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Kosher Charcuterie


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It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Salami Anymore

For most diners, there’s nothing new about charcuterie, but for kosher eaters in the United States, there is suddenly a whole new world. A revolution in artisanal meats was a logical extension of the explosion of interest in expanded kosher possibilities that brought us Camembert,
Gruyere, and sushi.


The Flavors of Limonana for Yom Haatzmaut


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When I think about celebrating Yom Haatzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day, my thoughts naturally turn to Israeli food. Yom Haatzmaut is a day of celebration and barbecues across Israel, and just thinking about all the delicious spiced grilled meats and veggies stuffed into fresh pita with hummus and other salatim makes me hungry. I want the flavors of Israel to be front and center in any Yom Haatzmaut menu I create and I try to have an Israeli meal from beginning to end.

One of quintessential flavors of Israel that I like to include is the refreshing combination of lemon and spearmint, called limonana (a combination of the Hebrew words for lemon and mint).  The combination of lemon and mint is the perfect way to cool off on a hot Israeli day and limonana abounds in Israeli supermarkets both in the form of drinks and other frozen treats.


Easy Asparagus Recipes


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Shakespeare didn’t have asparagus in mind when he wrote,

Now is the winter of our discontent


DIY Passover Crafts


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The Passover count down has officially begun. In the coming weeks we will all be busy cleaning our homes and planning our menus. For many that’s the easy part, but I have a confession to make, it’s not so easy for me.  I honestly have no clue how to clean. In my family we all stick to what we are good at, and I suppose for me, that’s crafting.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great cook and I love to experiment in the kitchen, but I think I’ll pass on the sponge and broom for now.

What I love about this tablescape that you are about to see, is that anyone can really create it! These DIY Passover crafts are so incredibly simple; incorporating everyday items that you find in your home with inexpensive products that can be purchased at your local craft store.


Mix ‘N Match Passover Desserts


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Three Pesach staples.  Endless possibilities.  Mix and match these desserts to make your favorite combination.  All infused with the fresh flavor of citrus.  Have you noticed all the Meyer Lemons in the store right now?

passover meyer lemons


Kosher Beef Ribs Recipes and Giveaway


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“I want my baby back…”

Now that I’ve got you humming or singing the ubiquitous television jingle for the popular non-kosher restaurant chain, I’m going to share with you my recent encounter with three kinds of ribs we can all enjoy. Now we can all be singing the same tune!


Passover Menus For Every Taste


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From traditional to original we have Passover menu ideas for you.

bubby's chicken soup

2 Creative Traditional Passover Seder Menus


Rolled Recipes for Passover


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At every holiday meal, there are the “wow” dishes that steal the show and showcase your efforts and talents as the cook. This beautiful dishes offer that perfect pizzazz, using the same minimal ingredients many of us are accustomed to cooking with on Pesach.

mashed ptoato beef roll ups

Mashed Potato Beef Roll Ups


Drinks and Desserts with Liquor


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Red and white wine, and even vodka and beer, make it to the ingredient list often when we’re cooking. But now we’re serving wine and liqueurs as the last course for Purim desserts that are in the spirit.

Purim Cocktails for Non-Drinkers

These cocktails can double as dessert


Hamantaschen Makeover: A Twist On Tradition


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I first learned how to make hamentaschen with my grandmother, who based all her measurements on empty yartzeit (memorial) candle holders. Three glasses of flour, one of sugar and so on. Thankfully I don’t have memorial candles on hand these days, so I make use of proper measuring cups when baking.



Perfect Ideas for Easy and Beautiful Mishloach...


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The Recipes + The Packaging + The Downloadable Purim Cards – We have taken care of everything with your busy lives in mind, all you have to do is choose a theme.

Every year, when it’s time for me to plan what I am going to create for my mishloach manot, I go to the huge Dollar Power store that’s a few minute drive from my home. I walk around and around the aisles, looking for the item that will inspire me. I’m not looking for a container or basket—but something out-of-the-“box.” Last year, it was the picture frames you see below. There was a whole aisle of frames, in different sizes
and styles. Even though I usually prefer modern styles, this time I loaded up my wagon with the most ornate detailed frames (including the one in the photo)—those definitely didn’t look like they cost one dollar! The frames were repurposed as trays and wrapped up in cellophane with
grosgrain and pearls.
The Joy of Kosher team collaborated to come up with these recipes and concepts. We made sure all of the recipes can be prepared in advance and of the packaging is accessible. All the pricing and source information is available, and all the Purim cards you see (and more!) are downloadable.  Read on for more inspiration and ideas for your own mishloach manos. Happy Purim!


A Happy and Frugal Purim


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Purim is right around the corner! It’s such a fun holiday, and there are so many aspects to it that we mustn’t forget. It’s definitely worth thinking about a few weeks in advance.

Off the top of my head, here are the parts of Purim that tend to make us spend money: Costumes, especially for families with a bunch of kids (but I also know adults who go “all out”); Purim Seudah – a festive meal; Mishloach Manot – sending gifts of food to friends; and Matanot La’Evyonim – gifts to the poor.


The Ultimate Jewish Food Reinvented –...


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So I have a friend who sends me food every Succos. We daven in the same little shul, and our husbands are friendly. So a day or so before Succos, she called me to tell me she was sending over a trayof stuffed cabbage. I thanked her, and offered to send over a potato kugel - I was in the middle of making a batch at the moment. She told me she didn’t need potato kugel, but if I was making yapchik that would be lovely. ” Sure, absolutely, no problem,” I told her before we hung up.
Turning to my husband, I asked him ” Yapchik is potato kugel with meat inside, right?” He told me it was, that he had the chance to taste in shul. I smiled to myself, and began to make what I thought was yapchik. I sent it with my husband to take on his way to shul that night. After Succos, my friend called me. ” I just wanted to tell you, my husband said this yapchik was better than the ones he’s eaten before- he said it was different- there was meat all throughout and that was good.” I thanked her and went on my way..til I found out what I had made wasn’t yapchik. At least not in the traditional sense.
You see, I knew I couldn’t just put raw meat into raw potato kugel, bake it at 350 or 400 for 3 hours (how I usually bake my potato kugels) and expect it to be done. I couldn’t even do it even if I used chopped meat. So when I made what I thought was yapchik I used cold-cuts. Not just off the shelf- I used navel pastrami, 1st cut corned beef and genuine turkey breast. That explained why it was different – I’ve heard that with traditional yapchik the meat doesn’t mix all the way through.
So if it’s not yapchik, why am I calling it Amerikaner Yapchik? To me, it’s yapchik, and deli makes it completely American. The best part of this recipe? It cooks like regular potato kugel..and its even better the next day!
Click here for the Amerikaner Yapchik


Kosher Cupcake Bake Off **Win Tickets**


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We are so excited for the upcoming Kosher Cupcake Bake Off to be held in NY next week.  Jamie Geller will be the host of the event and our executive editor, Tamar Genger will be participating as one of the judges.  We will all get together to have fun, eat and raise money for Hurricane Sandy Relief with Achiezer.  Stay tuned for the winning recipe to be featured here on  We hope you will join us, see below for more info.


Win 2 Tickets to the Kosher Food and Wine...


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How would you like to win a pair of tickets to come to the Kosher Food and Wine Experienceon Feb 4, 2013 at Chelsea Piers in NYC? This is going to be an awesome event put on by Royal Wine Corp.  Kosher wines from all corners of the world and dishes from more than 20 tri-state kosher restaurants and caterers are the centerpiece of the Seventh Annual Kosher Food and Wine Experience.

We have attended KFWE for the past two years so you can see what you are missing.  Check out our event recaps below.