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Cooking with Joy: Challah Kugel


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Bread pudding isn’t usually on our repertoire. Hubs doesn’t like sweet sides. He grew up with savory lukshen and potato kugel as standard sides. I grew up with sweet lukshen with fruit and sugar. My mom put raisins in basically everything; his mom doesn’t put raisins in oatmeal (raisin) cookies.

So far I am very happy with the results of my Cooking with Joy expedition. I have gotten to taste new flavors and have learnt that lots of things that you would think are a patchke, take barely any time at all.

This bread pudding was very quick and easy to make. I was kind of expecting it to be super sweet and sticky, but it didn’t come out that way at all. I followed the recipe to a tee, the only difference was I used whole wheat challah.

The pudding was good, just to me lacked the sticky sweetness I was hoping for. As I read on, I saw there was a recipe for a glaze. BINGO that’s just what it needed. The glaze gave the pudding what I was looking for. I had a few portions and Hubs ate the rest!

Spice Apple Challah Kugel
DRESS IT UP Apple Challah Kugel Towers with Apricot Honey Glaze page 96

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While not menu planning or grocery shopping, Shoshie is Mommy to three adorable kids, wife to a wonderful husband and works full time as a nurse. She is a huge foodie who loves to try new things. As a busy mom she tries to balance life while cooking quick healthy meals for her family.




7 Responses to Cooking with Joy: Challah Kugel

  1. avatar says: rachel

    where is the recipe for the challah kugel

  2. All the recipes from this blog are in “The Joy of Kosher” cookbook

  3. would love to get the receipe for CHALLAH KUGEL submitted by Shoshie Steinhart. Can you please forward it on to me.
    Many Thanks!!! I LOVE your web-site

  4. I feel like we are married to twins! Hubby also doesn’t like sweet sides and I LUHUVE – to me aweet sides are an excuse to have dessert at the meal! So that’s why you will find that most of my “sweet” sides, like this one, are not overly cloying until you add that fabulous glaze or apricot honey (YUMMY!!!!!)

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