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Raisin Rib Roast (Deboned Chuck Roast)

Granny Smith’s Raisin The Roof Off Roast

By Sharon Lurie 06/ 07/ 2012
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hassleback beef

Hasslefree Hassleback Beef

By Sharon Lurie 07/ 17/ 2012
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ground beef sauce

Italian Beef Tomato Sauce

By Sharon Lurie 04/ 29/ 2012
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kang pau chicken

Kung Pao Chicken

By Sharon Lurie 10/ 03/ 2012
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wide chicken cornmuffin sliders

Marinated Chicken Breasts with Corn Muffin Sliders

By Sharon Lurie 01/ 21/ 2014
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Steak Pie

Nanna’s Homemade Steak Pie and Minted Peas

By Sharon Lurie 01/ 20/ 2012
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Pesach Almond Snaps

Nutty Chocolate Sauce

By Sharon Lurie 03/ 23/ 2012
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passover cookie ice cream cake

Passover Cookie Layer Cake

By Sharon Lurie 04/ 01/ 2014
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Passover Mango Chutney

By Sharon Lurie 03/ 31/ 2014
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Pastrami Latkes with Sweet-Chili Mayo Sauce

Pastrami Latkes with Sweet-Chili Mayo Sauce

By Sharon Lurie 12/ 13/ 2011
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