 2013 Man-O-Manischewitz® Cook-Off Contest, the seventh year of this now iconic national competition.

The entry period for this competition is going on right now. The competition encourages at-home chefs to experiment with kosher products while preparing delicious recipes that could be a new family favorite or one that has been shared from generation to generation. The deadline for entries is February 4, 2013.  Recipes must include one of the Manischewitz All-Natural broth flavors-NEW Turkey, Chicken, Reduced Sodium Chicken, Beef or Vegetable, as well as one other Manischewitz products as well, with no more than 9 ingredients.


4 Quick Family Dinners


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The following recipes are great to have on hand for those days when you do not have the time or patience to spend hours in the kitchen preparing dinner.  Some recipes take minutes to prepare but require you to be at home while the food is cooking; making you feel like a slave to the kitchen.  The following recipes are quick to put together and dinner will be on the table in no time yet taste like you’ve spent hours in the kitchen.

spaghetti bolognese


Crisp Winter Salads


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Make-your-own-salad bars have sprouted up almost everywhere and introduced the idea that almost anything goes when creating a salad. Vibrant fresh produce doesn’t always come to mind during the winter months. However, surprisingly enough there are amazing seasonal winter produce that can be combined to create crisp, fresh, crowd-pleasing salads.


Shifra’s Cooking Tips


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For Parmesan to top a salad:
Peel the parmesan cheese lengthwise, using a vegetable peeler to get long strips of parmesan cheese to top off the salad.


New Kosher Culinary School Opens in Tel Aviv


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There is a new way to hone your culinary skills and learn to become a chef in a kosher environment.  The Dan Gourmet School of Kosher Culinary Arts recently opened in Tel Aviv, Israel.  It is a first time collaboration between the ORT Vocational Schools and the prestigious Dan Hotel chain.

The new $2 million center is fully equipped and ready to train Israel’s next generation of chefs and pastry chefs.  The center which claims the largest kosher learning kitchen in the world will offer an internationally recognized cooking and baking curriculum for aspiring chefs.  The full program will take 8 months to complete.  The classes are based on the Culinary Institute of America, where Amir, the head chef/teacher studied, however they are taught in Hebrew.  Writing exercises are not expected in Hebrew and some English translations can be accommodated, so if you have some basic Hebrew you should be able to get by.


Dinner Tonight at June Hersh’s


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My children are grown and on their own, so my husband and I eat like it is Friday night almost every night of the week. I’ve been known to roast (and eat) an entire duck for myself, or to braise a 5-pound brisket because it looked too good to leave behind at the butcher’s and we had a yen for a pulled brisket sandwich.

smoky chicken and sausage stew

Smoky Chicken and Sausage Stew


Oil Adventures ***Giveaway***


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Canola, olive, grapeseed, sunflower, peanut and even sesame are all relatively common oils these days.  And with just those six oils you can create a myriad of recipes each with a unique flavor.  I highly recommend you keep a few different oil varieties around — the reason goes beyond flavor.

Studies have shown that a balanced intake of omega 3 and 6 along with a high level of omega 9 fatty acids significantly reduce the risk of dying from a cardiovascular-related disease.


5-Ingredient Hors D’oeuvres for 8 Nights


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Chanukah and party go hand in hand with one another. Chanukah is an exciting Jewish holiday which calls for eight nights of parties while gathering with family and friends. Now you’ll be able to create the ultimate gourmet party food with no more than five ingredients! What is impressive about the following hors d’oeuvres is how gourmet and complicated they seem, yet how simple and easy they are to make.

caramelized onion tart

Caramelized Onion Tart


Chanukah Treats


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Box ‘em, Bag’em, Eat’em!  Whatever you do with them, they are the perfect Chanukah treat.

Ycan find pastry boxes for your donuts at craft stores or online.  Fill mini boxes with donuts for your guests to take home.


One Egg is a Fortune Cookbook and Giveaway


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One Egg is a Fortune is a compilation of over 100 kosher recipes from 50 Jewish celebrities from around the world filled with sumptuous food photography, delicious recipes, interesting biographies and special memories.

Blazing Wings

Blazing Wings


Decorating a Table for Chanukah


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Miraculously Modern

“…She’asah Nissim Lavoteinu Bayamim Haheim B’zman Hazeh!”

Chanukah is a time to recall miracles of the past as well as the many small miracles bestowed upon us daily. May the flames of the Menorah illuminate that for which we should be grateful.


Win a Gift Basket For a Friend In Israel


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For when you can’t be there, send a “sweet hug”…because you love them!!

Gili’s Goodies was founded by Gail and David Ehrlich, immigrants from New York, in their home in Efrat, Israel 2001.


Win a Chanukah Gift Basket from Star Fine Foods


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Contest Ends December 4th. Enter to WIN a basket of STAR Fine Foods Mediterranean products worth over $100.  All products in basket are OU kosher certified.

This basket is full of goodies perfect for Chanukah or any time really.  A variety of Olive Oils including rosemary infused,   Olives, cherries, capers and more.