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A Quick and Easy Summer Meal


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It’s Summertime and the cooking is easy. There aren’t many days that I feel the urge to cook ad infintum over a fryer and multiple pots of boiling water. I tend to lean on the easy, which isn’t true the rest of the year – or of course for a holiday. I’m busy researching for a book so with time at a premium, I thought about a 15 minute soup.

I had an overload of dairy from recently kitchen testing, so I thought of a cooling White Gazpacho, like I had year ago in the Costa Del Sol, on the southern coast of Spain. It was quite a meal, but I had a bit too much Rosé wine and I can’t recall the entree.

greek grilled cheese

Greek Grilled Cheese

Dinner needed an easy centerpiece and it could not be Rosé. I thought about those yummy cheeses of the Eastern Mediterranean and wondered what my family might want. Voila! Grilled cheese. I had a few loaves of tart sourdough with a crispy crust and some cheeses and few scallions. A dish was born.
I tried it grilled, first inside, then outside and then again toasted in the oven. Roasted was a bit easier to handle logistically, but they were all under 10 minutes.  I tried it with cheese on one side, but it was even better with cheese on both sides of the bread.  If you’ve got a panini press, or a cooking iron, grab it now. If your old George Foreman grill is dairy,  now is it’s moment. You can switch out the cheeses as long as you avoid really oily cheeses (think cheddar) or super strong and stinky ones that don’t melt (think feta). The scallions are so darn good, it matches so many cheeses. So enjoy, cook quickly and cook well.
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