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Cooking with Joy: Potatoes


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I say Potato, you say Potato

These recipes elevate the humble potato to great heights! No more simple baked potatoes here, have your pick- sweet, savory or my favorite cheesy! Since I made three potato recipes, I decided to change things up a little. I “dressed” one up, dressed one down and combined one. I find that most of the recipes in this book lend themselves nicely to combining.

Red Hasselback Potatoes
DRESS IT DOWN Roasted Red Potatoes page 98

First for my “dressed up” dish. I made Red Hasselback Potatoes. I have seen this in many pictures, but have never made or tasted them. I have to admit, it did take a little longer then 15 minutes to prep- undoubtedly due to my inexperience with the “not slicing all the way through” technique. I loaded up on the garlic, stuffing it into every crevice (Hubs and I really like garlic). They turned out very nice, we just needed to add a little salt.

Baked Sweet Potato Chips
DRESS IT UP Purple, Orange and White Chips page 66

I switched things up for dressed up/down I made the Baked Sweet Potato chips. Homemade chips is something I have been doing for a years. The slices remind me of the “chips” from Burgers Bar in Israel- they were my inspiration for making them at home with regular potatoes. So here to combine the two versions I used sweet potatoes and Yukon gold. I whipped up some of the honey mustard sauce in no time using equal parts honey and mustard I already had at home. This was really yummy- our 2 year old was very happily dipping away. Interactive food is just the best, isn’t it?!

Smashed Red Potato Nachoes
DRESS IT UP Nacho Potato Bites page 70

Finally, the Smashed Nachos. This is such a great idea, its like a riff on a classic baked potato with toppings! When I saw the picture of the dressed up version, I said “No Way”. Although I do have a melon baller, there was no way that I would be standing there prepping each one. They would still turn out delicious if I dressed it down. I love melted cheese on anything, and love guacamole almost as much. This was pretty easy to make and turned out really yummy!


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While not menu planning or grocery shopping, Shoshie is Mommy to three adorable kids, wife to a wonderful husband and works full time as a nurse. She loves all things food and loves to try new things. As a busy mom she tries to balance life while cooking quick healthy meals for her family.




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