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Brown Bag Lunch Ideas


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A while back I went looking for brown bags in Israel, not for lunches for a project that I can’t even recall now, and guess what?  I’m still looking.  So if anyone knows where I can find some just say so in the comments.  Maybe by then I’ll remember why I needed them.

But in terms of interesting “brown bag” lunch ideas for our linkup this month we always have dribs and drabs of leftovers in small little cute Snapwear containers in our fridge.  Not enough to feed the whole family for dinner (again) but just enough for one or two lucky customers.

Cream cheese on whole wheat bread is a lunch fave with the kiddies but I am always looking for ways to squeeze more veggies into their diets.  Mommas out there, I know you hear me.  I sometimes add sliced cukes (tomatoes just make the sandwich too soggy for school) but now I like adding leftover grilled veg from last night’s supper.  If you wrap it all up in a tortilla it makes it fun for the kids and feels slightly more gourmet than your standard sandwich cut on the diagonal (I do this when I’m feelin’ fancy).  Try a flavored herbed cream cheese or mix in your own herbs.  Whipped cream cheese makes making your own flavored cream cheese easy.  Check out this video for 3 creative flavored cream cheeses you can make at home including Orange Infused Cream Cheese, Tartar “Sauce” Cream Cheese, and Sundried Tomato and Herb Cream Cheese.

I almost always have washed and checked chopped parsley and scallions and fresh basil leaves in my fridge – all excellent mix-ins to perk up your cream cheese and wrap.  In addition to adding flavor bright green herbs are super healthful and I’ve taken to adding parsley and basil to all my salads.  You can add Creamy Coleslaw to the wrap or send it along in a small little cute Snapwear container (can you tell I love these little guys?!) for a fun “brown bag” lunch for the kids or anyone in your house eating on the road.

Get the full recipe for my Grilled Vegetable Wraps with Creamy Coleslaw here.


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12 Responses to Brown Bag Lunch Ideas

    Jamie Geller, you rule. What would I do without your recipes and inspiring recipe videos!?
    Now my chance to “give back,” I hope. I have seen American paper bags in one place: there’s a giant party supplies/paper goods store in Jerusalem called Shegaon Shel Shulchan (“Crazy Table”) on Beit HaDefus Street. It’s owned and run by American Olim. Figures, right? It takes native Americans to import simple but essential American brown paper lunch bags. Good luck!

    • AHHHHHHH I love your comment. Thank you Ayalah SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!! For the compliment, for the tip on the brown paper bags, for being part of our community! It’s comments like this and people like you that make this site as awesome as it is. I love that you took a moment to help me. XOXOXO

  2. Those look gorgeous and gorgeous makes it more likely the kids will eat it. In fact, I would like that in my brown bag lunch.

  3. I’ve seen brown paper bags at places like Big Deal and party goods stores. Try the one near the bottom of Agrippas St. in Jerusalem, near the Maccabi pharmacy.

  4. I have been buying paper bags for several years in Rami Levi = Tzomet Shilat (Modiin). They are sold by what seems to be an Israel called “Shiny” (in English). I mentioned to a friend of mine who owned a stationary store that I used them for a craft project and she said I could have bought them from her and she would have given me a discount!

    • Cool – Modiin is close to my brother and sister in law in Chashmonaim — so that’s convenient since I go there all the time. Do you want to give your friend’s stationary store a shout out here?

      • I live in Hashmonaim. E-mail me when you are planning to be at the Gellers and I will bring over the outside wrapper and a sample paper bag.

        • oh Malkah awesome!!!!!!!! Just catching up on comments now (of course I have been to Chashmonaim at least 10 times since you wrote this) but bli neder I will be in touch next time. Thanks so so so much!

  5. avatar says: abi

    I got my paper bags from max stock on davidka square.

    • Thanks Abi so much. It’s so helpful when people comment bc I do think most everything is avail here – you just gotta know where to look :-) and now I do!

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